Nighttime Hair Routine for HAIR GROWTH | Stimulate Slow Inactive Hair Follicles

hey guys I’m t’keyah if you’re not familiar
with my channel for all of my returning boos I’m back well my hair videos are back
finally it has been a little minute
I really didn’t want to come on here and make any hair videos until I got this
last haircut that I was waiting to get it’s really difficult trying to find a
natural hair stylist and I really didn’t want to go back to the same person I was to
before so it’s a struggle I thought the first hair video that I come back with
should be something that is going to be helpful for you guys
hopefully this hair video is going to be my nighttime natural hair routines but
it’s not just my basic nighttime natural hair routine I also have been making sure
that I’m incorporating different tricks in order to grow my hair back I
literally saw one of my old videos if you guys follow me on snapchat you know this
my hair I had inches and I just forgot how much I love my long fluffy
big braid out hair so I just want to also share some tips in order to promote
hair growth this is probably the number one question I get asked on my channel
how to grow your hair long how do you grow it big and I really did not want to
make a how to grow your hair long video until I grew my hair back long you feel me so let’s jump into it the first thing that I do after
I take my hair out of a bun which is one
of my favorite protective styles is it a but after I take my hair out of that I
like to detangle my hair I personally de tangle my hair on dry hair only I
damaged my curls before I got my cut and I realized that one of the things that I
was doing the culprit was detangling my hair with tools on wet hair this is my
favorite detangling brush in general but all of these bristles ripping
through your wet curls when your hair is weaker it’s just not good so that was a
no go for me that really messed up my curls like my hair was super super
damaged it was awful so I said I use my paddle brush and this is a Conair one as
you can see my thick ass hair broke the handles but I think I got this from
Walmart I just use this to detangle my hair I split into sections I
like the work in sections so detangling my hair when it’s dry has
been a game changer for my ends you guys the end is where for the most
part after your hair breaks that’s where your hair is the oldest so it’s drier is
more fragile and if you’re really trying to grow your hair you have to retain length
on the ends I had a huge issue with my ends getting super thin they thinned out a
bunch and it just looked so disgusting again that’s why I got my deva cut that’s another one of the reasons if you guys haven’t checked out those videos I
will link them down the description box so I wasn’t able my hair and then the
second thing that I do is I actually get my hair wet with warm water and I have
no property hair so that really helps to open up my hair cuticles so that it can
accept any moisture and any products that I layer on top of it after that for
me moisture is key it is he key to growing your hair to keeping your
hair from reading are usually we use a spray bottle but for some reason I just
didn’t want to fill it up so I was just actually getting my hands wet and then
wetting my hair another thing that I noticed is when my hair has water in it
it dries like it looks the best it flourishes and water is a plant you guys
so water has always been key for me and it has always been a part of my next
time seeing even if you check out my last one from two three years ago I
spray my hair with water at night and then I follow the next step we were
talking about moisture I said Moisture teeth my third step is to moisturize my
hair I am NOT someone who dishes out a lot of product with my moisturizer I
legit just stick to what I know the one that I’ve been loving lately at the Shea
Moisture Jamaican black castor oil strengthen grow and restore silent
lotion so we’re talking about growing your hair right if you guys know
anything about jbco it helps thicken your hair and it’s very sick but this
product does not think at all it’s creamy I guess I love this lotion so
this is what I’ve been using lately I’ve been using this for a while actually as
you can see it’s almost gone and it definitely does stimulate the scalp as
well because it has the peppermint units but this also has a terrace in in it
which I’m just now looking at keratin is great for strengthening your
strands so this isn’t working out I make sure to separate my hair in that section
and really get the product into everywhere my like middle section right
in here is dry is not loyal that section needs a lot of TLC so I make sure to get
the product in that general area for sure I doesn’t have to
in the past where I put my hair up into a style and because only really my edges
are going to show in the back I would only like to water and moisturize that
area you have to get the middle of your hair you have to get all of it if you
want your hair to grow if you want it to be strong so I like to take oil and pair
that with a scalp massage I do not do this every single night so keep that in
mind the oil that I am using right now that I’ve been using is the growth oil
by the main choice it stimulates slow and inactive hair follicles if you
damage your hair sun-bleached it chemically process relaxes all of that
that can affect your hair follicles this kind of helps nourish your scalp I could
put it in a color applicator bottle although it has this little spout it’s a
little bit too thick and too much oil comes out of it
I actually heat up all of my oil whenever I use oil I feed it up it is
going on my scalp the warm oil really helps open up the pores and also
stimulate the blood cells and also the act of massaging the oil into your scalp
also stimulates the blood cell and that helps with hair growth step 5 is to
braids at my hair I can’t really give you this is science but I miss you guys
but I have been breaking my hair for years because I know some of you guys
can’t French braid I decided to show you the two different
ways that I read my hair on one side I’m actually going to be doing the way that
I used to do it when I couldn’t French braid so I literally just lift that
section into three and i braid it off of my head like a loose raised you know
what I mean not a French braid so anyone should be able to braid at this point so
that’s elected on one side just to kind of show you guys that is not necessary
to French braid your hair as far as just maintaining you at night doing it off of
your head is totally okay and it was pretty cyclical for me growing up
have my hair in braids as well so it’s just a traditional thing it’s a cultural
thing and it’s something that truly truly truly works so on one side I just
move right in and on the other side is a French braid sometimes I feel like to
leave my hair wrapped under my pillow so that is a tip that is probably like the
best it that I can give you guys for remembering to wrap your hair at night
if you don’t already use like silk or satin pillowcases which is also a really
good idea I braided it and wrapped it I go to sleep and if I’ve done it well
enough and if in the morning my hair is not still wet
then it also doubles as a style for the next day which is a nice little braid
out and this whole process leave my hair super moisturizes wear shiny
since we’re bouncy like it bounces that this is a very minimal unique basic
routine that you guys can do at night to preserve your end your hair if you can
look dries and to grow your hair I really hope this video was helpful give
it a thumbs up if it was and make sure to check out my other videos my hair
thickening growing and damage to all those videos I listed down below I will
see you guys very soon Switchblade a interfaces the NSA I don’t know a chance

100 Replies to “Nighttime Hair Routine for HAIR GROWTH | Stimulate Slow Inactive Hair Follicles

  1. Why are you SSSSSSTILL using 'Shea Moisture ' products?  You see, we can have no power if we keep GIVING IT AWAY.  White people OWN Shea Moisture now.  They have also changed the formulas of the products.  They don't give  a damn about Black women's hair.  It's a move to CONTROL us and possibly harm us with their NEW FORMULAS.

  2. Loved the video! it was so helpful, and the next thing on my list now is to actually learn how to french braid! 😀 xx

  3. I can only achieve this with my hair blown out. I have too much shrinkage after I apply water. I wish I could apply water and braid my hair in two braids. It’s way too much and way too thick. And way too curly hence the shrinkage.

  4. Hi-Loved the video 🙂 Can I use the same routine if my hair is relaxed? that lotion you used looked like it would do wonders for my hair. my hair also has low porosity

  5. Oh my god when I heard her say “I detangle my hair dry” I started laughing 😂😂 that is legit the worst thing you can do for your hair

  6. when you put warm water on your hair before apply the product after you apply the product do you close it up with Cold water.

  7. My hair is only weak when wet when it’s relaxed /texturized. That’s normally what naturals experience so interesting to hear you say the opposite.

  8. You mentioned that you heat up your oil. This is totally incorrect and inappropriate for effective hair growth. I’m not a licensed cosmetologist or a beautician, however I do know that heating up oils decreases the benefits of the natural ingredients in the oil.

  9. Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don't know what to do. My hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should I do to regrow hair?

  10. Sweetie I wanted to know for the Carly hair growth oil can you use any kind of msm powder because I accidentally got one that said joint support and it said nothing about skin and hair. I've seen some that said joint support skin and head and the one that she uses is from a different country and it doesn't have much writing on the bag I asked her but she never replied to me

  11. Omg! Im so happy to see u leave your head scarf under your pillow. My grandmother taught me to leave my pajamas and head scarf under my pillow 😍

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    And God bless

  13. How do you moisturize nightly and not ruin your style? I want to moisturize, but i dont want to have to rewtist wet every night to maintain my twistout. is there any way around that? Ive been in alaska for a few years and my hair hasnt grown at all and my ends are trash 🙁 i just let it be dry and slap a wig on because im frustrated by crown breakage and everything else. so dry and itchy just 2 days after a wash.

  14. I am SO RELIEVED to have found your channel girl ! It’s been hard trying to find someone on YouTube with the same hair texture as mine. You are a true life saver lol. Thanks T’Keyah ☺️😊 #SUBSCRIBED

  15. I use the exact same methods in the same order heated oil and all but I use cool water on my hair as opposed to hot or warmer water.

  16. Hey, ik I shouldn’t rely on the hair type chart but I’m trying to figure out wat my hair type is and it’s the exact same texture as your’s so wats your hair type..?

  17. Hello. I'm transitioning now. I don't want to big chop. I will sub anyone who will sub me.

  18. My hair is FARRRRRR to short to put it in braids(French or loose) my hair goes off about 4 inches off my hair when it’s stretched (it goes up like alfalfa)

  19. wow, i just found ur channel, and i love how thorough u are! my hair is already pretty thick and has length, but I wanted to learn how to take care of it more, specifcally properly moisturizing it, and this video helped alot, thank you so much! 😊💕

  20. Girl! You just gained a new subscriber. You were definitely God sent. I love your simple yet effective routine. I'm a lazy natural who works full time and care for a toddler. I need simplicity. I too have LP hair so your routine is perfect for me!

  21. Just a little FYI : The braid that you did is called a cornrow, a French braid is the inside out cornrow, or what it would look like on the other side of the cornrow.

  22. My hair is really thin at the ends I think I need to cut it because it doesn’t seem to grow I trimmed it a couple months ago I don’t see any split ends but it keeps breaking off I know it

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