Natti Natasha On Her Move to the Bronx and Break Into the Music Industry

when I moved from the Republic I think it was something that I was thinking about for a long time it's probably like one of the craziest things anyone did in my family probably now I would have looked back I was like what are you doing but at the moment it felt so so real it was what I had to do if I really wanted to pursue this and I said well it's now or never I got to New York and it was such a huge plate everything was their friend I didn't have a job I didn't have a place to stay and I didn't have my family there so it was like I'm leaving what I have for sure for something that no one is going to help me with it was very time I got my foot in the door with the music industry in New York I started doing little highlights here and they're not getting paid at all not one thing but it was for me it was more about me I'm here one of the producers I know from Santiago I guess he had heard I was like a studio from Studio really struggling and he was like what Natalia I'm here in New York and if you want to come record here any day you can back in the day there were very few girls if at all doing urban music she always had I would say a sweetness about her it was definitely not what you would usually see or hear the first time it's nothing it was really like a fan everywhere Rico I love reggae music and she had that that whole vibe in her voice Gouri make us she worked with Don Ally for a while she had a you know a hit as as his featured artist and then she didn't do anything for several years it was definitely harder being a girl in the industry but sometimes you have to struggle and you have to work harder to actually enjoy what you start getting and the results she showed that you really don't give up and that you can find your path if you patient that confidence came I don't really know where it came from I don't think you ever know where that comes from I've always said you need something get away from your comfort zone to actually get new things in life there was one thing about the Bronx and about New York everyone believed in something and they actually pursued it there was nothing like going crazy for whining that I saw a city full of dreams and full of dreamers and that made me go for more you go in the studio at two o'clock in the afternoon and you come out at five o'clock in the morning a lot of sleepless but it all

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