Hi I feel so awkward. It’s like when I go a while without making a video. I almost feel awkward making a new one. It’s like I forget how to make them after a while. It’s like I don’t know how to act anymore And I don’t know how to do the lighting and I don’t know how to do anything. And it’s only been like a week, and I already forgot everything. I just I feel awkward. I feel like a new kid in school again or something trying to like introduce myself all over again like “hey”. It’s been about a week since I’ve made a video. So, obviously yeah Vlogmas did not happen. It just didn’t because I just I couldn’t. This past week I’ve been really sick and overwhelmed and tired and “blargh”. I just have not been able to find a single moment where I can make a video. I just felt so bad all week, so there’s that. Yes, I’m a grandma now You know they say when you’re really stressed, your hair turns gray. Well, look how stressed I am. Also, I got a new camera. I have no clue how the audio sounds on here. So I’m really hoping I don’t ruin this whole video by having terrible audio or something. I will literally want to jump off a cliff if that happens. But no big deal, no big deal. So, let’s let’s get to the topic of the video. Basically, since I started working at a chain pet store almost two years ago. I’ve had questions from then until now about why I was working there. How it is? If people should work there? You know people are like I love animals should I work at the store? Blah Blah Blah It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to make this video because since I was employed there and I worked for this business, I don’t know what I can and can’t say I don’t want to get in trouble, or you know sued for Slander or something I don’t know. I don’t know how these people work, okay? So it took me a while because I really wanted to make sure that when I made this I worded everything correctly and I didn’t get the wrong impression across. So for that reason, I’m going to say that I worked at a store called PetShmo and everything I say in this video is about PetShmo And chain pet stores like PetShmo. Does not mean that I have any specific store in mind. My first big complaint about working at PetShmo they were like really cheap and they couldn’t make their own shirts. They were so cheap that they just, you know, copied from some other random chain pet store, and just scribbled it out and wrote Shmo. So yeah, their outfits kind of sucked Now let me just let you know that this is not going to be a video Where I’m just all angry and mad and telling you every single bad thing that happens somewhere just so we can all just be mad about it okay. That’s not the angle I want to come at this. I don’t want to be you know angry and mad and let’s just all yell because of these bad things that happened. There’s no reason for me to make a video just to anger people, get them all fired up, fill my comments with negativity and arguments. There’s just no reason for that and well, yes there are things that I did disagree with while working with this company That does not mean that um being angry is gonna solve anything. Coming from an angle of anger is not going to solve anything in this situation about the things I disliked about PetShmo. It’s not. So, please if you get angry or agitated or you know if I trigger you about the animals and the animal rights Take a breath and think about how you can actually help this situation rather than just being angry Okay, so let me just go ahead and get started I’ll start from the beginning about why I decided to work at a pet store because a lot of people ask me how would you, how could you work at a pet store? If you really loved animals, how could, how could you do that? So yeah, I.. let’s, let’s start from there. I was 17 when I got my job at *censored*, PetShmo. I needed a new job. I have medical problems and therefore I cannot really work at a restaurant or fast food chain or anything like that because I’m allergic to wheat and if I were to expose myself to wheat at a restaurant or you know fast food, daily, that’s just asking for me to possibly get sick. So I felt the safer route would be avoiding fast food chains. Needed a job, a part-time job. Somewhere where someone was gonna hire me. My first thought really was either to work with children or to work with animals. Because I love animals and I’m really good with kids I really really love animals, so I went with animals. I needed a job. It was a job and a job with animals was very much preferable to me. So, there you go. That’s why I chose to work there. The reason I bring this up is because within the first two weeks, I already had this random customer come in and follow me around the whole store for 45 minutes, yelling and harassing me about the animal care in our store. Now, the reason he was upset was because there was a story in the news about a PetShmo in California that had thrown out like living lizards or something like something terrible, of course. But, he was mad at me about it. And he, you know, harass me and prevented me from doing my job for almost an hour About something I had no business doing and no one in my store had business doing that or anything like that so though it is important to realize that there are good in bad stores out there. There are some good pet stores that actually have really good employees and good staff and well-trained and a good manager that helps orchestrate it all and then there are really bad ones too and Just because something bad happens at a bad one does not mean you need to go and yell at the good ones For the bad thing the bad one did. That was because of a bad manager at one store in one place. I do feel for these people because we do get harassed a lot about Weird situations that happen at certain stores things like that So, if you’re going to work there, you have to anticipate the fact that you are going to get some, you know, animal rights people upset with you that’s just what’s going to happen because you’re working the chain pet store that isn’t necessarily the best place for animals. That’s gonna happen if you work there. Things like this continue to happen throughout the month and I continue to defend my store and defend the fact that our store takes good care of animals. The longer I stayed with the company, the more I started to agree with these angry people and the more I started to think you know what there are things that need to be changed in this company. First thing was wherever the heck we are getting our animals from it is not okay. If you work at a chain pet store. Again, I am not talking about a single specific pet store here okay. Well, I’m talking about PetShmo from my experience. But there’s other chain pet stores out there and every chain pet store has this problem. Over the near two years I worked there, we continuously received animals in awful condition okay. They were not in good condition at all. Now, I actually have no idea the actual direct source of these animals. There have been you know different rumors and speculations of the name of the breeders that supply the chain pet stores with animals. I don’t know for sure. I don’t know. They didn’t come in a box like labeled where they came from or something. They came from a dude that carted them in, dropped them off and left. So I don’t know exactly where these animals come from but I do know that wherever it is ain’t good. I can honestly say the only ones that I really liked the conditions of, from what I saw at the store, most of the time were the ferrets. I don’t know much. All I know is that they normally came in looking good. But the reptiles were in awful condition. So often, they came in super skinny. They came in with arms and limbs paralyzed. They came in, the snakes always were covered in mites. I did not like the conditions of the animals and This had nothing to do with our store, at all. Our store took excellent care of our animals. All other stores I’ve been to have also taken really good care of their animals. But they come sick. They arrive to the store in terrible condition very often. I won’t say more often than not because we did have a lot of healthy animals. But too often is my opinion, you know, they still came too often sick and not in good shape. So, if you’re going to work at a chain pet store. You have to understand that you are going to witness a lot of unhealthy animals, And you’re going to witness not just unhealthy animals from the breeder. But you’re going to witness a lot of people that come into the store and not take care of their animals to the fullest extent They’re going to want to buy, you know, the bird you have for sale, and they’re going to want to put it in a little tiny cage and you have to figure out if you can sell it or not like. So, there’s multiple reasons why if you really are avidly in love with animals, working on a chain pet store is just going to be like really rough on you. The thing that bothered me the most about reptiles specifically coming in in such bad shape was the fact that whoever these breeders are, they are sending their best animals to their buyers. They’re not going to send these businesses the worst looking animals because then guess what? Business is no longer going to want the animals from that supplier right? These breeders are sending us their best and their best looks like that and that is what is concerning to me because what does the worst look like then. I do like the fact that any animal that got sick had to see the vet within the first 24 hours. You know, if you see it’s sick it has to see the vet that day. But the fact that they had to come sick in the first place, that really bothered me. The next thing that bothered me is the stocking of the animals. When you work in a chain pet store, you are going to see an insane amount of “supply’ in the store. For example, generally in life, you want to keep one male mouse in a cage by himself and that’s it. Unless you neutered the mouse. He’s not going to do well with other male mice. They are going to fight very often. So, think about the fact that a male mouse is safest when he’s on his own unless he’s neutered. Didn’t realize the fact that they’re often 30 or more in one single 20 gallon tank at these chain pet stores It’s bad. The thing is I do understand that, you know, there’s okay 30 mice in one cage at a pet store But 10 people will come in a day wanting a mouse So I do understand the fact that you know they want to have that many because that’s how many get sold But I do think there should be other you know better standards for the care they undergo while being in the store, you know they shouldn’t be all put into one cage You know divide the cage just do something to just make it a little less awful for the animal. I mean, of course, that’s just the mice. There’s problems with each of the animals like that, that I’ve witnessed. You know, overstocking is pretty much for every animal at a chain pet store. They are severely overstocked and again that’s the supply and demand like they want to have that many because that’s how many end up getting sold. But they need to do it in a more humane way, in my opinion, they need to make the cages, you know. They need to divide up the cages. They need to separate them or they just need to keep a lower stock and just allow customers to like order them online and have them shipped to them. I don’t know. All I know is that they should not be in those living conditions for as long as they have to be in pet stores. It does lead to illness and death and it’s not good for the animals. It’s not. Ideally, like in my head I would like for these chain pet stores to do a thing where like they either have like weekly adoption events for all kinds of animals not just cats and dogs. In addition to that or instead of that, they have only so many of each animal in the store and if a customer likes them and they’re out or they’re running low, a customer can request for them to be ordered in. So, they only get exactly what is being requested But I do understand that if they did it that way. But the problem is if they did it that way they lose a lot of their impulse buys Okay, I said I only had two problems But I just thought of a third, and I need to include it and the third one actually is basically just about working there It’s not about the company in itself like the way the animals come or anything like that It’s just about this is the thing I hated about being employed there. Cuz most of the things I actually didn’t mind. I loved my co-workers, my managers for the most part were awesome. I thought everyone that I worked with loved animals. I loved speaking with them. I made some really good friends there. It was really good time. Many managers are going to play favorites about who can do what. Doesn’t matter you know what your skill set is. If they like one person more, they’re going to have one person do one job over another. You can get hired there even if you don’t know that much about animals. You can get hired at a pet store as long as you like animals and have a general understanding of how to take care of species like “hamsters eat food”. As long as you understand the concept of owning an animal and you love animals, you can get hired there. Which isn’t bad, but this is where the problem with that idea comes in. At the stores I worked with, it seemed a majority of the time, if you were a dude with big muscles You were the, you were the people on the floor. That was the floor team. If you were a guy that had any sort of ability to lift things, you were on the floor, you are working on the floor. And then I noticed that the people who don’t lift things and do a lot of heavy work, we’re on the register. Now when you’re on the register at these stores You aren’t allowed to like go out into the store and help customers. You have to make calls and have other employees go and help these customers while you sit in front of a register all day. Now, I would say that of the two years that I worked there nearly. About 70% of the time I was on the register. Now, if you know anything about me and my channel. I feel like I know a decent amount about animals. I feel like I can help customers if they had questions with any kind of animal care. I feel like I would be able to provide them with knowledge about how to take care of their animal to the fullest extent. That’s not how it worked in my store. Stood on the register and I checked people out pretty much always and whenever I complained about it. They would get really really mad at me and stop scheduling me. But though here’s why I bothered me. Here’s what here is why it bothered me. It wasn’t because I wasn’t the one educating people. It was because a lot of the time I knew so much more about the animals than the people on the floor So I would sit there and watch these other employees give really inaccurate information about animals and all I could do was ring the customer up when they were done I saw people sell guinea pigs in hamster cages together. I’ve seen some really stupid things at that store that I could have easily educated these customers about but it didn’t matter because they wanted the people who were able to lift heavy items and stuff on the floor and it kind of sucked. Now, let’s say you didn’t know something. Like someone comes up to you and says “hey, what’s the best cat food for my cat, who has bad joints” and you don’t know that answer. Other employees and managers would get so pissed off if you would have to go and direct the customer and give them over to the other employee like if you’re like, I don’t know but maybe this employee does know. They would be so mad. They were like don’t do that. You just you handle it. If you didn’t know the answer to something, you were literally supposed to give your best guess. And it kind of sucked because I couldn’t do that. I could not lie to them or make up or guess what I thought the best thing for an animal was like I wanted it to be right. So, no matter what, I would always go and find someone that I thought might know the answer better than me and to piss people off. Now again, I do I really do really really like the people I worked with *cough* for the most part. I did complain about the fact that I was always on the register and that I thought it was unfair. I had people tell me like “oh, it’s just cause you’re you know you’re cute nice and friendly and pretty” and I was like really you’re not gonna have me do things that I’m good at because of that. Really? So yeah it bothered me. But a part of me is understanding. A part of me does believe that I would have been on the floor more if they had a better staff Because the hours were all crazy and the hours that I had to work were hours where you know something’s actually had to get done That I can’t lift things. I can’t though. So, I’m understanding But I’m also kind of, kind of, kind of upset about it. Low key, high key. And those are my main complaints about working at a pet store and things you have to anticipate. It’s not like you’re going to go there and have some fun handling animals, and oh yeah, it’s so cute. It’s a lot of drama, a lot of stress, they pick favorites and you’re going to see some sick animals. Really really important to realize that people that work at pet stores are not vets. You can’t go there with every question you have and think they’re going to give you the right answer. Because they’re not. They’re not going to give you the right answer, more often than not they’re going to take a guess or tell you something that they read on the back of one of the products at the store They don’t all know what they’re talking about. Some do. I actually, I mean there are people in my store that knew what they were talking about. but (pause) a lot of people aren’t. Please, if you have questions about your animals, don’t go to the nearest pet store and ask okay. Go online, do your research, study an animal and actually really understand it before getting it. Don’t go to a pet store and point at an animal and say you want it and expect that these people are gonna help you out and be 100% accurate But with all of that being said, I would still go, I still want to go back to my main opinion is that I really liked who I worked with. I really thought the people I worked with cared for animals I don’t think people at pet stores hate animals I do think that they can be ignorant to animal care I do think that the store is in over its head, a very overwhelmed with a lot of animal care procedures, trying to balance business with, you know, humanely caring for animals in such a large scale is hard, and I see that. They’re having a hard time catching up. They’re playing catch up. That’s that’s why I’m making this video because I do think it’s important to avoid buying from pet stores because they do come from breeders. The animals from pet stores come from breeders that do not take care of the animals, and that’s the problem I understand that there will be exceptions you go in there you just have to see get one because oh my god it just there’s a connection and that’s okay like you can’t beat yourself up if it happens because it will happen sometimes, but avoid it. That’s all go to local pet stores, not chain pet stores, and that means you know stores that are family-run and stores that just don’t get these animals from mass chains because There’s a lot of problems with that. None of this is to say that I hate pet stores. I often buy products from there that I can’t find other places and I do think that the idea of a pet store is not bad, but the way they’re going about doing it is bad and I don’t think it’s intentionally bad. I don’t think the companies hate animals and just care about business I do thinks that these companies were created because people love animals and people. And that’s great. It’s great to love animals. Who doesn’t love animals? I mean, seriously. With all this being said, I again go back to my very original thing I said in this video is that I don’t want to come at this from an angry point of view where we’re all just like “oh my god I hate these companies. They are so evil. Let’s shut them all down”. No, because you know that’s not gonna do anything. It’s not. Yelling about it, complaining about it is not gonna do anything. It’s not nothing that’s going to change these companies are going to go “oh, that’s a few bad opinions, but look at all this money we’re making” Like it’s not going to make any difference. In my ideal goal about all this would not be that these companies get shut down and that they’re just no longer business or anything, it’s just that they change the way they do things or they focus more on animal supplies rather than supplying the actual animal themselves like there are ways that these companies can actually do really well. For example Petco and Petsmart, I believe both used to sell puppies from puppy mills and now they don’t do that anymore. Instead every week they have local adoption events from local animal shelters And they find millions of homes for puppies and kittens and things like that wouldn’t have homes and would be dead. So, there are ways that these companies can benefit like greatly to the community. I just think there are, they need to find some new ways to do things. That’s all. That’s my opinion and my experience about working in a pet store It wasn’t all fun and games. A lot of people want to go work there because they think it’s gonna be just so fun. But there’s gonna be ups and downs, and there’s gonna be a lot of issues it’s not gonna be perfect. But (sigh), Yeah, that’s my experience and Again, this is just all my experience and my opinion. You are more than welcome to have different opinions. I’m not saying that I’m the only right person in this scenario. Not saying every single pet store is exactly like this. I think it’s all different on the store to store basis. I think some stores are great and some stores aren’t so great and This was more about the company as a whole rather than like “every store is exactly like this” or something. So, anyway yes, thank you guys so much Petshmo, don’t sue me because I think y’all guys are pretty cool. It’s just you know y’all have some things you need to fix and that’s cool. I mean, we all have things to fix and that’s fine. And I was gonna say bye but now I’m like finding more things to say, so I’m gonna stop waving. Um, thank you guys so much for subscribing and being so patient with me through all of my medical problems and just off days and things like that that I’ve been having lately I will be posting more information about the giveaway on my pet world that I know y’all guys had a few questions that how it all works I will be making more videos that talk about how to do all of that Because I know some of y’all are still a little lost. But yeah if y’all didn’t know there is a giveaway I’m doing for my subscribers, so winner gets a 29 gallon bio cube. The sand, it’s brand new, and $250 of corals from Kingdom Aquatics and it’s all taking place on if you go watch my previous video about it kind of could see the rundown on things But yeah, that’s going to be fun, and I do have a lot of videos planned. It’s just a matter of feeling well enough to do them. So thank you guys for being patient with me and I hope y’all guys had a wonderful Christmas and have a wonderful rest of the holidays and for you know every I just thank you guys for being patient and thank you guys for being awesome cuz ya’ll guys are all so sweet It’s all so nice, and I love you all. Thank you. Bye. Bye


  1. My mom and dad own a family owned pet store and we get all our animals from local breeders and we do have puppy’s but they all come from local people and we usually don’t have to many for the reason we would never buy from puppy mill btw were are in Michigan

  2. I got my pet normal ball python from PetSmart and it (haven't sexed it yet) was very skinny so I took it home and now it is growing and eating while and is going through its first shed and I talked to my mom and she said I could get this on banana ball python which is ALMOST full grown and is a 10 GALLON TANK so I'm excited to get it I'm working hard for the money to get it BC the way it's being kept is making me mad yeas I have to pay for my own snakes and food etc. And I'm only 15

  3. One time a lady at a pet store told me a cockatoo had only seven breeding pairs and was illegal to ship away from america…..
    Ummmmm…. I'm not sure that's true…..
    Edit: it was a blue eyed cockatoo, there isn't anything I found that said they had seven pairs, they are rare though!
    Another edit: also I wanna say it was 10,000 dollars

  4. Honestly, I never buy any live animals from any large pet store chains. It's never worth it, in my opinion – either the animal is sick/kept in bad conditions, or you're fueling a negative economy. Most reptiles you can get from reputable breeders, and most rodents I'd bet you can adopt from a local shelter, or also get those from a breeder.

  5. Honestly this has to be one of my favorite videos of somebody talking about petstores. You weren't completely "I HATE PETSTORES! THEY'RE AWFUL AND EVIL!" Etc, etc. You were very straightforward about everything and gave valid points about the breeders that supply the animals. I myself prefer going to a breeder personally for animals but I honestly don't mind going to the petstore every once and awhile.

  6. Once i went to pet supplies plus, there were three gerbils, i new someone would by one or two and leave someone left behind, the problem is more consumer than the managers.

  7. In the city I live in, we have an absolutely AMAZING pet store. Their animals are in excellent condition and the owner and employees are all animal enthusiasts and will take care of their animals to the fullest extent. I feel like the best part about it is where they get their stock. They buy from LOCAL BREEDERS! My city has a huge exotic animal community full of breeders that have a vast knowledge of how to breed and care for animals. My local pet store is so so so so so amazing and I feel comfortable buying animals there. I’m so appreciative that I have a good locally owned pet store near my home.

  8. Very frustrating that you took your personal experience and gave a blanket statement about “most pet stores”… I love where I work, its great.

  9. God to pet..smog looks at fish DEAD DEAD DEAD alive I buy dead man wants me to gat a $100 dollar tank goes to good pet store ps I knew it was good because I got a fish there that lived to 3 years wow! Hess what all the fish have better colours! All the fish are LIVING! Wow a alive fish. I know it sounds like I'm being harsh but they deserve it. PS you are not a bad person if you work there. If you abase the animals too you are a bad person.

  10. I got my first hamster at Pet….shmo. It was one of the biggest regrets of my life after I found out what Petshmo REALLY was. I loved the hamster though, she was my baby. But I wished I could have rescued her instead of supporting the chain pet store. But at least I did my research and gave her the best life possible! 700 sq. in, 10 in wheel, great quality food, fresh veggies, chew toys, 6 inches of bedding!

  11. I love how she found a way to tell us it was Petco without TELLING us it was Petco. ( used all caps because i forgot how to do bold. does anybody with a chromebook know?)

  12. As someone who works at a Petco, I just want to give y'all hope that some stores are more reliable than others! My store has an incredibly educated staff, and we have only a handful of designated people who are allowed to sell live animals. We always make sure that they go to capable and fully researched homes, for our reptiles, small animals, and fish! We also check each animal that comes in from our supplier, and we only accept animals that are 100% healthy. Working there has been my favorite job by far, and it is such an incredible place to work!

  13. I go to a really great petco in Oregon and they take amazing care of their animals I've gotten all my pets from their they've all been healthy and the people there are nice and know their stuff

  14. Yeah, but if you don’t buy the animals in the pet store, who’s gonna buy them? Because then they stay there forever, and like you said, the employees don’t always know what they’re doing. 😥

  15. When I still interned at a pet store in the Netherlands, one of my co-workers actually sold a mouse to a person who was under the influence of drugs. He didn't even have a cage, he didn't even knew how to take care of it, he was just gonna hold it in his jacket and that's it. I got really upset at seeing that but there was nothing I could do about it. Interns have no say in this kind of thing and it makes me so upset. Most pet stores here are really upsetting when it comes to "quality", whether it be the animals or the service they provide. There was also a time where a customer brought back a rat because it was sick. My co-worker gave it medication but it didn't get better. They were about to snap her neck and throw her with the garbage. I stepped in however, took her in, gave her some medication and she was better within a week. They almost killed a perfectly normal rat for no reason whatsoever aside from "it takes up space and too much medication and time." Not to mention, one of the owners knew jack shit about animals and I had to tell him how to take care of some of the animals that HE sold. It's just so upsetting, really.

  16. When I went to pet shmo i was looking for ball pythons and there was two males together and one as half dead cause they didn’t feed them either

  17. I'm currently at Petschmo and tbh I actually really enjoy the job. Of course I do have my complaints (mostly about animal care, but unfortunately all I can do is try my best to do right by the animals while not completely disregarding policy) but overall my store is pretty awesome.

    I hate that you were on register so much. We try to mix it up and make it so everyone has to do a little of everything. My bosses are also aware of which associates are knowledgeable and which aren't so that does play a part in who is on the floor but it's not based on favorites. It's based on who really knows about animals and who can truly help customers.

  18. I was just at a pet store and I asked to see the ball python and the girl said that he would need a 20 gallon tank when he was young I knew she was right about that but then she said that when he got older it would need a 75 gallon tank and could go a month without eating…I don’t think that’s right and she seemed really pissed off because I held it for five minutes and it seemed like she wanted to leave

  19. Omg I went to a pet shop called pet supplies plus and they had a cat missing a eye and there ginepigs had chunks of fur missing and there eyes where all sworlen

  20. I know, when i bought my hamster, I had done 1 year of research beforehand and even hand measured the amount of floor space in the cage, the guy in the pet store told me that I could not at any point hold my hamster since it was a dwarf hamster. I confronted him about this because it is a common misconception. Dwarf hamsters are generally more shy than Syrians, but are still completely able to be held and played with. He then showed me a TINY cage that was clearly labelled: Temporary hamster cage. I also told him that this was far too small and any hamster would be miserable living in this. A 34-year-old man who was a pet store employee, was confronted by a 10 year old. It honestly shocked me how little these workers knew about animals they were selling and how many people must go home with a pet that they have been given completely the wrong info on.

  21. I used to volunteer at a pet store,my coworkers were very educated and friendly,all of the animals were given proper food and water,had giant cages,we also had a vet and a groomer in there that were also educated and friendly.

  22. One time a lady from pet shmo told me to FEED MY GUINEA PIGGIES AN ORANGE A DAY
    I was like oh hell no you did not just advise me to do that
    Like if you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t tell someone to do something
    I’m so glad I didn’t listen

  23. What kills me is seeing puppies or kittens in the windows of a shop. I don’t see so much of it here in London – but I have seen so many abroad – and it’s horrible. It’s even worse that people see them and think ‘awww so cute I should get a puppy’ It’s not cute it’s scary for them and owning a cat/dog requires lots of knowledge.


  24. Petshmo is literally a joke . You say they see a vet etc and I’m not saying you’re wrong but the one near my place had baby guinea pigs and since I had an existing herd I want their teddy female they were selling and AFTER I purchased her I realized she had a hernia growing on her abdomen . When I called them they said I could sell her back or they could give a coupon for banfield (also shit ) , and when I asked what they’d do if I sold her back they said they’d just put her back up for sale . They said she’d get “proper care for her hernia “ …. I sold her back and came in a week later and asked to hold her (different staff) and she STILL had the hernia ! That was the last time I ever bought another single thing from petshmo .

  25. I once went to a petshmo and there were probably about 10 hamsters in a small cage and about 6 of them were obviously sick and when I brought it up to one of the employees they said nothing about it . I love animals so much and it was just so awful

  26. I've been in a local Petshmo location, and heard a girl who worked there, give inaccurate info about ferrets, about a year ago. I went up to the fellow customers and corrected what she said. Wasn't trying to tear the person down, but I wanted to show them they need to get educated if they are gonna be around animals they are trying to sell.

  27. "The breeders supply their best animals to the store" Gurl, the best animals get sold to people directly, pet stores get the ones no one wants. Pet stores wouldn't be able to sustain themselves financially if they bought the best animals for high prices. No one would randomly buy a 2000$ snake. It's too much. a 40$ snake on the other hand is something someone who dosn't know what their doing will consider – as most people who shop in these stores are.

  28. I don’t think Petco is a terrible store. I got a hamster for my birthday in August from there. He only lived three month. But when I go into petco the animals seem in good shape. I’ve done my research and know so much about hamsters and what they tell me in very accurate. Sometimes it’s off but I know what right and not. I recently got a new long haired hamster but he is so vicious. I’m very scared of him and don’t know how to tame him. In petsmart there are so many dead animals. Fish, reptiles ect.

  29. My local Petsmart is horrible. I went there with my mom because she was buying toys for her Dog. I started talking to an employee in the Reptile section, and since I had just recently got my Crested Gecko I asked her about theirs. She said she didn't know much about Reptiles in general, and that I probably knew more than her. She made that assumption based on her lack of education, because at that point she didn't know I keep Reptiles myself.

  30. I got our Leo from a local exotic pet shop and he had less knowledge than Petshmo…..🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I had known ahead of time.

  31. what you were saying was true i was at petsmo and was asking about the hamsters and the worker there said. oh they can live in a 5 gallon to 10gallon tank thats huge for any hamster. and then the next time i went thir she said to get a gold fish and if you do it can live in a BOWL!!

  32. My local pet store, petbalu, does know what they’re talking about luckily and their animals look healthy and in good condition

  33. “I will literally want to jump off a cliff if that happens, but no big deal”

    I find that really funny

  34. When I started watching this video I got really mad because I didn’t like your posting schedule and how it was so inconsistent. But then I went to your video talking about how you were always sick as a kid and all of your medical issues. And now, I’m so mad at myself because I was mad at you in the beginning of the video for saying that you were sick and you couldn’t post because you were tired. I love you so much and I respect that you took a break from YouTube for a little while to take care of yourself!!!💓💟

  35. was actually in pet schmoo lol other day getting supplies for my tree frogs cuz my normal small pet shop was out after putting in some new reptiles he did great job with cages btw,used terrariums n adequate sized aquariums. Anyways 1 of the employees was helping a mother n daughter get a turtle and he told them the turtle needed 24hr lights!? now im no expert even though own a veiled chameleon and some red eyed tree frogs but doesnt sun always go down anywhere in world? Then of course he walked them towards the kits as always do 2 get commission…do they even train these kids at all 2 understand or ask if they have background n question their understanding at least randomly?

  36. Pets are super profitable. Especially reptiles. I love reptiles and I want a whole room of them! But working for PetSmart showed me that so many people leave with little information and most of the information they leave with is completely outdated.
    If you want to be profitable, be honest and dont over sell shit that customers dont need or vice versa. It's so frustrating. Pets require constant product and/or food. You WILL make money……. if you're honest with your customers

  37. I work at a store called Pet Supplies Plus and we are told we have to keep hamsters together, our lizards are kept together when they shouldn't be, and our birds are crammed in tiny cages. It breaks my heart but I can't quit because I can't find another job.

  38. In England it’s not the best but at least the ones I go to they house around 2-3 hamsters in a cage which again isn’t the very best but better than like 20 or 30

  39. Lol, im a fellow Ex-associate of "PetShmo", 9yrs of dedicated to that cooperation and I can honestly say seen it all. Id never, ever personally purchase an animal from them (seeing how they care for them and where they come from, not to mention the profit they try to make on them:/). The upper management was a Joke. Too much nepatism, sexual harassment, greed, etc. I started as a cashier worked my way up to ASM after only 2years. Left a week away from being GM. I feel for anyone who works there. I worked in L.A, so south west region

  40. One time I was buying fish at– Petco and he poured my fish in a bag soooooo roughly and later my fish died (probably from being thrown in a bag ) now it was late I understand tbeywere closing but it's NOT Okay

  41. At my petshmo, my experience was definitely way different.
    For example if one of us has a question we will ask over the headset. If no one knows, I tell them I don't know but to go online and do their own research.

  42. I used to know a breeder of guinea pigs (cavies) she actually sent her WORST animals as she only wanted show worthy animals so anything that didn't turn out the right coloring etc went to a pet store, so not all breeders of animals send their best to stores they actually try to get rid of their worst (in their opinion). But hopefully a very loving person will come along and consider that animal their best to them and give it lots of love. I'm not saying I agree with the breeder but it literally was nothing to do with me, it's just something i was told.

  43. I work at Petshmo too! I hate it, i love my team and some customers and animals but i hate the conditions they have the animals in! Also selling habitats that are way!!! Tooo small like wtf how do you claim to care about animals but sell habitats that people are most likely to buy for their small animals

  44. Here is a POSITIVE experience at my pet store since we need some of it. I got my guinea pig and he was in good condition. The worker that helped me was very well educated and well experience. She had clearly done her research and I did mine so my experience went very smoothly! My guinea pig is living a wonderful life and I hope this makes the comment section better 😀

  45. I work for PetSmart and these are the same issues we have. I have an abundance of animals that I have been working with and have raised for years, and most of my time with the company has been on the register. We hire people that will literally tell a customer "I don't know the answer to your question." This is where these people should ask and learn. We have had bearded dragons and chameleons come into the store in bad condition(not PetSmart's fault) and unfortunately the managers do play favorites.
    So I completely understand everything you've discussed.

  46. pet stores in america are wild, in my country they only sell hamsters, gerbils, mice, fish, birds, bunny's and guinea pigs. as far from what i've seen tho

  47. Usually when I go to the petstore to look for food for my hedgehog a take my time looking at ingredients and employees always come to me asking if i need help and when i’m like yeah sure their favourite thing to say “People usually buy…” then i go to see the product and the ingredients are just awfull.

  48. Lucky for me that when my dog needs something, (if its something im not educated about yet) i will do my research, and go to the store knowing exactly what need, so i rarely ask anything to employees.
    Im EXTREMLY picky with what i give my dog, cause i want to make sure he is healthy and happy.
    The only thing i ask about to employees, are about prices( if i cant see then anywhere), so i already if im gonna pay with card or cash.

  49. I really doubt you'll be destroying Pet Co. I am so amazed at how much you are always the victim. Wow… imagine if you had to work and not make money off being a victim to the mindless YouTube generation. And, I doubt you'd actually get as sick from touching flour as you got from injecting heroin into your hand, neck… Wow…

  50. I know I. Have been to my local Petco and only q couple know anything and are actually good but that's better than nothing I guess . And our PetSmart is not to bad . But we're getting a petland and I will never go there .

  51. So this would be why they wouldn't let me help take care of the animals then cause i would have freaked out. I didn't work at "Petshmo" very long lol. They refused to let me get trained in animal care. They kept me on register up by the cats for adoption, when I'm allergic to cats. I had to quit because I literally couldn't breathe.

  52. I have a chain pet store near me (gonna call it pet house)

    But Pet House have about 3 hamster cages, and about 7 hamsters, the animals are all seperate (maybe in 2 or 3) and look healthy, i only bought a syrian dwarf hamster (she was evil) but thats cuz im a terrible pet owner

  53. I work at a pet store and have been for 2 months. Training consists mostly on how to do things rather than about the products or animals. Have been working 2 months and I honestly rarely now about most things so when a costumer asks me a question I don’t know, I politely explain to them that I don’t know much about it (unless it’s about cats since I have one) and that I will get them another employee to help them. To anyone who works at a pet store, how do you recommend getting to know everything about animals?

  54. I got my snake from petsmart, i never would ever want to buy any animal from petsmart, and i never was even when i was very little, far before i gotten my snake even. I've always known that the workers there were never educated. anyway, I was going in there for some new stuff for my dog, when i saw the reptiles i wanted to hold one since my parents and i were ready to buy anyway. i knew i wasn't going to buy one from there, until i held the pueblan milk snake they had there, which is now my snake pebbles, they had him there for about two years and no one wanted to buy him, so i knew it came the time for me to rescue this snake from being cooped up in a literal 5 GALLON enclosure. he was large and couldn't even stretch out to his fullest length. they told me that his growth is "stunted" for being kept in there for so long, and they "couldn't find" a new and bigger enclosure for him, I got him for free since they had him for so long, and they told me some false information, which i knew wasn't true. He also came with health problems and couldn't shed correctly at all. so practically i saved my beautiful snake and gave him the best enclosure I could possibly give. and is much healthier (shedding correctly, eating proper mouse size) and is the correct size for his age.

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