Logitech MeetUp Overview: 120° Field of View, 4K Optics & Advanced Audio

logitech® Let’s think about today’s business conference calls, more than 50% are small with just two or three people meeting in a room for quick discussion or focus collaboration. Often these meetings rely on imperfect technology where everyone crowds around a laptop straining to see in here. Now there’s a better way Meet up is Logitech’s premier conference cam for huddle and small conference rooms. It’s super wide 120 degree field of view ensures that everyone in the room can be easily seen and it’s high definition 4k lens with pan tilt and zoom capabilities allow you to quickly change focus is needed. An optional mount attaches meet up to a flat panel monitor or TV So you can make the best use of tight spaces meetings can sound as great as they look with meetup. It’s compact all-in-one design includes three beamforming mics and a custom tune speaker for larger rooms you can add the expansion mic from unit to extend the voice pickup range up to 14 feet. Starting a meeting with me up is simple just connect it to the usb port in your computer and start your preferred video conferencing application it’s that easy to get clear audio and razor-sharp optics in a small room. Logitech Meetup, optimized for huddle rooms designed for the way you meet. logitech®

7 Replies to “Logitech MeetUp Overview: 120° Field of View, 4K Optics & Advanced Audio

  1. Well done, Logitech – been waiting on something like this for a while.  Looking forward to testing it out.

  2. I wonder how useful the 4k camera will be, in terms of transmitting that over a network and viewing. How often will it be fully utilized? Or is this a case of future proofing?

  3. The audio pickup range of 2.4m is a joke compared to your other products http://www.logitech.com/assets/64494/2/vc-whitepaper.pdf
    Most meeting rooms need 4-5 meter range for people sitting near the TV and far from it on the long meeting room table in a 6 people room.
    Who is going to buy a product that costs 900$ for a meeting of 3 people sitting in front of the TV in 2 m range? you should get a new product manager or revamp this product.

  4. Love it !>>>t.co/0qGenPEkbY   Wish it came with a little more cord just to get the cameras where I need them but it works great !

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