Photo Walk to Work after the 2019 Duluth Blizzard with a Mamiya 6MF

Where’s my mic? Mic? Mic? MIC! So fair notice, the good mic you may see in
this video, I, ughm, screwed up the setting when wiring it up. So it didn’t capture anything and I have to
rely on the absolutely terrible audio that the GoPro catches. So if anything is hard to understand. Subtitles on! Ok. Its been about 24 hours since the blizzard
stopped. The road has not been plowed yet. So I get to walk to work. Bring the camera.See what kind of sights we
can see. But, first off.I got to trudge through like
two feet of snow to get out of here. That’s uh, rough choice making that drive. Oh shit out of driveway, sidewalk. Water is frozen. Guess I’m not hydrating today OOOH God! This is so rough. Oh! Look it! Look It! Look it! We got road that has actually been plowed. What a wild and weird thing this is. Of course none of these sidewalks are plowed
so we get to walk right down the middle of the road and try not to get hit. Typical side street. But, today unpassable. Let’s shoot this. Right into the sun and see what happens. And as the main drag isn’t very fun. Get over this. And trundle some more. Straight into the sun. “Let it snow” I bet that person is really
mad that they brought that curse upon us. It appears my sidewalking is coming to an
end. Look at, look at these cars. Oh my God. They’re so crushed! Let’s go this way. Actually, lets go this way. OK. The texture on this car is really nice. I must say I’m getting really hot already. Oh no! Someone lost their socks! I wonder if I pick these up and there is feet
in them? Whew! Didn’t just discover a body so I’m really
happy about this walk. And here we have the top of a fire hydrant
poking out of the snow like some weird metal nipple. That uh, gives you an idea of how deep that
snow is. Deep. We got another, another person in a truck
over here thinking they can just fly up these hills. [Sound of tires spinning] Oh sidewalk! Yes! [Sound of tires spinning] Yeah sorry buddy you’re not going to make it. [Sound of tires spinning] [Engine revving] I think I’ve reached the point where I no
longer need a hat. My head is sweaty! Ohh. That feels good. I think this here might be my favorite snow
car yet. Look at that! Complete drift coming off it. Oh my God that car is so F’d. Once again the sidewalks on the main drag
aren’t plowed which means I’d have to walk down the road. That one is actually kind of busy so, back
to the alleys and side streets. If we’re lucky we’ll see even more people
who think their trucks can get up the hill, BUT FAIL! Another snow bank to climb over. Ooh. This is a little bit deeper. I think I did a dumb. I’m already down to the street I need to be
on. And of course no sidewalks are plowed and
it’s busy. So. Let’s hope for more alleyways. Follow the footprints. Follow the footprints. Oooh. I see clean sidewalk ahead! There’s hope! There’s hope! That definitely leads to a construction zone. Lets take chances and go downhill. Look at this steamy boi over here. Nice little winter landscape. Better, better hit this one. I’m so sweaty. It appears we have a stuck semi. That’s not good. I totally forgot that this entire block is
under construction. So. Up those scary snow stairs we go. This is my personal Everest. Oh. It’s not a stair any more. it’s just a slope. One more. One more. We can do this. We can do this. I’m so sweaty. Ughh I made it! Take a brief minute and enjoy this parking
ramp overlook while we’re here. See the ships in the fog. This is going to be pretty. I got approximately eight more blocks to go. Unless work was cancelled, then I got a lot
more than eight blocks to go. We’re now experiencing a Minnesota traffic
jam. Another, two walls to get over. This will be fun. This will be fun. Step! Step! Step! Oh no. Holy crap. This doesn’t look too terrible. Follow the prints. Follow the footprints. That’s nice. Good old snow spray just adhered to the building. Once again it appears I’ve chosen poorly. I’m not getting through this. I guess it’s up and over. Take the main drag for a little bit. We got a little, little path here. That’s good. Once again we got another nicely, completely
plowed-in car. This one’s in the Sun so we got to stop down
some. Let’s hit this. To the road. Ope. [humming] So I’ve reached the point of the day where
we discover if work has been cancelled. Ready. Set.

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