100 Replies to “Michael Betrays His Friends (Almost) – The Office

  1. I laughed so hard because i didn't realize that michael's slowly going down sitting in that chair, can relate so much now since it's happening with my office chair too

  2. When you promise kids a full scholarship, you have to work hard to get all the extra money you can get your hands on.

  3. Great, really great. In german TV there was a show called 'Stromberg'. It is an adaptation of 'The Office'. I never watched the original till now and i am excited about it.

  4. This episode was so dumb & Pam was annoying AF, like if you want a new chair – BUY IT YOURSELF. The COPY machine was CLEARLY more important because you WORK, IN AN OFFICE….. FOR A PAPER COMPANY. Where EVERYONE needs to use the copy machine. It's not even a debate. She was being extremely selfish and I wanted to smack her in that episode

  5. Huge office fan watched it soo many times. Can someone pls help me with that dialogue when micheal says too many words coming at me at the same time?
    D remember the episode

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