Make a call in Skype for Business

you can call anyone even personal contacts right from your device using Skype for business type any number in the search bar here better yet type a contact name from your company directory or use keywords like a department name you can even search the entire skype directory then just hover over the picture and click the phone button to call hi Robin hi Jerry I’m making a video and want to show a few things sure I’m all yours if I’m calling another skype for business user I can use these buttons to start a video chat present my screen or mute my mic if you need to use the dial pad to enter a number during a call you can find it here the call controls gives me more options including transferring a call or adjusting the volume I can also switch from the computer speaker to my headset right in the middle of a call thanks Jerry my pleasure in other office applications such as Word you can make a call by just pointing to a person’s name and clicking the icon for more about skype for business visit AKA ms flash meet SSB [Music]

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