10 Replies to “PG&E power shutoff hammers businesses on Placerville’s Main Street.

  1. With the Billions and Billions of tax money the rich elitist commiefornia politicians boast about, california should have had a back up for this by now. Guess Commiefornia isn't as "progressive" as it boasts. Maybe it'll be a PURGE tonight. Guess we'll see how much crime occurs tonight when we watch the news tomorrow. Stay safe Americans.

  2. I live in California
    I believe in Jesus Christ
    I believe God made man for woman
    I believe an unborn life is precious and God-given
    I read my bible and pray
    I’m sick of what’s happening in politics, mainstream media, this state, this country
    We have turned away from God

    I believe these are lies, deception, and there are evil purposes behind all this

    Research geoengineeringwatch.org

    The horrible truth

  3. Like the results? Keep voting Democrat, and please enjoy this Socialist experiment. Thank you for playing. Trump 2020

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