Kashgar Markets in Xinjiang | Sunday Bazaar to the Night Market

The Kashgar market is the place to be on Sundays. It’s a massive market on the east side of
town. It has everything from tourist items, carpets,
silks…everything you’d want. It’s just a great place to walk around, eat
some snacks and people watch – which is one of my favorite things to do here. Of course, when the sun goes down the party moves west, across
the street from the Id Kah Mosque to the Night Market.

16 Replies to “Kashgar Markets in Xinjiang | Sunday Bazaar to the Night Market

  1. people watch, nice…lol. what language u use to bargain with the vendors? i like to go there eat yummy food while good to know what's the best way to communicate…when u not knowing the uyghur language

  2. I love this market and after 25 years of visiting Kashgar ,the test of that delicious food it is still in my memory)

  3. Dear Josh, thank very much for this video ! Love it so much I felt like I was really there visiting 😡
    However, it would be great if we could see how you interact with them, I mean how you negociate the price etc, and I really wonder the cost of those stuffs : carpets, …

  4. Josh, it's hard to even begin to describe my feelings as I watched this video: great joy at seeing again a place I love so dearly; relief at seeing that the Sunday bazaar still seems to retain its old life and vitality; and finding myself time and again saying, "Yes! I recognize that place!" Yes! That's where I used to shop! Yes! There's where I bought our carpet!" Thank you, Josh, for bringing back wonderful memories!

  5. A valiant attempt to capture the feeling of the markets. Perhaps, a nearly impossible goal. Nonetheless, I felt like I was back there again, strolling through the endless aisles, snacking and occasionally talking with strangers. The night market tastes and smells… Well done.

    It's nice to have short little videos like this for the people just browsing, sampling Xinjiang. But I think there's also a place for longer-format videos where you would go in-depth, show more of the different kinds of items (Uyghur ice cream, nuts & dried fruit, more varieties of fresh fruit, the lamb offal soup, the salted grilled fish, etc.), and as others have already mentioned, showing you interacting with the people a bit.

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