Katy Perry on Orlando Bloom Engagement

How you doing? You look like– did you have a– OK, OK, OK. Who am I? Who am I? Well, I would–
you look like– – I’m an Oscar.
– Oscar. Yeah, right. Honestly, I’m not going to
lie, I’m not going to fake it– I only came here because you
live so close to In N Out. Oh, is that right? And I am so hung over. Do you find that that helps? Because Guillermo had two
double doubles at In N Out last night, after doing
17 shots of tequila. – That’s my boy.
– That’s right. Yeah! We actually did
a shot of tequila before the show
started taping today. – Oh, you did?
– Yes. Sorry.
Did I tell on you? – A little hair of–
– No, no, it’s OK. He knows. OK. Oh, boy, do I know.
Yeah. Yes.
How are you doing? I’m doing well, thank you. How are you doing? How’s– I mean, you’ve got
a lot going on in your life. Congratulations on
your engagement. Thanks. That’s very nice. It’s a big deal. Do you mind if I– do you mind if I
ask you about it? About the details? Is it– Yes, I’m very
happy, thank you. Actually, In N Out plays
a big role in my life. We bonded over and an In N
Out burger about three years, at the Golden Globes. – You and Orlando did?
– Yeah. He Stole one off of my table. I was sitting with Denzel
Washington, and he took it. And I was like, wait– oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it. And then I saw him
at a party, and I was like, how are those
onions resting on your molars? He’s like, I like you. And then, you know– cut to. Oh, yeah. They’ve got to
cater the wedding. Did you pick out your ring,
or did he pick out the ring? Well, I– I voiced my opinions. That’s the way to go. Yeah, no, it was very sweet. It was Valentine’s Day, and–
– Oh, wow. Classic. Yeah, I know. Well, usually people
are breaking up, or like, having major,
like, affections– displays of affection. This one was a good one. Yeah. We went to dinner,
and I thought we were going to go and
see some art after dinner, but we pulled up to
a helicopter, and– Very “Bachelor.” Very “Bachelor.” Yes. I’m glad I don’t have
to go on that show now. I’m fine. [LAUGHTER] After all of my
“American Idol,” I end up on “The Bachelorette.” Yeah– But it was really sweet. He asked me to marry
him in a helicopter. Actually, the funny
part is we had champagne in the helicopter, and
the box was in his pocket, and he had written
down everything he wanted to say on a note. You know, to divert, right? He was going to pull it
out, well, I’m reading it. So I’m reading it, but I’m
hearing, like, the champagne is, like, broken. The bottle’s everywhere, and
I’m still looking at the note, because he’s pulling
out this box that’s too big for his coat pocket. It rips his coat pocket, and his
elbow goes into the champagne, and I’m like, no, I’m
just reading the note. I know you’re not
doing anything. Wow. Were you wearing those big
headphones when he proposed? (SHOUTING) Will you marry me? – No, we weren’t.
– You weren’t? We weren’t.
It was really sweet. Quiet helicopter. We did land, and it
was like James Bond. Like, everybody had,
like, an earpiece. And then we’d go downstairs. We landed on a rooftop,
and my whole family was there, and all my friends. Oh, that’s great. He did so well. Oh, wow. You landed on your
family’s house? No. Just a building downtown. He terrorized
the neighborhood. It was really sweet. You guys do seem to
be a very good couple. Thank you. You know, I want to ask you
something, and I only feel– We’re adventure buddies. I only feel comfortable
asking you this on television. – Oh, no.
– OK. So my wife and I were
at dinner one night, and there was almost no
one in the restaurant. And you and Orlando walked in. Yes. And you guys came
over and said hello, and we talked for
a little while. And that point I had, like,
a moment of nervousness, because I’m like– I don’t know– now,
am I rude if I say– if I say– would you
guys– if I don’t say, would you guys like to sit with
us, which I did want to say– Oh, well that’s kind of you. You were finishing your meal,
and we were just starting. I would have eaten again. Or– OK, no, I think
I have the answer. What’s up? It was right not
to ask you, right? If you want– because
then I thought, oh, maybe they wanted us to ask. Maybe they’re sick of
each other at this point. You are enough, Jimmy. And I love you. And– Enough for a stop by
at the table, or enough for a whole, like, second meal? Whatever inner dialogue
is going on, I love you, and that’s why I’m
here on this show. OK. That’s a great– boy, that’s
a beautiful non-answer. With Orlando, you guys– you
live together already, right? Correct. So you’ve already thrown
all his stuff away, or– is that– Wait, did you really
know about that? No, I’m just asking. Oh, my god. Listen– no, seriously– It’s not unique
to the two of you. – Oh.
– Yes. Great. Oh, did you throw
his stuff away? OK, so he’s had a toiletry
bag for about 10 years that’s, like, falling apart,
and has, like, toothpaste, like, growing other
families inside it. And I got him a toiletry bag as
one of his gifts for Christmas. And he was going away
to shoot his new show that’s coming out on Amazon,
called “Carnival Row.” And it was funny, I was like,
OK, the moment you leave, this toiletry bag that’s
underneath the sink, that you have feelings about,
is going straight in the trash. Mhm? And it went
straight in the trash, and he didn’t believe me. He got home, he was very upset. I had, like, a full time out. Really? Oh, really?
– Yeah. And there’s nothing
you can do about it. No.
But he likes the head space. I like to keep a really,
like, clean, neat and tidy– Marie Kondo-esque? It sparks joy, yes. It does spark joy. Yes. It sparks lots of joy.
It’s a good thing. Well, Katy will be
sparking joy on a new season of “American Idol.” It comes back on
Sunday night, 8:00. ABC. Thank you for being here. We’ll be right back
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  1. Everyone deserves happiness. I just cant imagine growing up in front of an audience. That must suck. This is a great story. I was engaged over email, "go pick out a ring at (this place) for (this amount), call me when you're ready." of course it didn't last.

  2. I hope she stays fine.
    She is living in Satan's lap. The hollywood n music industry is illuminati.

    I hope she lives on and easily make her way out of this place.

    Folks, Illuminati is Real. As real as ur cellphone.

  3. I do not think she's madly in love with Orlando. These eyes do not shine as she was with Russel brand, pity she did not want to have babies with Russell she missed her man of life and he too he missed katy he could wait years so that she is a little mastiff .ca hurts to see Russel and katy have a different life and not together

  4. Gosh short hair is horrible on her… only few people can pull it off. The colour is amazing on her though.

  5. Haha thought it was her commenting on him getting engaged to someone else. Looks like we've all been living under the rocks, gotcha!

  6. I don't know how anyone could find her attractive. She looks okay but her personality actually kills me.

  7. Wow, everyone has fireworks bursting from their spirit. But, a helicopter misigosh is heart warming…
    Bring on the comments….

  8. That is awesome news! All i want to know is , What will Katy serve at the wedding reception Will she be serving human children's livers as the main course and a Spirit cooking human figure wedding cake reason i asked is , several times she gave 5 star ratings on how delicious human bodies tastes and how nutritious it is to eat. I personally would not know, i am just taking her word for it. Anyway , congrats to the engagement !!!

  9. Katy Perry is almost 35 her birthday is October 25
    She still looks 25
    She doesn’t age

    She has found the fountain of youth

  10. She is hot white black hair she looks like a old crazy aunt not a sexi pop star wich she is used to be what happened with the pop world who turn this girls cray .. britney miley katy selena demi..

  11. worse thing she ever did was cut her hair short. she hasnt really recovered from it. Yes she is still pretty but she is not one of those girls that looks stunning or edgy with short hair. she just looks ok with it. And ok is not enough when you have been a big sex symbol for so long.

  12. Omg this is my first time seeing the comments so positive and clear !!! wow really like woooooooo😮😯oooooow ✨💕

  13. I mean she had been away from the spotlight a while and there she Is engaged damn time goes fast 🙁 like so many famous people have married ll

  14. UGH! Don't like Katy Perry. If Orlando knows what's good for him he will RUN! This marriage will not last any longer than her last marriage did. She is such a bitc# literally bullying a non-native english speaker for not idolizing her. "look man, don't you know who I am". Her belittling attitude, her hate for others, her arrogance is DISGUSTING!

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