Michael Gove: The UK is ready for no-deal Brexit, despite challenges

Of course no deal will bring challenges I have been open about that today as I have
been in the past It’s not my preferred outcome nor the governments,
we want a good deal. But whatever challenges no deal may create
in the short term, and they are significant, these can and will be overcome. Far worse than the disruption of no deal would
be the damage to democracy caused by dishonouring the referendum result. 17.4 million people voted to leave many of them turning up to vote for the first
time in their lives. They voted to ensure the laws by which we
are governed as set by the politicians in this place whom they elect. They voted for a fairer migration system which
attracts the brightest and the best. They voted to end vast financial contributions
to the EU budget and instead invest in the people’s priorities Such as the NHS and our brave police service. That is what the British people voted for
and that is what this government will deliver and I commend this statement to the house.

38 Replies to “Michael Gove: The UK is ready for no-deal Brexit, despite challenges

  1. In the may-barnier deal the EU’s planners had included provision for alternative arrangements for the Irish border in the event of no deal.
    Now that Boris is actually threatening no deal they have backtracked on their intention of allowing alternative arrangements…

  2. I see in the Guardian comments the deluded answer to Brexit: revoke A50. That's deluded multiplied a thousand fold.

  3. Damage already done to democracy by YOUR illegal closure of OUR Parliament.
    There will be far less trouble binning brexit than letting it go through and everyone knows it.

  4. In a second referendum there would be a lot more young people voting for the first time in their lives as well; people whose first few years of political awareness has been seeing how brexit has torn the country apart.

  5. Of course NO DEAL is unacceptable to Jo Swindler, the Political Con Artist so Hell Bent on Revoking Article 50, especially as her Family have received £5 Million in EU Grants

  6. John McDonald in no 11. OH JOY, I can hear the pips squeaking already, trust me the liberal elite won’t let that happen… LOL.

  7. No Deal for England . No one need England . England is the new North Korea but Kim Yong Un is not so stupid than Boris Jonson

  8. It appears many Brexit campaigners are happy to evoke WW2 imagery in support of their cause. Maybe we should set a date for the new Nuremberg trials. Gove would be first up.

  9. And for the 11 ministers who voted to make it against the law to come out with no deal , they need investigation because if that's not corrupt I don't no what isn't

  10. Since Boris,Nigel&fair right are crooks using the Brexit excuse for their own 💰💲benefit.Could Labour declare illegal this Brexit based on government lies offering Fresh Brexit Referendum👍
    When win next General Elections?🤔

  11. The 72 % of the people who voted to leave doesn't have an educational qualification. Doesn't Michael Gove see that Brits don't have access to the Universities and they're worried about inmigration

  12. Michael Gove, that’s exactly what we voted for ! The MP’s who are thwarting the referendum all need sacked.

  13. Everyone in the area where I'm at they are all remainers they know I'm a leaver just by looking at me the looks i get off the remainers around here hoowwieeeee

  14. Britains dieing to put themselves in a compromising position at America’s mercy like a 3rd world state towards losing independence from isolation in being infrjnged on, which was why britain went into the EU in the first place, to get shelter from struggling, where America’s huge merciless crony capitalist trickle down wealth distributing world wide financial crashing juggernaut system will suck you dry towards its gain at your expense, where you’d have more independence within the EU to push back against that powerful leverage, than outside of it, where those who are pushing Brexit wanted to sell their own people out to be fleeced, In being at the mercy of monopolizing oligarchy wealth distributing parasitic economic class dividing system, in doing to britain like whats done to weak banana republic nations, ENJOY! 😊

  15. Why the fk are the uk citizens paying money to Turkey! WHY ARE WE PAYING VISA TO ENTER THIS COUNTRY ?

  16. At last politicians who knows what there job is,😱 and doing what the people wanted😱 who knew politicians could do the job they were elected for.?. Only 3 1/2 years 😂😂😂

  17. UK prepared for no-deal Brexit but some risks remain, says Gove ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/08/uk-prepared-for-no-deal-brexit-but-some-risks-remain-says-gove

  18. We voted to leave , a ‘deal’ will cost an insane 39 billion euro enough to buy everyone in the states a round of drinks and for what…

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