One of the most important questions for Advisers to keep clients engaged

So, you make a really big difference in the
lives of so many people with the work that you do and I’m talking particularly right
now about Financial Advisers and Accountants. And one of the biggest things that I see missing
though when it comes to really demonstrating how valuable you are is the question, “What
do you want the money for?” Because it’s all good and well that you’re
helping them with their money, or you’re saving them tax, or you’re stopping them from making
mistakes, or you’re helping their money grow, or you’re protecting it. And that is absolutely a critical piece of
their puzzle that they need solved. But a really, really important but often missing
part is to understand what it is that they want that money for. What are the things that they want to do and
have, the things they want to enjoy, the people that they want to love and protect, and you
know life’s ‘what-ifs’ that they want to make sure that they’ve got contingencies
in place? So, as you’re going about it, and you’re trying
to engage clients on a regular basis, at some point if it’s only ever about the money and
the strategy, the conversation can come to an end. And I get so many Advisers say to me, “Ah
Kim, I’ve got these review appointments coming up, and I just don’t know what to talk about,”
once we’ve discussed how their money is performing, or what returns we’ve got, or whatever it
might be that you’re actually dealing with. Yet when you understand what is it that they
want the money for, so this year do you want to go to Bali or to Phillip Island? Do you want to look after X, Y and Z? Do you want to do some renovations on your
home? Whatever that might be, but understanding
exactly why they want those returns, why they want that money invested, why they want that
money protected, why is it they want to save more money on tax? What do they want that money for? Find out that, and it can make for a much,
much deeper relationship, a far more robust conversation on an ongoing basis, and at the
end of the day it gives the clients a lot more motivation for why they’ve got to do
and take the advice that you’re giving them. Because after all, You are a Valuable Adviser.

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