100 Replies to “Julien & Tyler FREAKOUTS: How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions! (WATCH US GET TRIGGERED)

  1. Thereโ€™s a reason the term loopy was used to describe someone as losing their shit or crazy lol. Great vid!

  2. For all of you under 30, donโ€™t worry it gets better. Lol I donโ€™t know how I survived my 20s, itโ€™s so much better being in my 30s. Freak outs severely reduced and the calm of experience has started to settle in. Absolutely lovely ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Man my Mondayโ€™s are so much better with these, crazy how relatable this content is too my thoughts and focus.

  4. 4:45 This s why it's such an HONOR and a fucking privilege to work for this man. I truly am blessed.

  5. Triggered painbody? The resulting emotions competely take over to the point where our reality is centered on the event/emotion which continues to fuel the freakout until it comes to some peak(transmission) or completely depletes(it's run its course and becomes dormant again). In other words, the negativity spreads to others or the habit further reinforces itself (could also be both).

    Taking back control by disidentifying with the emotion and thinking through other ways uses the energy from the negative emotion to fuel another (better) alternative which starves the negative parasite and reinforces the positive behavior and the postive behavior that can emerge, like a phoenix erupting from a pile of ashes, can be so beautiful that it makes one wonder how they could possibly choose otherwise.

    Present moment awareness will up progress in your life more than you know. Meditation is a tool to directly foster that awareness. Get on it. ๐Ÿ’ช

  6. tyler i know that its never going to be perfect, but they say people who study kung fu all their life feel so satisfied is because they are reaching for an unattainable goal…

  7. When I ask people why are they still trippin on the Uber driver or something similar. A response I sometimes get is, "Well, it's reality!" Lol… My response is, "So is being alive and appreciating everything around you all day everyday. You have the choice to focus on the negative Uber or the positive abundance. Speak the Uber example & take comfort in the negative force field or praise abundance & live in positivity land where birds chirp & flowers bloom. They're both reality & you get to choose what you'd like to focus on for your life." Great Vid Guys.

  8. This is one of our fav videos for sure! Tnx for having me on the channel! Here is a link to the video we talked about at the beginning – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O0BltkmGjo&t=56s -Tyler

  9. You can tell that something's not right with them in this video.
    Whether they're just tired (which could easily be the case since it's late after a long day)
    or something else is going on… (either because of the topic, or in the company)
    Julien is putting up a front and Tyler is just being a little bit weirder and more self centered than usual

    Whatever the case may be you can just feel that something's off here
    Not meaning to be negative here, just an observation from a HSP PUA(wanna be)
    It's also totally fine not to be perfect all the time too. Hopefully it's nothing serious
    Keep up the good work, and it's alright to take a break too once in a while when needed guys. You've been a great inspiration to all of us

  10. Owen, I feel you should refrain from qualifying your more esoteric statements. I understand the need to reach people on their level when you intend to convey knowledge to them, but you ARE who you are. I see you in transition, and I for one am happy about it. That esoteric shit changed my life, and that's what I am here for. That I am more attractive to the type of women I want to attract is a side benefit. Thank you.

  11. I'm going to love these videos no matter how they're shot, the content's just that good, but the aesthetic choices are always a great icing on top. Gotta say, the style that this resulted in, it's fantastic. I don't have an artistic bone in my body so I have no idea why, but it's great.

  12. Tyler some times you talk about having sleepless nights from growing from game. I just noticed that shit last night. Itโ€™s cool. Thanks for everything you do bro.

  13. Next show Julien and Tyler will have half a dozen guys on hover-boards with steady-cams driving through the crowd, only because the union wanted to undust their equipment.

  14. man, and i was feeling bad because i have been trying to get my freakouts to literally reach zero, but wasnt quite getting there yet

    like i would still freak out once every few months or something

    one thing i did realize, is that, there is one time where i can actually use the powerful emotions of a freakout

    and that is when someone, or more ppl, in my life are literally doing things to keep me from growing

    i dont freak out externally, but i let myself feel the whole range of emotions, and let those push me towards thinking 'no! this is the thing that ive always wanted to do! and neither you, or anyone else, will stop me from getting there! there are so many great things that can come out of this, i will not be stopped here!!'

    i just say that in my mind, then i use that to proceed and figure out ways so i can reach my goal despite everything that may be trying to stop me

    or if i have no choice, literally bust in and make it happen

  15. Such an important video and when youโ€™re in your 30s you really do start to break a lot of the negative patterns of frustration and texting arguments and real life arguments. Thanks a bunch

  16. Disappointment can only happen when reality doesn't match up to our expectations. The flaw is in us having expectations.

  17. This reminds me of my best friend. He loves freaking out.
    (> ~ <)/ It's hilarious.
    Great video! Thank you!

  18. Julien's left arm got me thinking, could we get an RSD Tat Tour? I feel like there would be some cool stories

  19. You guys are awesome …about to watch the video๐Ÿ˜you guys are so positive! I stay positive most times now

  20. This is an other question that u guys make me think about, do I feel good about myself beyond material or emotional stuff just by living in the moment.also because of that way of thinking, i have been getting so many numbers from girls that I can go on dates with its insane !

  21. When Tyler was telling the Lebron story, I realized something important… I didn't have my wifi on so I punched a wall and broke my hand.

  22. Cannn someone tell me what's the name of thisssss fucking glassesss I can't find this stylee and I'm walking around urkle style all my lifeeee goshhh someone pleaseeee

  23. Owen : The subtleties you're mentioning after your nap are jewels.

    "something that might give us some highlights for the future"

    "focus differently than we normally do"

  24. I admire Tyler for even releasing this video since it shows him in a less flattering light; in freak out mode. It's honest and raw. Thank you guys

  25. Julienhimself can you please help me achieve my goal without losing interest in process and stop hating myself for settling down …I wanna hear your version of what winning is and how to stick to it

  26. I swear, i just had a freakout when shop was closed , i was late. I got to car angry, masive trafic and i started watching this video, as I often do in a car. As always incredible content, Not regretting any money spend on rsd

  27. Jocko Willink former navy seal and Tyler's friend and Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership… extensively. for Julien and those interested. interesting experience + knowledge. Jocko Podcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkqcY4CAuBFNFho6JgygCnA/featured

  28. Damn sometimes I feel behind the curve but I def used to freak out way more when I was younger. I think diet definitely has played a large role in freskout reductions for me.

  29. This was super good stuff guys!

    One thing I would add is that the more we let go of our freak outs and let the tension in the body they come from dissolve, the more relevant your freak outs get over time to your present situations, and the more the fewer ones that you have are likely to actually help you rather than hurt you.

    The more you release old stressors trapped in your body, the more your emotional guidance system gets back online and can be trusted to make you have the most effective behaviors.

    Anger is supposed to be instinct to set a boundary. But it only works if you let go of all your old angers. Otherwise you set boundaries based off of situations that don't exist.

    Jonny Wyld ๐Ÿฆ€

  30. OMG. ALL through you talking about how you got the walking shots and had to do the "orbit" method with the gimbals instead of the tripods I was like "YES, YES YES!". I remember a few weeks ago you posted a vid from this same event and I noticed the non-stationary camera work and I was like "Duuuude, I'm DIGGIN' this new style!" I thought you guys did it on PURPOSE! I really, REALLY like the "What you can't fix, you feature." mentality. That's one of the greatest pieces of advice I've ever gotten from y'all. I LOVE you both. Stay beamin'. ๐Ÿ––

  31. Guys, transformation mastery might be the best investment you will make through your entire life, Your Entire Life. It's really the BAAAasic base, touching the root cause of why we behave the way we do, Julien is my sensei now

  32. Yeah talking about "looping thoughts" I'd gone through "retro active jealousy" with my now ex gf, all I could think of was the guys before me plundering her, it went full blown when we couldn't fuck for a month during Ramadan.
    All day, day in and day out, at work, at home, these "mental movies" would fucking torture me
    You're covering everything i just come out of and experienced…

  33. Fucking unions. Can't stand them. Bunch of value sucking parasites. Good point about avoiding looping and using creativity to solve these popup challenges. A good lesson for filmmakers and creatives.

  34. haha love you guys! You've changed my life and I have some valuable insight I'd like to share with you guys to bring more understanding to some of the concepts you guys talk about but I'm not sure this is the best place to share it. If I can find an email or something for you guys I'll definitely share or if you guys read this and would like me to share it here I would be happy to.

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