Olive and Coconut Oil Hair Mask for Long Hair Growth in 1 week

Olive and coconut oil Hair mask for long hair growth in one week why olive oil healthy scalp represents healthy here but maintaining your scalp healthy without any problems is someone little bit harder so whenever you use olive oil on your hair then it will be an easy way to keep the scalp healthy why coconut oil coconut oil is especially good for damaged hair because it’s fatty acid composition penetrates the hair shaft much more efficiently than most other Royals it’s also an excellent treatment for dandruff and dry itchy scalp and is a natural antifungal agent here we will be sharing one of the best hair treatment with olive oil and coconut oil which will transform your dry damaged and shine less hair into healthier-looking lustrous mean so how to prepare a relevant coconut oil overnight hair mask ingredients 1 tablespoon of olive oil 2 tbsp of coconut oil method of preparation one serve both the oil as they mix properly to apply it on the scalp massage it gently for a few minutes and cover your hair with a plastic shower cap / towel three leave it off for overnight and then watch it out with shampoo in the next morning for repeat the same process of applying oil to your hair continuously for a week you will find out that your hair and scalp will become shiny healthy without any problem you can try this homemade hair mess that nourish the scope and encourages new hair growth thank you for watching the video please subscribe my channel for more health updates

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  1. Duh everyone knows this.. especially when you mix eggs, mayo, and olive oil it’s a good protein for the hair and helps it stay strong and resilient and grow more.

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