Microsoft Surface Hub 2S | Microsoft Teams Experience

(MUSIC) Microsoft Teams is really at the center of teamwork in Microsoft 365 and enables you to work
with your colleagues in a more immersive way, wherever they are. With Microsoft Teams for Surface
Hub you have great calling and meeting capabilities. There are three ways you
can use Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub 2S. First if you have some work to do with a colleague
and spontaneously want to use an available Surface Hub, you can start an ad-hoc meeting. Just tap the “Call” icon
on the Welcome Screen and from there you can
either initiate a call with somebody who doesn’t have
Teams by using the dial pad, or start a Teams meeting
by tapping “Meet Now”. Simply search for the people you want to invite and when you’re
ready tap “Start Meeting”. The second way to
take advantage of Teams is to book a Surface Hub by adding it as an attendee when you create a
meeting in Teams or Outlook. If you’re unsure of the account name for the Surface Hub you can
find it on the Meet Now screen. If you’re setting up
the meeting in Outlook be sure to set it up as a Teams meeting. When it’s time for your
meeting simply walk up to the Surface Hub and
with just one touch you’re in the meeting. Your colleagues who have
joined appear down the side, but if you’d like to see them in full life-like quality you can tap here in the bottom-right to enter full-screen so you can have engaging
face-to-face discussions. To exit full-screen
just tap the same icon. You can switch the Microsoft Teams panel to the other side of the Hub with one tap. You’ll see the familiar Teams icons. Here you can turn your camera on, mute your audio, and share
your Surface Hub’s screen so that everyone in the meeting can see what you’re looking at. When the meeting started
Microsoft Whiteboard automatically opened to help
you start collaborating. By sharing your screen,
participants will be able to see your whiteboard,
but if you’d like to have a more collaborative session,
tap the “Share Whiteboard” icon. You’ll be prompted to sign
in and then the shared whiteboard will appear for
all meeting participants and they can interact
and contribute from right within Teams on any supported device. Finally there may be
times when you have a Teams meeting but didn’t invite a Surface Hub. Joining that meeting is easy. Just tap “Sign in to see
your meetings and files” on the Welcome Screen, enter
your work account information and follow the steps to authenticate. Once you’ve completed signing in, the meeting carousel displays
all of your Teams meetings and you can simply tap
the one you’d like to join on the Surface Hub. So that wraps up our look at
three different ways to use Microsoft Teams on Surface Hub 2S. Now you can connect and
collaborate with your colleagues wherever they are.

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  1. a very remarkable feature, 4 video calls at the same time, multitasking, the other amazing features are on Microsoft Surface Hub 2s. I love Microsoft

  2. These videos are awesome! Very polished and clear, and so much better than the usual cheap looking instructional videos that others do.

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