Northern Australia Investment Forum

TRANSCRIPT In the Asia-Pacific lies a vast untapped land,
a land rich in resources, arable farmland and energy; a land with an advanced stable
and secure economy in close proximity to Asia. If you’re thinking of investing down under
maybe it’s time to turn your thinking this way up. Australia is the only major developed economy
in the world in its 25th year of consecutive growth. Energy is up, stimulated by a $200 billion
investment in liquefied natural gas. Northern Australia is destined to become the
world’s largest exporter of LNG by 2020. The government’s commitment to geo-science
data is up. To help locate vast deposits of coal, iron
ore, copper, lead, zinc and aluminium in proven underexplored or unexplored sites. Infrastructure investment is up, boosted by
the $5 billion Northern Australia infrastructure facility from the Australian government. Already over 50% of seaborne exports leave
from Northern Australia. Demand for high quality protein and value
added foods, included niche crops is up to satisfy the appetite of the rising Asian middle
class. Northern Australia is home to the world’s
largest cattle stations, increased investment in water infrastructure, pastoral operations,
beef processing facilities and improvements in supply chains are lifting efficiencies. Advanced medical research is on the way up
because by 2050 half the world’s population will live in the tropics. In an ancient land, home to the world’s
oldest continuous culture, lie opportunities for innovation, education and engagement with
local communities. Opportunities to develop tourism infrastructure
are up. As visitors travel to idyllic destinations
like Cable Beach, Kakadu National Park, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, all within a few
hours flying time of our major Asian trading partners. For investment it’s time to consider the
upside. Northern Australia, the opportunities are

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