Polycom Trio Hybrid Registration with Bluejeans

hello my name is Ophelie Harbonnier and i am the Briefing Manager in the Polycom Paris Office I’m here to talk to you about
some exciting features that Polycom Trio has to offer
so you’re going to say to me trio that’s not new we already know everything about
it well maybe you don’t one of the great new features that I wanted to highlight
is the hybrid registration this allows you to register onto Skype for business
and other sip platforms simultaneously let me show you how so the interface is
really easy to understand you have all the buttons at the bottom that allow you
to go through the rpps features the blue jeans or the zoom you can join the Skype
meeting a doc with a meat now button or access the meeting that has been
organized previously through the meeting button right over here I’m just going to
press on the key function go directly onto the blue jeans platform welcome to
blue jeans and enter the key number nothing to it as you can see Polycom
trio is no longer only dedicated to Skype for business it is now open to
other platforms and ecosystems so please stay tuned and discover some really
exciting new features thank you and see you soon

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