Management Consulting – Accessible to Every Business – 2

Most business owners are familiar with the biggest names in the consulting industry but the associated hourly fees are generally prohibitive for most businesses as a result elite management consulting has Traditionally been a tool only accessible to the largest corporations We have a different model and a different philosophy For every sized business from the small wholly owned entity to the middle-market enterprise with the board of directors Complex vendor chains our revenues up to two hundred and fifty million second wind offers solutions staked and client success Not an hourly fees a second wind fees are structured as a percentage of increase in profits We help clients with VA. This aligns our interest directly with client success It’s an unconventional idea and it represents a better way Management consulting available to every business not just the view our philosophy. Is that effective and Transformative consulting is a holistic endeavor Which partners consultant and owner in the ultimate success of the business to us a consulting partnership cannot be a piecemeal proposition defined by billable hours its second wind We don’t view any individual problem challenge or even opportunity in isolation We look at the whole of your business and every aspect of the space it operates in as well as how that space will evolve in the face of change the goal is to identify any organizational inefficiencies that have created stagnation any opportunities for optimization and reinvention that can open new markets and create margins and to clear paths that will accelerate a business ahead of rapidly shifting technological a little and disruptive factors that affect your industry second winds approach is to ensure that any threat can become an opportunity and that any Opportunity can be translated into actionable and sustainable growth at second wind our philosophy Is that management consulting matters to every size business and must be accessible to every size business and unlike any other? Consultancy, we invest directly in your success

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