N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un kicks off 2020 by paying respect to regime’s former leaders

after North Korea announced 10 years day
they will boost its economic and military power to stand up against
international sanctions the regime has reported on how its leader Kim jong-un
kicked off the new year meanwhile US president Donald Trump says despite
recent threats from the north he still trusts Kim to keep his promise he has
more the North Korean leaders first public activity in 2020 paying tribute
to the former leaders of the regime Pyongyang see run Korean Central News
Agency reported Thursday that Kim jong-un visited the Kumsusan Palace of
the Sun and paid his respects to his grandfather and the regime’s founder Kim
Seong as well as his late father Kim jong-un on the occasion of starting a
new year top North Korean officials accompanied him including Trudeau hey
the first vice chairman of the North State Affairs Commission and Kim de Leon
the premier the visit comes after North Korea released an outline of what its
new path will be through the results of its ruling party central committees
plenary session airing a one-hour video about the session instead of Kim
jong-un’s usual New Year’s address the North said it’ll confront international
sanctions through self-reliance and achieve self-support and economic
development it added it will continue developing strategic weapons which are
believed to be nuclear weapons and ICBMs Kim jong-un’s remark at the meeting that
there’s no reason for North Korea to be shackled to its promise of halting
nuclear and ICBM tests any more because the US has responded with military
drills and brought new weaponry into South Korea to most of the attention
while this prompted many to speculate the North will break its moratorium of
weapons tests u.s. President Donald Trump is still showing trust in Kim
insisting he’s a man of his word he stressed that he and Kim signed an
agreement about denuclearization at their first summit in Singapore and he
believes the North’s leader will stick to his words Oh jung-hee Arirang news

4 Replies to “N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un kicks off 2020 by paying respect to regime’s former leaders

  1. They want Kim to keep his promise while the USA sits back and provides nothing in return. If Kim did keep his word then the US would be able to drum up some other story about North Korea being a threat and invade it without fear of nuclear retaliation.

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