15 Replies to “Office Hours: What American’s Really Think About Healthcare | NBC News NOW

  1. There is only one "Medicare For All" and that is what Bernie's Policy is. Every other fake Medicare is a public option that is destined to fail.
    Let us get things right as to what Medicare Care For All is.
    1) It will over a four year period cover every American person.
    2) It will be funded through the tax system, some from the "Wealth Tax" and some from direct federal tax. The tax will be no more than a middle/working class person would pay for the private tax that premiums are.
    3) Medicare For All does away with Deductables, Copays and out of pocket expenses and these are what is harming people the most right now.
    4) Medicare For All will be expanded to cover Optical expenses, Audiology expenses and Dental expenses. Everybody currently on Medicare will get this expanded cover.
    5) Medicare For All will ensure that an individual person will pay no more than $200 per year for prescription drugs.
    6) Medicare For All will ensure that over 500,000 people every year will not go bankrupt due to medical bills.
    7)Medicare For All will ensure that over 30,000 people a year will not die because they left it too late to see a doctor because of their fear of high medical debt.
    Anything less than this is not Medicare For All.

    I am sure that when people realise that though they may pay between 66% and 100% of the money they pay on Premiums now; that will be their only expense and they will not have to fill out form after form after form etc and they will be able to keep their own doctors and care facilities. I can say this because every doctor and other medical facilities will take Medicare For All, so there is no need to move to a different doctor or facility, unlike the ACA that left you to the whims of your healthcare insurer. Today Healthcare Insurance Companies have two motives for their operations: 1) To charge you as much as possible and 2) To pay you as little as possible for your treatment: Medicare For All does away with these motives, so you can get the best treatment available to you, you will get the same cover as those billionaires.

  2. I'm fine with my taxes going up. The government can negotiate higher discounts for drugs, surgeries, doctor visits, etc. than any insurance ever could. Plus, I currently pay about $450 per month on my insurance just for myself. I doubt that my taxes would go up by more than $450 per month. Every country with universal healthcare tends to spend less per capita with similar or better results.

  3. The young woman that said that she does not want Medicare For All, wait for her or a member of her immediate family to get cancer, or need maternity, or need some debilitating sickness, or just go old and sick – then see what her insurance covers and the difficulties she will face. The question "What do you currently pay and what is covered?" was not asked. Then the follow up question "would she be prepared to pay additional taxes not exceeding what she currently pays for medicare for all?" I think her answer would be different.

  4. If we can flush $1.3-trillion (1,300,000,000,000) down the toilet on WELFARE SPENDING on the US Military-Industrial WELFARE Complex in one year, we can afford healthcare for ALL Americans. https://dod.defense.gov/News/SpecialReports/Budget2019.aspx

  5. My fellow Dems, please visit www.justicedemocrats.com to help elect Democratic candidates who will run uncorrupted from big money and special interests. Together, not only will we defeat Trump, we will win in purple and red states.

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