100 Replies to “Nat’l Security Adviser: Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign against Iran is working

  1. great guy. From the UK you poeple look powerful with a great leader.
    Love to America the protector of us all.
    looking forward to a closer relationship after leaving the EU
    making the west stronger.

  2. Don’t try and spin this as being Trump’s fault! Our military is different from Iran’s military. Unlike the Iran’s military, the US Military won’t pull the trigger until the target has been identified. 
    This only confirms just how much Iran is out of control with their destructive terrorism. This needs to STOP! 
    Iran needs to do what has been right from the get go, they need to become a peaceful Nation to the world!
    They have an obligation to their people to become a partner among the community world, seeking peace and prosperity for their people.
    After forty years of their terror rampage, history is proof that terrorism doesn’t work! 
    Let this be a turning point in bringing peace in the Middle East and around the world. It’s a win/win for all if this can be achieved!

  3. The US Govt dont have a clue as to how to deal with Iran, nor do they understand the Iranian culture. Iran will never cave.

  4. This conversation is funny… the interviewer seems so angry, he don't agree with the answer,.. why don't you interview yourself, so you'll have the answer that you'll agree with.
    .😅…will you let him finish his answer…

  5. So those whom you physically see as elected representatives aren't the old one's but your cloned/robonated-FISA ones of the concubines lord Lucifer dynasties. How amazingly WONDERFUL COUNSELOR PRINCE MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL KING🤴🏻Y'SHUA THE GREAT EL🤴🏻ÈLYON in work against the fallen rebellious. Twisted public hearings to which drones sensitive to react.

    But the real ones are in the alternate reality of LORD🤴🏻OF🕎HOSTS that just you witnessed in the realm of JEWISH🕎GOD🤴🏻YAHWEH HIS SON🤴🏻 Y'SHUA the President🤴🏻Commander-in-chief of USA🇺🇸ISRAEL🇮🇱GREAT BRITAIN🇬🇧 and kept counter filing to downing these concubines FISA electronics telemedia elite drones world. See the highest level of crime's committed by the concubines kingdoms to have power-authority-money as their GREED-WICKEDNESS of which is from their lord Lucifer the 👹Satan.

    So killing/murdering elders to get political seat/positions to grab power, to escape from Law/Judgment punishment these called people representatives going cloning/plastic surgeries/FISA-Optical fiber-telecommunications installation's and wining by human hacking voting systems. So there must be telecom jammers at election booths which won't interfere with voting machines. Different frequencies proof SHEILD CYBER CRIMES COMISSIONARATE COMMAND to have Democrat votings under Civil-Vigilance-Intelligence-Police security.

  6. 'Why don't people see that , YES Iran may be MORE aggressive for now from this, but this is something that should have been expected & Im sure it was, but this is just a case of them "KICKING & SCREAMING" just like when you take a toy away from a child . These are STAGES of things that we need to expect, as IRAN will realize eventually .Our President has made it CLEAR These TACTICS will NOT be tolerated nor should they be & the ONLY thing our Gov. along with other Gov. around the world wants is diplomacy ,which should lead to a more peaceful environment in the middle east & around the WORLD . There is a SOLUTION awaiting them , NOBODY can drag them to the negotiating table & for their leaders to even think that TERROR is the answer is simply showing us what type of regime we are dealing with . I HOPE as these stages unfold the natural progression will be for Iran to realize they have a GREAT opportunity to regain it's people's TRUST back and control of it's country in a PEACEFUL & FINANCIALLY thriving FUTURE , DIPLOMATICALLY . The President has made it CLEAR they need to take the next step ~ ! This will not only benefit US it will GREATLY benefit Iran & it's bordering nations and the ENTIRE WORLD . Let's PRAY for IRAN to negotiate for PEACE ! GOD BLESS AMERICA , OUR PRESIDENT & THE WORLD !

  7. I totally agree with President Trump's decision to not brief the "Gang of Eight" before the military strike against Soleimani. I wouldn't trust Adam Schiff who is a part of the the "Gang of 8" under any circumstances.

  8. Nothing wrong with putting tough questions to govt reps. Everyone should welcome it.

    You wouldn't want to see the love fest that was Obama's term now would you? Occasionally there may have been a hard ball question or 2 to Hil especially after Benghazi and email-gate but otherwise media were lapdogs for a long time. What is annoying is when a hard hitting question doesn't strike the desired blow and they repeat the same thing childishly over and over til you almost expect to hear, "I know you are but what am I?". It's obvious when opinion enters the equation. Granted most talking heads are opinion based analysts but push their shows as real news.

    If you're going to consume mainstream media you should get a little bit from several sources, if nothing else to watch which actually ask questions and then let the guest answer and which guests actually answer questions rather than spout off talking points.

  9. Bernie Sanders, 46th President of The United States, (2021-2029)

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 47th President of the United States (2029-2037)


  10. that feeling when you click on a Fox video and it's got Chris Wallace presenting. He is awful and does nothing but lie

  11. Wallace is a closet dem, he should be taken out of the closet and hung to dry, fire him, and Juan and Harf have to go as well!!!!

  12. Chis' reasoning defies logic every time. I really think that he believes that he is working for the other networks. His arguments are generally shrouded in suspicion of his loyalty to true journalism. I think he should go back to school.

  13. Why in the hell can’t people understand that imminent threat does not mean they know the exact place/time? If they did it would have been too late to do anything about it. And, besides who cares?? We killed a bad guy, additional reasons shouldn’t have been necessary. Trump does not let the public know all the national security details, especially beforehand. There is no reason he should. He’s not like Obama, getting up at a press conference and announcing where, how and when the U.S. is going to take action.

  14. Image if the pope authorized the firing of missiles at people. This is 2020, not the middle ages. The ayatollah needs to step up and be a true example to his faith and seek peace, love and wellbeing for all.

  15. Iranian officials are smart enough to play off the liberal snowflakes in this country who are apologizing for doing the right thing.

  16. They've got to cut the f**** leash babak like a big turd just what you are your dragon the entire world down and set it on fire

  17. Typical human behavior. When your country is dirty with 20% of drugs addicts and racists then you go to other countries to give the same misery not to be alone. Who makes their own population an addict and then you need Mexicans to do the job, but blame them for taking your jobs. The US is brainless, please stay home clean your backyard and stop polluting this planet. Once the US is clean again then you can try to help the rest of the world, but as long as US is the biggest drug-hole so stop saying things about other countries.

  18. The dems think climate change is an imminent threat but that won't happen for 12 years. Trump is an imminent threat and must be removed from office but Pelosi still holds the articles. What is their definition of imminent? Was Bin Laden an imminent threat when Obama gave the order? Hypocrisy continues on the left.

  19. Donald Trump is a disaster, the most stupid president, he must have lost his mind , America bullied so many countries and it's gonna hit back at them, I hope so.

  20. It’s funny if Trump turned around and wanted to leave Iraq everybody would be up in arms that we’re Not protecting the Iraqis. Just like when we wanted to pull out of Syria. Chris keeps talking about the sovereign nation that we put this government in power. The problem is is the vote for us to leave is like the Democrats and impeachment. It’s not fully supported by the whole government but more so one party that many of these individuals were part of the problem before we arrived.

  21. america pulled out of the deal, america imposed sanctions, america assassinated the general. IRan is not the only one who needs to stand down.
    america is doing everything it can to provoke a war to get trump reelected. 168 innocents dead due to american actions

  22. america pulled out of the deal, america imposed sanctions, america assassinated the general. IRan is not the only one who needs to stand down.
    america is doing everything it can to provoke a war to get trump reelected. 168 innocents dead due to american actions

  23. america pulled out of the deal, america imposed sanctions, america assassinated the general. IRan is not the only one who needs to stand down.
    america is doing everything it can to provoke a war to get trump reelected. 168 innocents dead due to american actions

  24. Chris Wallace always sounds like he's halfway through chewing a big bite of sandwich every time he talks. It is supremely irritating. Chris, could you please stop taking bites of food every time the camera pulls away?

  25. So trump tries starting a war, a US base was attacked in retaliation making our soldiers hide in cover but trump gets himself to another rally and golfs?
    Did I get that right?

  26. Wallace, this is why you are a reporter not part of the administration….and i use the title reporter loosely..don't seem to get it

  27. Chris Wallace is just another lying Democrat, or a Republican in name only. Even in this interview he twists Trump's works with Laura Ingraham.

  28. It's interesting that the Democrats singled out and want to protect Iran from President Trump. Iran probably doesn't have to negotiate yet because they probably still has cash left over from Obama.

  29. Why is Wallace asking tough questions? You’re in an echo chamber! Tow the line or go to CNN if you’re gonna be a real journalist

  30. Two thirds of Trumps sycophantic base are way too stupid and "THICK" to realize when "The Donald" is lying and making up a new reality! The remaining one third don't care and actually encourage corruption from this poser POTUS! America is going to HELL with Trump at the wheel!!!

  31. how many americans has iranians killed on american soil? the only way to be killed by an iranian is to visit there country or be deployed by the military…iran is no threat just like north korea and russia…china is the threat to our economy…the REAL threat is immigration…its all fear tactics to divert from americas open borders and the flooding of third world throwbacks..the biggest threat to america and its citizens are the stalinist democrats and the fascist fake news medias.. how many americans has mexico/drug cartels killed? how many americans have been killed by sanctuary cities and stalinist democrats who protect illegal alien criminals over americans, and the fascist fake news who covers up the crimes of illegal alien criminals! how many kids of politicians and hollywoood weirdos have been killed by sanctuary cities, mexico drug cartels, and all the middle east wars? 0….these stalinist democrats and fascist fake news medias hate americans and this country so much they now defend terrorists over americans. think about that. do you want these stalinist lunatics running this country?

  32. So when we don’t say about the eminent threat you complain that we didn’t tell you anything but when we tell you some details you complain that we’re telling you the details you Democrats you worthless people

  33. Chris….I could have predicted exactly what you would ask from your small minded ….Judgmental ….mind. Your too predictable any more. Go to work for CNN . You will be much happier !

  34. Do not rush to judgment. There are sources indicating foreign intelligence services intentionally cut off signals from airplane and instead broadcast it as an incoming missile , thus the mistake to shot it down. If true blame goes back to Isreal, USA or other parties involved. Further these are all to be blamed on Trump for starting it all following his boss’s order from Isreal.

  35. There is no such thing as sanction . All the members of tyranny regime have access to many international facilities and those sanctions just are targetting innocent people. sadly enough for humanity and mundane people.

  36. Look at who was being briefed. I wouldn’t trust some of those briefed with the true intelligence! They leak and twist just like the interviewer. The Ambassador did a great job.

  37. This is looking great… Trump killed Itzhak Ben Zvi….. David Ben Gurion next? That is all that would be better……


  39. Nothing more than a diversionary tactic from the impeachment case. What about the rest? The wall? Still Not built. Tax reform? benefits the rich and punishes the American worker. Foreign policy? A Desaster. Trump is the most incompetent president ever, a liar and a true shame for the United States.

  40. Let's stay the Hell out of;

    Foreign Invasions…

    Foreign Occupations…

    Economic Sanctions…

    Trade Embargoes…

    Wars for Oil…

    Wars of Aggression…

    Wars of Attrition…

    Wars of Subsidization…

    They're NOT our causes to fight and they're NOT our Wars of Choice to fight, that's the Military Industrial Complex's…

    the Corporations…

    the War Profiteers…

    and AIPAC's mess to clean up, NOT the American Citizenry and the American Taxpayers. WHY DON'T WE MIND OUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS!!!

  41. The greatest scam ever..
    1. They never wanted this to go to the senate, that is why there were no high crimes mentioned, they knew it would die quickly there.
    2. Their only goal was to make the president look bad and give him that title that he was impeached.
    3. Nancy , Adam and Nadler could never take the chance that if it got to the senate, they would be forced to testify.
    4. This is all an act now. They are all dancing with joy in the back rooms thinking they tricked him.
    5. Buttttttttt, they could be wrong….maybe, just maybe , the President wants a trial and they are all going to be dragged in clawing and screaming…just maybe.

  42. This was the latest tweet my the moron in chief,it's hard to believe that this clown who tweets like a schoolgirl is running the country ,more like ruining it .
    "Really Big Breaking News (Kidding): Booker, who was in zero polling territory, just dropped out of the Democrat Presidential Primary Race. Now I can rest easy tonight. I was sooo concerned that I would someday have to go head to head with him!"

  43. This sad episode reminded me when the US shot down an Iranian civilian plane and nothing happened, US simply said oh well, and that was the end of that. Today it was Iran's turn.

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