Michel Barnier says a Brexit deal is ‘difficult but possible’

Same procedure as
every week. I will debrief
the Brexit steering group and this afternoon
in the plenary I will be on the side
of President Juncker. In any case,
the EU will remain calm, vigilant, respectful
respectful and constructive.
The technical talks continue,
and I am invited for a working lunch
with Steve Barclay tomorrow. That’s all, thank you very much.
– Is a deal still possible? I think a deal is possible,
and very difficult but possible.

100 Replies to “Michel Barnier says a Brexit deal is ‘difficult but possible’

  1. Well only if u get rid of bojo, his illegal impossible proposal showed he will not agree to a deal. And u can’t get rid of Him aslong corbyn wants to be prime for a few weeks @ any price. If corbyn would allow anybody else that interim job, Bojo would be already gone.

  2. Here's a great deal for the uk and some easy common sense. Ready? DON'T LEAVE THE EU because some racists decided its best. If you do it's the end of the uk.

  3. I was at work and came across a lamp.I rubbed it and a genie popped out. You have one wish he said.
    Solve brexit
    The genie said .master even I cannot solve brexit and went back into the lamp

  4. Whatever. No deal, get us out now then we can discuss our future relationship. Get OUT of this failed project before its too late. Poor Europe 🙁

  5. Even more footage has emerged of Verhofstadt in a black cab in London, saying we are going nowhere, how much evidence do the f**kwit remoaners need to wake up to what the EUSSR is all about.

  6. Same tactics as they used against Greece following the Eurozone crisis. Constant misdirection and the illusion of cooperation whilst subvertly seeking to do everything in their power to undermine the position of their opponents. The EU is a technocratic nightmare that serves just one country.

  7. No deal, huge tax breaks, suck a load of business out of Europe into the UK, watch Germany cry about their recession.

  8. Get FCKD the UK does not need anything from you we will be happy with what we have and the £1 billion a mnth the Uk pay`s you fckn thieves and fraudster`s.

  9. Of cause it's possible… If your willing to make any arrangement 50/50 without ripping us off! Do that and you have a deal, don't then stick it up your europeasant jacksy!

  10. A deal would be sensible but if the EU insist on being intransigent then leaving with no deal is the only possible option. To remain because the EU says we must is tantamount to Britain being serfs or vassals of the EU. And that will not do.

  11. The British press reported yesterday 08/10/2019 that the European Parliament president Mr. Sassoli was here to talk about Brexit.
    A quick look on the European parliament website confirms he was actually here to talk about next years EU budget.
    The statement that was given out had been pre written.

  12. begin with a capital F and end with a capital F seven letters stick your deal where the sun don’t shine … 💩💩👜

  13. It doesnt matter what deal the uk comes up with the eu will never accept it unless it keeps us shackled in some way. Simple.
    Look how they behave, bullying cry babies who cant accept the result.
    More and more it is becoming obvious to even remainers that this is a dictatorship.
    What once was a essentially a trade idea is becoming clear it is a germanfrench slow takeover of Europe.
    Its a doomed attempt.
    And it will be the euro countries like Poland who are increasingly getting fed up with the forceful nature eu union who will break rank and leave.
    Im so proud as a brit we have yet again showed the way of liberty and courage.
    And for people who think its going to get reversed, tuff titty it aint

  14. Sounds like Barnier has realised he is losing the blame game with Boris having managed to be on the winning side of that for most of the last 3 years.

  15. The real shock here is not what Barnier said, but that the Guardian is reporting it, I hope the editor realises that now Owen "Smollett" Jones will be urinating in his Coffee at every oportunity.

  16. Brexitteers, How are you going to keep the peace in Northern Ireland? How will you prevent the scenario in the yellow hammer report?

  17. Calm, respectful and still bankrupt. We need ze English monai to pay for my lavish lifestyle. My Unelected Commissioners also like monai and ze power. BREXIT will cause ze E.U to collapse and Free zose Countries we had hostage. Damn zose British and zer Freedom !

  18. I can't lie… I think if we leave without a deal we're in for a very rough ride… this is going to get nasty with the EU. If we leave with a deal that the EU want then they'll stomp all over us. If we remain then they'll stomp all over us. Depends what you want really…

  19. Guardian ‘a forked-tongue’ newspaper in support of corporate policy working through the economic dementia of the EU – or should I say dEUtschland?

  20. Everything is possible if only there was no Pride, arrogance and tricks to undermine people's voice and choice. However it had to be that way incase some one wants to leave like UK should face the difficulties 🤔.

  21. What fool would negotiate with a grouping that is attempting a land grab from someone it claimed was an ally. Given how the EU is on record as stating that the UK must be seen to have been punished by Europe for leaving (bullying the other nations by extension), how can any politician gain anything other than a bad deal from Europe? No deal really is better than any deal that is created with the intention of punishing the recipient.

  22. Time to shut up shop and accept we aren't leaving without a deal, we aren't going to leave with no deal as its been blocked and the rich people of this country have said no we arent leaving.
    In november there will be huge protests were the leave supporters will be painted in a picture of football hooligans when things get smashed up. Leading to a Binding referendum where the remain campaign will win by 54% to 46% and with over 17.4m voters choosing to remain.
    The country is corrupt.
    The politicians are snakes.
    The people are blind

  23. Mr Barnier. Do not desert us now. We need the support of you all at the EU to rescue us from this Brexit mess. But the time to help us is running out.

  24. sounds a bit like he said he understands a few of the silly brexit actors and their pathetic scramble for scraps, but he doesnt have to put up with the incessant whining or attempts to slip out the service entrance without paying all the checks bills and possibilities. and while theyre at it, they should remember that without their joe biden type traditions, these so called citizens wouldnt even have a pub to piss on. he wants some respect and by the gods of elite wisdom and governance he will get it !

  25. The British Media hold the EU blame free in this debacle, whilst it's obvious our parliamentarians blocked, delayed, at every turn, the intransigence of the EU has affected the negotiations the most.

  26. Believe me the EU’s bark is far worse than its bite, they’ll be rolling over like little puppies in a week or two. Lol!

  27. Respectful, by threatening to crash our economy if we leave with no deal, using bribes with our MPs and being on record as Saying the UK has to be punished for attempting to leave the EU. Not to mention the land grab they are trying on Northern Ireland and the fact that they still have not reciprocated with confirmation of continuity of UK citizens rites after we leave.

    They certainly have a very different view of what respect means

  28. Before anyone considers should we leave or not they should examine what the EU has set out as their vision for the future. They intend to Federalise Europe…. If we stay in this will require we take on the Euro (a failing and ill conceived and badly managed currency). We will have to give up control of our armed forces. … We will have to surrender to total rule from Brussels, an unelected elite whose political ambition is rule by fear and threatening member states until they bow down. … We will be bound to the failed agriculture and fisheries policies and the disastrous financial policies of the Eu forever. There will be no other opportunity to leave as a unilateral action. … we have already given away considerable portion of the rebate won by Mrs Thatcher, (thanks mr Blair) in return for changes to the agriculture policy that have never happened. the rebate was cut though immediately. … We have evidence aplenty of the contempt The Uk is held in by the EU we have not been able to make significant change to the way it runs and there is no reason to think this will be different in the future. .. In comparison to the sums we have put into the EU we have received much less back.. Only 46% of our trade is with the EU even after 40 years. Why Why when there is such a strong evidential argument to leave based on hard facts and experience are people still getting out their crystal ball and predicting dark times – Simple fact is we don't know what the future will or might hold BUT we DO know what the EU's vision of the future is. A future I wouldn't want any part of ad apparently many people agree with me.

  29. Merkel is reported to have said Germany could leave the EU with no problem .However the UK cannot leave unless it signs over NI to the EU Customs Union in perpetuity.
    Germany annexed Czechoslovakia and Austria in the '30s and now wants a part of the UK annexed …
    These are very very dangerous times and the EU is showing its true colours now. It is acting like a sovereign nation state when it isn't. It is now attacking the integrity of another Nation State (UK). Judging by their behaviour who would have thought the UK is STILL the 2nd largest contributor, has been the ONLY continuous one for 45 years and runs a £100 Bn a year trade DEFICIT in Goods to the EU's benefit?

  30. So some EU politicians are saying no and some are saying yes. It makes it sound like they don't really know what they are doing.

  31. Boris better deliver FULL leave or mr farage is going to wipe the floor with all the other so called parties. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😀

  32. It is obvious that Brexit will be over if the UK stays in the EU. That can happen quickly if Article 50 is revoked. It can be done unilaterally and it is an action that is in full control of the UK. If the government doesn’t do it, then it is entirely their fault if the UK exits without a deal. Parliament represents all of “the people”, not just voters. Our representatives must act for what they judge best for the nation. A failure to do so is a failure of their primary duty as MPs.

    Yes, “the people” want Brexit done. That does not mean that we want to exit the EU.

  33. You Guardian readers ….are nothing short….of Pond life….small insignificant left wing bleating turds….bent on the destruction of the british way of life as it was….

  34. We also need no deal to get out of financial liability’s under the Eus looming financial crisis. They can demand U.K. pay their “callable capital”. they’ll use us to protect their gravy train and EIB

  35. When we saved France and the whole of the EU in WW1 and WW2 we didn't ask for a deal we helped. And when the UK needs help… No one

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