Make Dark Mode Work with All Apps on Android 10 [How-to]

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Dallas with Gadget
Hacks, and today I’m gonna show you how to make dark mode work with all apps on Android
10. Now Android 10’s dark mode is great and all,
and it’s caught on faster than any of us coulda hoped. But there are still a handful of apps that
don’t support it. Even if you have the “Dark mode” toggle enabled
in Settings under Display, you get apps like Yelp and Amazon that just stay blindingly
white. But Google has actually made an option that
will force these apps to go dark. You just have to enable the hidden Developer
Options menu to use it. So for most phones, go to Settings, then down
at the bottom go to About Phone… then scroll down to the very bottom again and tap the
“Build Number” entry 7 times is quick succession. You’ll have to put in your PIN, but once you
do, you’ll have unlocked Developer Options. On Samsung phones, it’s just a little bit
different. Go to Settings, then About Phone at the very
bottom, then go to Software Information. Here, Build Number will be towards the top
of the list, but you still just tap it 7 times quickly to unlock Developer Options. Once you’ve done that, back out to the main
Settings screen and you’ll see Developer Options as the last entry in the list. If you don’t see it right there on the main
Settings screen, go to System, then Advanced and you should find Developer Options there. Once you’re in the Dev Options menu, scroll
down quite a bit until you find the “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” section. Here, you want to turn on the “Override force-dark”
switch. That’s the one that turns most every app dark. But again, if you’re on a Samsung, things
are a tiny bit different. You’ll still find the option in the “Hardware
Accelerated Rendering” section, but Samsung changed the name to “Force Dark mode.” Just make sure that’s enabled and you’re good
to go. Now, your best option is to reboot your phone. Some apps may be stored in memory with their
white UI elements, so instead of clearing all the apps away from the multitasking view,
just do a quick restart. When you get back up, apps that used to be
white will now be dark. The setting does a pretty good job of only
darkening things that should be darkened. For example, it’s not going to invert the
colors on any images in the app, it’s just gonna invert the text color and background
color. That can lead to the rare visual glitch here
and there, but it’s seriously uncommon in my experience. And it’s not completely perfect overall. When an app uses a custom background instead
of just loading the system assets, it can’t really do anything about that. A perfect example of that is how Google Maps
doesn’t change because the background’s not a solid color — it’s a map. But Amazon, Google Play Music, SmartThings
Classic, Walmart Grocery, Yelp, and basically every other app I personally use work with
it. So it really is a true system-wide dark mode. But for more tips and tricks like this, be
sure to check out our website at gadget hacks dot com. And as always, we’d appreciate it if you would
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until then… Happy gadget hacking!

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