Lindner Business Honors FAQ

We want you to be as informed as possible in advance of your interview, so I’m here to address many commonly-asked questions about the Lindner Business Honors interview day. Where do I park?
On interview day you can park in the Campus Green Garage, which is located immediately adjacent to the Lindner College of Business. Each candidate will receive one parking voucher to use to depart the garage free of charge after their interview. We encourage candidates to arrive about 15 minutes and no more than thirty minutes in advance of their scheduled start time. What do I wear? If you Google “business casual,” you’ll get all kinds of examples of what would be appropriate for the interview. With the interview we want you to be professional, comfortable, and polished. How long will interview day take? Your interview day experience will include a welcome session and four activities which in total will take around two-and-a-half hours. Add an additional hour if you plan to participate in the residence hall tour. Can parents attend?
Parents often want to know if they can participate in the interview day. They are welcome and encouraged to attend. In fact, we even have parent-specific programming for them. Students and parents will attend the information session together and then meet back for the optional dorm tour. Do Lindner Business Honors programs have scholarships? With the rising cost of college many prospective students are curious about scholarships. All three of our Lindner Business Honors programs include scholarships at varying levels. Will I be considered for all Lindner Business Honors programs? Your interview invitation will indicate the program or programs for which you are being considered. Some students will interview for all three Business Honors programs and some students will interview exclusively for the Circle of Excellence. How do you determine the program into which I am placed? If you received an invitation to interview for all three programs, your interview will determine the program into which you are placed. Based on your interview the Lindner Business Honors and admissions staff will determine which of the programs, if any, is best fit for you. When will I get a decision? Decisions about your placement into an honors program will be communicated by the middle of March.

What are you looking for in candidates? We’re looking for committed, goal-oriented students who can present themselves professionally, demonstrate leadership capability, and articulate what they hope to accomplish throughout their time in college.

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