Keratin Infused Hair Growth Treatment For Super Long & Straight Hair At Home

hey guys welcome to my simple remedies
today I’m here with an extremely miraculous remedy it’s a complete
all-in-one carotene infused hair growth treatment which will not only help your
hair grow long but it will also add extra volume to it your hair will become
extremely thick and strong this remedy will revitalize your hair follicles and
give your hair extra shine and strength without damaging it it will remove the
frizz and unwanted curls and make your hair really straight
I have personally used these remedy many times and also recommended it to friends
this is really one of the best remedies for hair growth extra hair volume shine
and strength so without wasting time let’s prepare this amazing treatment
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and tricks the best thing about this remedy is that the ingredients used in
it are really very simple and RP easily available at home you will need vitamin
E capsules eggshells and coconut oil the main ingredient for this remedy is egg
shells first put the egg shells of two eggs into a blender add two tablespoons
of coconut oil and finally add two vitamin E capsules the main ingredient
of this remedy is eggshells in addition of calcium and protein eggshells also
contains small amounts of other minerals which are really effective for your hair
growth eggshells make a protective layer on your hair
which will not only protect hair breakage but will also strengthen your
hair follicles blending the ingredients will make a
paste as you can see so let’s come to the application you have to apply this
paste from roots to ants as you can see use generous amounts of paste
apart from eggshells this remedy has coconut oil which adds luster shine and
softness to the hair coconut oil prevents hair from breakage and split
ends contributing to hair length vitamin e’s
antioxidant properties repair damaged hair follicles prevent tissue corrosion
and help build tissue it keeps your follicles healthy and promotes healthy
hair growth vitamin e promotes blood circulation and acts as a deep
moisturizer for your hair preventing breakage and brittle hair leave it on
for 30 minutes then wash it off with a mild shampoo you must try it if you want
to have that long beautiful and shining straight hair use this remedy two times
each month for the next three to four months and you will see the difference
for yourself so this was just a simple remedy with three simple ingredients
that can do wonders for your hair that’s it for today I hope you liked this video
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remedies for more amazing tips and tricks thank you so much for watching

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  1. ❤ Your hair is gorgeous! Learn more about the keratin treatment, the pros and cons on my channel. Thanks for making great content!

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