Meet My Parents | Engaged with JoJo and Jordan

– You know, it’s really funny
having Mom and Dad in here. – Oh, yeah. Joseph!
– (shouts) Duiane! Dad, this is just normal stuff, you know. – What you got there, a coffee? – [Duiane] That’s my stuff. – My mom is full-blown Persian, and my dad is just… Dad?
– Joe? – You were born in San Antonio, right? Dad, what’s your background? – [Man] East European and English Irish. – Is that why you don’t tan that well? – I get that from my dad. Dad!
– Joe! Duiane, come on!
– Come on in, Dad. Guys, this is the most
handsome, sweet, humble, you wanna throw anything else in there? – Good looking.
– Wise. – Poker shark.
– There you go. – My dad, Joe, say hi, Dad. – Good morning, good morning, what a day. – Dad, we were just talking
about how Jordan and I, I love how your hands are just (laughs). – We’re buds. – Did you ever think at, you
know, 28 and 30 years old that you’d have your
daughter and her fiance living with you? – No, but I never thought
of it that way, honestly, you know, but– – How has it been? You probably love it. – I love it, you know, I
think it’s nothing finer. Family is Southern, so I’m for the family and I couldn’t be happier. – So you’re not rushing
us out anytime soon? – Heck, no, but I know you all would really love to have your place and I’m ready for you to have your place. (all laugh) – He’s kicking us out. – No, no, no, no, I’m cool. (laughs) – My favorite. And Mom, too. – Mother, what has been
your biggest pet peeve about Jordan and I living here? Do you know what that means, pet peeve? – No, explain it. – Okay, pet peeve means,
like, what annoys you about, is there anything that
we do that annoys you. – Yeah, you leave a lot
of bottle half-empty all around the house. – Oh, that is so her! Soraya, that is not me. – No, there was one of yours– – What?
– Three of hers, and then there’s also a strict rule, Jackson is not allowed
to sit on the couch. – I’m onboard with that. – When I’m out, I see
Jackson here, on my couch. – That’s not true, because we
don’t let him on the couch. (video whirrs) – Jackson, chilling, bro. – He’s shedding, Mom’s gonna kill us. – Yeah. (video whirrs) – You love Jackson, you
let him all over here. All over my couch. – I agree. – All over your bed. – Can we just talk about, we skipped over the half drinking bottle,
because when we have to clean our house, when
we don’t live with you, there are 15 or 20 of them. So, I started buying the
little, tiny water bottles and she still doesn’t drink them all. – No, just a sip. I tell you what, this
is the only pet pees, is that what you say? – Pet peeve. – Pet pee, whatever. Webster Dictionary. This is the only irritating
things that I see. The rest of it is easy. – There are three pet
peeves that my dad has. – Three?
– There’s three. – Okay. – That you will see him
just (clicks fingers), that switch will flick
and you’re like, whoa. And let me tell you what
those three things are. He has very bad road rage. – Mmm.
– Hey, I feel you there. – No, just the rage on the
road, it’s a little frightening. – I just get a little upset, I don’t rage. – Yeah, like yesterday, we
were driving to get food and people are cutting us off. – He’s like (grunts), bleep, bleep, bleep, a lot of bleep words in there. – I didn’t hear any bleep words. – The second one is when
people let their dogs poop and they don’t pick up after the dogs. He gets very angry about that. – I remind them, but nicely. – What’s the third, there was a third one. What was it, you remember? Oh, and when Dad loses in poker. – Oh, my God. – He really loses it then. – I play with knuckleheads, but knuckleheads win sometimes. – Dad, you are a new,
first time grandfather! To Noah, to Maverick.
– [Jordan] Two! – But I’m looking forward to more. – Ohhh! – Every day, new pictures,
I think they’re marvelous, and wish I could squeeze
them every day, you know. – Well, you know Mom keeps saying, “I’m ready for you guys to have one.” – Well, there’s a lot of truth. – We still have to get married. – I know. – We’re gonna have seven kids. – I’m all for it, you know. – What, what? Seven kids? – What, six. – I’m gonna tell you,
the more the merrier. – No, let’s not get crazy. – Absolutely.
– You should know. – My mom said I have to have three boys, so I know what I put her through, and then she said, and then
you can have whatever you want. (Duiane laughs) – Dad, just a question for you. I don’t think you ever
predicated or expected that I would meet my
fiance the way that I did. But what were you thinking? – Well, first it was a shock, that you were going to do this. And secondly– – What was your advice, what did you say? Did you say no, or did you
say you should think about it? – No, I said no, you know. – Dad’s not like that, Dad
lets me make my own decision. – No, I was concerned, you know. – Soraya does that. – I was just concerned
about the way it plays out. – I didn’t know you. – It’s all very, ah, (mumbles). – You know, as a mom, I
have to trust my baby, but, but, you’re a boy. – Very concerned about you. (all laugh) I’m just saying.
– What? – I didn’t know you. – I was uncertain about my feeling, I mean, I love that you
found the love of your life but still, some tiny, tiny things at the bottom of my heart, is JoJo
gonna be happy with Jordan? Is Jordan gonna make her happy? Are you gonna laugh at my jokes? Are you gonna be nice to JoJo? – Who laughs at your
jokes more than anybody? – You do, you do, you and I
are the same train tracks. – We are, we are. – Same train track, baby. – Yeah, we are the same train track. Same train track, for real. – You’re my boy, you’re my boy. – I didn’t know you, and I know you now, and I love you and I love your family and I think it’s awesome and there you go. And unfortunately, when
you get into these things, you start with reading Twitter and– – Oh, never do that. – And that was awful. – I made the Twitter as an alcoholic mom. – Yeah, everyone was like, whoa, she needs to put down the bottle. When she was on The Bachelor, you guys, when I brought Ben home
for the first time, Mom was so stressed
out, Mom goes and takes a bottle of champagne and
just chugs it from the bottle, not even knowing that
there’s cameras around, not even thinking about
it, and you know what’s even funny, she doesn’t even drink. (Jordan laughs) So that’s how you know, like, it was going down in that house. – I found out that, really
late, I was gonna do the show, and so I watched two episodes. – Was that one of them? – That was one of them. – And you were like, she’s the best! – That is awesome, oh, I loved it. (kisses) – Love you, Mom. (kisses) Love you, Dad. – [Duiane] Love you, guys. – He’s the cutest, just
like the best man on earth. Do you love him? – I love him, we’re like pals. – Well, there you have it. Thank you guys so much, and
we will see you next time. (gentle happy music)

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  1. Aw, this made me smile 🙂 Loved you guys on the bachelorette and it makes me happy that things have worked out in the real world 🙂

  2. Love you guys including Mom and Dad…I miss my Dad :(… I used to rub his head like JoJo was doing to hers. So I'm glad she loves him to pieces 🙂

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  6. I loved this! Although you guys are in Dallas are we ever gonna get to see the same with Jordan’s parents and you two together. Family is huge and you’re blended family is awesome. And including the reactions of your family members was awesome. Helps us get to know YOU! God bless y’all.

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  8. Honestly, you both have a really natural way in front of the camera. I think you could be TV hosts or have some future in television.

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    Now …… I'd like to hear that Jordan and Aaron are sharing the brotherly love again.
    Jordan, you are so handsome and JoJo is so beautiful! Such a cute couple!!
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  20. Omg Jojo’s Persian mom gave me life. Both my parents are Persian and I even caught ur mom saying give a kiss in Farsi. It’s just so cool seeing like like some of my culture in everyday pop culture, cause it’s just not very common. Anyways like slay me u guys are such couple goals

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