70 Replies to “New York law aims to kill ‘secret’ luxury real estate deals

  1. they don't give a s*** about their name getting out there people are from freaking Ford countries and their jacket up are real estate prices to drive the average person out of the area odds are there Chinese

  2. Living in a city I couldn't imagine the misery I would have to wake up to every day just to walk out my door and hate living

  3. What the liberals don't realize is if they keep pissing off the rich and making things hard then the rich will simply up and leave and take their money with them.

  4. Trump won’t let it happen.
    He has way too much luxury real estate in NYC and there’s no way he’s gonna let anyone screw with his cash cow.

  5. 😂 the deep state just needs to move to the suburbs, Watch the Chinese just start buying whole subdivisions in the Midwest.

  6. Ok ladies . This new law will help stop black money from other countries being invested into New Yorker real estate . So it is a good thing

  7. The fact is most of the luxury real apartment  and home owners in NY are Foreigners. Most of them are  from China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Canada, Germany, French, Italy and Qatar. Chinese are the biggest one.

  8. 12% & 5%
    Real estate business underground LLC's involved in retails. What did Mayor Bill De Blasio done?

    So these illegal real prostitution is majority Democratics sanctuary silicon valley's. Sexual immorality by ladies owner's Dolly and Jenny. Kind of family business.

    Is that about homelessness?
    Or California passing rental coupon's? These two women made diamonds from their housing to condo's business and Maria also bought one. Hmmm 🤔.

    Housing is 🍼🍯🍩
    Condo's is 🍌🍒

  9. I am shocked at the majority of these comments.. The reason they put in an LLC is for money laundering.. she just said that a 3rd of the condos are being bought by the Chinese. They are bidding up the prices that will ultimately trickle down to you. They aren't making new land…..sorry , I dont have sympathy for people selling multi million dollar condos..

  10. Every American should registervas a corporation or LLC. It is idiotic that psychopaths have all of our personal data, and expect that only they deserve anonymity…dopes.

  11. People and their wealth will go where they are treated best.
    If socialists were financially literate, then there would be no socialists.

  12. There is no such thing as "unintended consequences"; they either planned it or were too stupid to see it coming; either way, throw out the rascals.


  14. Lololol, these plastic people crying about this makes me wanna laugh and vomit all at once. "The Chinese are not buying my gazillion dollar homes, waaah" 🙄 Yeah, ZERO sympathy from me.

  15. Saying that people may stock the owner is ridiculous. And so is the notion that these owners need privacy "cause they don't want the country they came from to know that they pulled the money out…"… Do you even hear yourself?

  16. Sad to see wealthy people burdened by SALTaxes, unfair! Sorry we regular people can't help subidise you through those tax deductions.

  17. That realtor on the far left has had some terrible plastic surgery. The , so called , leadership of NYC is corrupt, greedy, selfish, closed minded and down right criminal. Arrest them all. And move away from that sewer NYC.

  18. tell these socialist cities and states to cede from the U.S.A, then they can do all the communist agendas they want without any backlash from the rest of the country, then they will finally see the truth of it all.

  19. This is a good thing, who wants the Chinese buying more of America. The market was artificially inflated by these rich criminals, so it would be good for these markets to dive and good job. They might just come back to reality. LLC's hide a multitudude of crimes. it was clear that the Chinese buyers ruined Vancouver for the average person, housing became extremely unafforadable thanks to inflated Chinese dirty rich money. It is nice for the middle and upper class single child beneficiaries of China's wealth to have a western playground, they do love their Bollinger but crap for real people.

  20. Maybe not the actual name of the person, but any business association, country of origin, and national ties would be important to know.
    Foreign interests should not be able to invest more than 25% into an American entity.
    We don't need to know that Madonna bought a condo on the Upper-Eastside, but we do need to know she is an American and there are no FARA issues or conflicts of interests.

  21. Hiding money laundering drug money with NYC real estate. Gg

    Lmao about salt deduction.

    Yeah regular people cant use it anyway. But rich people complaining. Lmao.

    I would like income tax eliminated but since the elites won't do it. Putting them with us regulars is the only thing we can do.

    No loopholes for them until they stop abusing the us.

    The standard deduction increase was probably the best thing trump did.

    Except tax breaks for corps that did stock buybacks only smh.

    Repo pacylpse. Federal reserve QE infinity

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