Microsoft Planner – User experience and integration with Office 365 apps

[Music] Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics
Live! Coming up we’re gonna take a look at recent updates to Microsoft Planner
including updates to the core Planner experience deeper integrations in Office
365 app experiences like Microsoft team’s SharePoint and outlook the new
schedule view in the web app and how you can automate your plans with Microsoft Flow and to join me today I’ve got my partner in crime Dave Heller and he’s
got a plan from the Planner team. welcome thank you for having me give a warm
round of applause all right so Planner is one of my favorite newer apps from
Office 365 and one of the more popular apps that we see in terms of just it’s
simple and visual way to organize team work last time you were on the show a
few months ago we’ve made a bit of progress since then but what’s the team
been working on now in those last couple of months since our last show you know
it has only been two months since we last spoke but there has been a ton of
innovation in planner okay right and every time we publish a show on planner
there’s a ton of organic interest I mean just the even the original show has been
really good so we’ve we’ve we’ve done a lot in terms of Planner on the Mechanics
but what what else has been what else adds a team in working on yeah so
firstly I mean we’re really pleased with the uptake we’ve seen four planner I
mean there are millions of users worldwide with just continual growth so
thinking about what we’ve updated for this go-around you know the main focus
has been on enhancing the core planner experience to include new features such
as the schedule view iCal integration the ability to copy a task and updates
to the notification strategy we’ve also developed new ways to extend planner
throughout Office 365 we have a new web part to include the planner board and
SharePoint team sites and updates to Microsoft Flow connectors for example
within the applications that use daily such as Outlook SharePoint Dynamics any
number of SaaS applications you can trigger a task in Planner using
Microsoft Flow cool but before we take a look at all the updates why don’t we
take a step back for the folks that maybe are new to Planner and give them a
or of what Planner can do yeah absolutely so I’m gonna access Planner
here through the app launcher experience and we’re going to what’s called the
Planner Hub so what we’re looking at here on the bottom we see these tiles
that represent not only my plans but also my Office 365 groups and as you may
know for every Office 365 group you have you also have a plan and likewise so in
the plans below there may not be any tasks at all because the group wasn’t
created to work together yet but for the for the groups that we are working
together I favorited those so you can see I can click down here add to
favorites and then it’ll give me a high-level view of the work that’s
happening within these plans so I’m gonna go in this pre-populated plan for
the product launch and that opens the Planner board this is the heart and soul
of Planner and what we see is a complete plan with tasks and buckets configured
the way that fits my business so I remember who joins the plan can update
create edit any of the tasks and the idea is that we want to wait for teams
to organize the work and tasks quickly and easily so let me jump into some task
details to show you the kind of depth that we can provide here ok so within
this task branding guidelines I’ve designated the bucket what that means
that’s how I’m categorizing the work again this is all completely
configurable buckets were those vertical columns that we saw exactly and we’ll go
back there and I’ll dive right in we can list the progress between not started
and progress and complete have a start date a due date type of description down
here we can have checklist items and if we want we can show that on the card
instead I have the attachment of the card as well but just as easily I can
have the checklist and you can check that off from the Planner board
interface which is super cool and then down here we have attachments and you
think you upload to this to this task will go straight to SharePoint online as
part of the groups framework and then below we have the comments section which
goes right to Outlook so you can have this conversation and the tasks it’ll go
to Outlook you can continue it there and will populate right back into the tasks
on the right you’ll notice that we have these color-coded tabs these are again
are completely configurable they start blank you just give a visual way to have
people understand if they should be looking at a task even if they’re not
assigned to it right see on the right we have examples of like at risk or blocker
on track but on the bottom we have blue which is like what does that mean I
don’t know but the point is that we can configure it anywhere we want you know
so going back to the board we can also change the task views as you notice we
have these columns that are buckets and we can we can adjust as any way we want
but we can also change the visual to assignment so we click on this and we
see the work that we all have assigned to each other and we can drag and drop
to actually assign work across we have updating messaging framework I’ll take
that one and now that’s assigned to me we can do the exact same thing with
status and work in the progress view so here we see figure out Western Region
launch plans maybe I’m in a team meeting and we’re doing status updates I say hey
how’s this going and they said well West Region north is done and I can drag this
over to in progress and now I’ve status it just that easily
if you want an even faster way to be able to sort of status and see what’s
going we have the charts for you okay and where the charts do does is it shows
you all of your task owners and I can drill down very quickly to see who’s
doing what so here we see my name Dave Heller and so now it’s filtered by my
name and then I can group that by due date so very quickly I go to seeing like
what’s due today what’s due this week what’s due in the future very cool and
you can flip between the other favorites there as well yeah so one thing
customers asked me pretty frequently is you know I really like planner but I
want to be able to go through my plans to see what’s late because you know I
don’t have all the time in the day and so what’s cool is it’ll save the charts
view and you’ll see my other favorites at night 2017 I can go there very
quickly and it automatically loads all that data and you can see that it’s been
quite delinquent with the two tasks to have assigned to me right I can
literally gonna read it is say that that’s really the core Planner
experience very cool so it’s a really simple way to be able to build team
plans and if you want to understand core concepts of Planner and how to build a
plan check out the show that we had a few months back of the kind of the one
on 101 of Planner can you walk us through those some of the some of the
brand new updates that we’ve been working on the last couple of months for
sure so there’s a really important one and you may have noticed this it’s the
new schedule view we had a tremendous amount of feedback for a calendar type
view so we’ve built this into that core planner experience in addition to an
iCal integration and what’s nice is you can take tasks
and you can drag them directly onto the calendar and it all signed them and as a
temp attach a start date and a due date very quickly so I dragged Instagram
strategy to Tuesday I know it’s gonna take longer I drag it out and then it
automatically adjusts the the due date and with the iCal integration you can
see up here that my Planner product launch has already been included as an
additional calendar overlay to my Outlook calendar so we’ve also done work
with task assignment notifications where now you will get individual emails for
assignments so let’s say I assign you a task you’ll receive an email from me to
you so the whole team doesn’t get one and the whole team doesn’t send one much
more granular very cool so you don’t get notifications for everybody on the team
who’s getting any random tasks assigned so it’s very personalized to you yeah
we’re trying to make that experience a lot more personal right so we’ve also
previously had limits to the number of tasks you could have assigned to you now
you can have any number of tasks assigned to you and will only affect
recent tasks on that initial load so for all intents and purposes we are entirely
removing limits so what are some of the other additions that we’ve made to
planner yeah so in mobile users can now create view and edit plans on iPhone and
Android phones very conditionally we’ve on-boarded Planner
into intern for mobile application management and we’ve created deep link
between planner mobile app and other Microsoft mobile apps like teams so when
you click on a Planner tab and team on teams it will quickly and seamlessly
transfer you across to the planner app very nice so we are we’re both working
on a launch event actually as part of as part of the show and once you assign me
a task the nice thing is I can I can actually see it on my mobile phone if
that if that happens right yeah absolutely so that’s the so here I’ve
got this task and I can I can go ahead and actually start to click into the
task and give it some some status maybe I’ll say it’s in progress
I’ll add a comment that says I’m working on it there we go and when I send that
out then that will update your planner board and you’ll be able to see anything
that I’ve done so is there anything else then coming for the phone yeah so we’re
looking to build push notifications and also an iPad
to my’s that as well so you’ve also mentioned that the team’s been deepening
planner integration across other op experiences what’s new there we have so
you’ll notice here I’m in my SharePoint team site we have created a planner web
part that you can you can include in your SharePoint team site to view your
Planner board or the charts page directly from SharePoint and as you’ll
notice I’ll click on the tasks that you filled out and it’s right there within
SharePoint it’s completely mirrored across the team’s experience mobile and
the web client that’s one of the great things is we can have the whole plan for
example exposed through teams we can have it exposed right here in the
SharePoint site and that way you’re actually interacting with the underlying
plan directly even though you’re in those other experiences yep and the
SharePoint site feature will go live in the Neff coming months so why don’t we
why don’t we dig in a bit more in terms of the the Team’s integration for sure
so as you noted you can have the full Planner experience from within teams
again we have that same task that you filled out on your mobile device mm-hmm
but also there’s an interesting extra tip that we’ve added for teams where you
can just add additional plans that don’t spin up additional groups so you can
plan and create sort of a whole new kind of hygiene on how you plan so you can
create project specific plans but also in terms of how teams works we have
different channels here and so here we have the design brainstorm and that
channel from within the product launch group has its own Planner board that
just lives right in teams and anytime I assign people tasks in it it will go to
their mobile device and the my tasks page they’ll be able to see that as well
very cool so a lot of people here are probably I T pros writing scripts
wanting to do automation so we’ve built some automation frameworks into into
plan or using things like Microsoft Flow what are some of the practical uses that
we can do when we combine and flow with planner yeah so I’ll go back and show
you first from my flow that I’ve created three flows let me walk you through kind
of the story of each of them again this is it’s very easy and visual to create
on the top we have a link from Project online into planner and what I’ve told
project or what I field flow is that whatever in a designated project and
project online that there’s a task that has to do with workflows I want that
sent a Planner and replicated in my Planner
below that we see that whatever a new document is added to a specific folder
in SharePoint I want to have a notification and Planner to review that
so it creates a task that signifies that and then lastly in Outlook a very simple
whenever I flag an email I want to get at a corresponding Planner task that has
the name of that email and then also the body of the text within the description
and so I’ll switch over to the planner board that I have here that just has
flows to Planner and those are the three tasks that I’ve sent in from those three
separate workloads very cool so the sky’s the limit here in terms of what
you can do with flow so for example and kind of an area that I’m interested in
like maybe new user provisioning you can have it then kick off workflows the new
user comes into the environment maybe procures hardware gets there it’s
their desk and everything already kind of builds a plan around the various
stakeholders that have to do that so lots of stuff that we can do we saw some
great integration between SharePoint and planner we’ve seen all the different
mobile mobile additions we can create plans now right from the phone and
there’s even more coming but if you’re not already using Planner right now
where can we go in terms of or where can people go to learn more and to start
trying it and checking it out for sure if you’re not currently in Office 365
enterprise user you can learn more at the link shown on the screen and keep
helping us shape Planner with what you’d like to see by giving us your feedback
via the tech community so thanks Dave for joining us today of course keep
watching Microsoft Mechanics for the latest updates to planner and across
Microsoft that’s all the time we have for this show thanks for watching we’ll
see you next time [Music]

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  1. The Teams integration where you have individual Plans within a O365 group, will that require the use of Teams? Or will that be a core function available directly in Planner? This was something that was brought up in our company and the solutions that existed previously weren't ideal. But currently we don't utilize or plan to use Teams.

  2. When you have many plans in one Team, they are not all visible from Planner hub. Will this be worked on? I would like from planner to see all plans connected to one Group.

  3. I really love the way your présentations go. How do you zoom in on your screens and present your laptop and switch to the cellphone on the screen. I'm preparing a presentation for my team and I want to do it the same way, thanks and great job.

  4. This looks and seems better than Trello. Are there any plans for this great app to be released to the public and not only for education and business?

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