Magic: The Gathering Office Hours – Nissa Revane

Miss, uh, Revene? Oh, just call me Nissa Right.. Uh, thank you so much for stopping by my office I wanted to talk to you about the direction that your story is taking. Ah yes. For Zendikar ! Yea.. Well thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about Uh, I’ve noticed some rather dramatic changes, revisions really, to your character And I thought that maybe we can have a little chat about where it is you’re headed in the story Professor I am in-tuned with Zendikar I hear the lands I speak with the trees I whispers to the mountains Zendikar’s spirit flows through me ! Uh huh. Uh huh Well its just that originally you were a heroic character with a crippling flaw You were racist. Well, xenophobic really, and.. Racism is bad !! Yeah but if I can just finish Yes, racism is bad but it was a critical flaw of your character. So critical that you set the eldrazi free because you didn’t care if other worlds were destroyed just so long as zendikar Specifically, the elves of zendikar, were safe I know, right ? Everyone hated me. But now I fixed all of that Well, I wouldn’t say you fixed all of that. You certainly erased it all Uh. But I wouldn’t say people don’t hate you.. They just.. maybe hate you in a new way But I’m a protagonist. You can’t have a racist protagonist And we don’t. We don’t anymore. We now have a.. mild hippy elf I’m a friend to all living things. Yayy !! Uh huh. Uh huh. *groan* Racism is BAD !! Yes ! Really bad But it gave your character depth And compexity You were a bigot being brought low by her bigotry And your story was starting to evolve into a journey To redeem yourself Really bad ! I just feel that if you had worked with your flaws instead of erasing them You might have developed into something really engaging Uh, flawed characters seeking to atone for her hatred. Admitting her mistakes And fighting to fix them Now that’s someone I would like to read about But now, whats your character’s conflict ? Where’s your struggle ? Theres no room for an arc when you’re… well.. shallow Hey ! I can have an arc Like last chapter I.. thought I had lost my connection to Ashaya, the spirit elemental of zendikar But, then I realized Ashaya hadn’t left at all She was inside me all along Yes ! All I had to do to overcome my obstacle, was believe in myself I.. Hell of an obstacle there by the way But, its just that, that’s kind of exactly what happened to you in the chapter before that Ashaya ? Where are you ?! Oh no ! And the chapter before THAT Ashaya, I found her ! She was.. within me all along. Ok. Why don’t we examine a specific section of your revisions Originally you plainswalker to lorwyn where you experimented with black mana Your hatred and racism fueling this selfish magic It wasn’t your best moment But, we all experiment with black magic at one point or another But, now that you’re no longer racist, there was no connection to your travel to lorwyn So you just went there, stayed for a minute and then left Hey ! I was on lorwyn for more than a minute How long were you on lorwyn for ? 36 minutes 36 minutes ! And then you left for…? For Zendikar ! Back home to zendikar. The entirety of the multiverse Your first plainswalk and you’re gone for half an hour I learned much in my travels Yea. Hell of an arc you got going there I can go back to lorwyn I can have an adventure with that tree I saw I can call the story, Nissa’s tree Well it sounds exciting Especially if we get to hear more from the tree and less from you Ashaya ! Oh god I.. I’ve lost my connection with Ashaya I no longer believe in myself… Ugh ! The academy gets Freyalise and I get Nissa Revene Revene huh? Real subtle choice for a last name Was nature taken ? Hmm ? Nissa Nature ? When Nissa Nature, the tree lover comes into play, put a heart counter on each forest you control ? You can’t control the forest. Its essence runs through you Alright alright.. Ashaya ! I thought I lost you ! This is what I’m talking about when it comes to the spirits Alright alright ! …Elementals that they live with you, they breathe with you, they speak with you Alright ! Alright. alright.. alright.. alright.. alright Hello everyone and welcome back to the lore corner Or whatever you want to call it Uh where we talk about lore And last week we left off talking about zendikar and how the titans decided to test the waters Well bars of the hedron prison It starts out with like a bigger macro decision of like what kind of deck am I going to play Maybe if, um, your.. your local store metagame is really heavy on dark jeskai for instance Well then maybe you’ll be like, oh I’m going to play esper control because it has a good match up Or I’m going to play green red eldrazi Um, because depend on how they sideboard, that has a good match up Uh, which is also, so thats like the macro decision And then theres a smaller decision of, it also influences what you are going to sideboard

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