Meet Guillermo

Beekeeping is actually fantastic because
it’s a box of calm in a big busy city like New York City. Spectrum Reach
generates billions in advertising. We are the behind-the-scenes team that helps
sales succeed. Some of the tools that we empower sales with are presentations
videos or even research that helps prove how effective Cable is. We’re really keen
on helping our clients engage with their customers regardless of what screen
they’re watching TV on. Putting on my bee veil which keeps me protected in case there are curious bees. I find beekeeping a great way to relax
as well as to contribute to my community I’m the director of the honeybee
Conservancy a national charity that provides education training and the live
bees needed to support local agriculture one in three bites of food we eat
depends on bees so by placing these hives and in food deserts and other
communities around the u.s. we’re able to help increase food for up to 400,000
people. Honeybees work collectively as part of a harmonious group towards a
singular goal, kind of like what we do here at Spectrum Reach.

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