Moraine Park supports women in the pursuit of non-traditional occupations

The graduates of
Moraine Park programs stand out in our organization
in several regards. They’ve demonstrated an ability
to learn, so we’re confident and the graduates here have
shown us that they certainly can adapt to change. They’re flexible. They have initiative and
are goal oriented as well. I’m barely home
right now, but that’s totally worth it for the
two years that I’ll be here. The education that I’m getting,
there’s so much knowledge that I know of right now. It’s unreal how much
they teach you here. There was no other
option with what I could get into here,
not just mech design but the other
computer-aided type classes. The help that I received
with transitioning into the criminal justice
program was phenomenal. And I had so much support. I am the only girl in
my class, so it makes a little bit of a difference. They treat me a little
bit differently just because I’m a girl, but
they also help me out a lot. There’s a few of them that
just look at me like that. I’m just another classmate. From our perspective, we really
value the diversity of thought that it’s generated,
bringing more females into a male-dominated
organization or male-dominated positions. People don’t expect
you to be there and be doing what you’re doing if
you’re a female in my field. So you’ve got to be able
to be strong and courageous and put yourself out there
with your coworkers and people that– you’ve got to be able
to prove yourself. We had a lot of opportunities
to network in the program, and I feel as if I built
so many relationships within the professional
field, I’ll be able to take
that with me when I go to interview for jobs. You take it head on. You take everything that your
classmates help you with, your instructors. You, yourself, have to
push yourself to do what you want and succeed in life. Relative to working
with students that have come
through Moraine Park, we find that they’re ready
for immediate employment. And they’re also very
capable of advancing through many different
roles within the company. Right off the bat, I
was making $20 an hour. If you go on LinkedIn, look
for jobs in mech design or drafting, you
won’t find a position that’s below $20 an hour. So that’s awesome. I’m 23 years old,
my car is a 2016, and I bought a
house two years ago. Not many kids my age
can say all that. So thank you education. So looking at what’s
growing in the area is really good for careers. It helps you identify careers
that you want to go into. If you are interested in
fixing cars and working with your hands and you happen
to be a female, go for it. If that’s your passion area,
be the best auto mechanic you can be. Gender doesn’t matter when
it comes to your career area. Really it’s your passion. Moraine Park can help
you or assist you in finding your passion and then
supporting you in your journey to your career goals.

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