Pacific Textiles: Digital Transformation toward Industry 4.0 with SAP HANA® for Fabric Manufacturing

Pacific Texas House is one of the largest fabric mills in the world headquartered in Hong Kong we have our main production facility south of guangzhou in china we have clients like Uniqlo Victoria's Secret's triumph Calvin Klein we start with 14 numbers little Missy now we have circular knitting machine 1,400 in 20 years we need a machine a long machine cost entering to fix the width and weight of the fabric when we start twenty years ago there was only two two centers now we have 96 we produce over a hundred million kilograms of fabric every single year and that translates to over a billion garments we ensure consistency of every single batch of fabric that leaves so that's when customers buy a garment for example in Paris or Los Angeles is exactly the same that's why data is so important to us the more analysis we can do the better we can achieve colors and consistency or customers need besides that we frankly we are a company with very good model but we don't know individually which order create more profit we just know at the monthly and we know of this month we got a this much of it but who is the best contributor or which customer give us better better you we have no idea we need a much better system to have us for inventory control for procurement culture and also we need to look after our products and services with the system ERP system to help us after studying the market we believe sa P is the right system because this is the first system in our industry our s AP solution is based on the mill products version of s AP be picked s AP because it's integrated end-to-end system additionally s AP also has a lot of industry best practices we knew we had this need of doing activity-based costing we weren't able to do that our previous system we pull real-time statistics from our dyeing machines and when a single batch of fabric is done being manufactured s AP knows about that immediately and we can trigger the next part of manufacturing process pretty quickly then I looked at Hana I became one over how to software licensing plus a hardware is less than the traditional database solution when we decided to increase our partnership with sa P we directly engaged with digital business services under their one service framework and that allows us to get everything from s AP such as roadmap advice experts flown in from Germany and to end implementation so we got a turnkey solution at the end of the day definitely talk to s AP from a services perspective also not just some because if you choose to go of si you still want to make sure that the S is kept honest somehow and s ap has safeguarding services for that those are well known they also have end-to-end services such as sponsors I'm a dying patient the factory is just like top of my board something wrong I know but I don't think such a huge company can rely on just one man and one open anymore so that's also the key reason why we need a push system we can transition from a owner/manager company to a professionally managed company s ap gives the assistant business processes across support we have one unified business process that every department is following we can start to collect data on these business processes we can start to analyze them using Lean Six Sigma and start the business process reengineering so we see this as a first step of our digitization process since going live with sa P one of the things that we've been able to achieve is to reduce time of our month end closing by about half previously we're running around 15 days and now it's somewhere between 7 and 8 days so now that we can run MRP in about 2 hours this allows us to start to automate a lot of our materials purchase hello ma ma Jean is it's good I'll appear within this good but if we look for a long term and also the market competitive we need a system to help us to perform better we need to select the pace the page system to have us this is the the my set of a lead manufacturer it's a lot of talk recently about industry for out there to me at the end of the day it's just about intelligent manufacturing how do we make what we want to make better if someone or some offered by my friends in this industry they ask me hey how is the performance of ASAP I will say yes that the circus system so you can consider seriously

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