POOR SERVICE in Cathay Pacific Business Class – Boeing 777-300ER – Hong Kong to Sydney (CX101)

hello my name is Paul Stewart and I’m in
Hong Kong International Airport and this evening I’m flying back to
Sydney with Cathay Pacific in their business class product. Now I could have selected
from two different aircraft for this trip – the first fight was an A330 and
the second flight was a Boeing 777 so obviously I went with the second one
because it looks better, so coming up is Cathay 777 business class. Hong Kong is
one of my favourite airports, in part because of the number of and diversity
of the lounges. They’re spread all over the airport so if you know what gate you
are using it’s an idea to find a map and then go to the nearest lounge. As I had a
six-hour layover I visited a few of them so I’ll show you around them although
I’ve uploaded a separate 12 minute video where I’ll walk you through all of the
business and first class lounges and I’ll include a link to that below.
There’s a train that runs the length of the main terminal although I really need
to stress that it only operates in one direction so if you, like I did, and want
to head back to the Qantas or The Wing lounges, you’ll need to walk back
although there are those travelotor which makes it fairly painless.
The bridge is the first lounge I visited and it’s split into two long sections
with plenty of seating overlooking the airport apron. Down one end is a barista
making coffee and as I hadn’t slept a lot the previous night, as I was on a
flight from Helsinki, I was keen for a coffee and a light snack. I then wandered up the other end of the
lounge where there was a bar where I had another cup of coffee…
mostly, and enjoyed this view of a Cathay A350 There’s also a large buffet which is really impressive and more seating and
tables. I really can’t understate how impressed
I am with the cafe lounges and the fact that they are located all around the
airport means that you really don’t need to walk far for your aircraft. Next up
was a very brief visit to the pier which has similar amenities but with a very
different style although there’s still the great view.
I was keen to visit the Qantas lounge although it’s located back near the
entrance so we went for a walk. This airport offers fantastic views for
aviation nerds including this Airbus A340-600 which was actually the longest
airliner in the world until the latest stretched 747-8 was launched. The A340s are being phased out and replaced by more efficient big twin such
as the Boeing 777 which you can see now unfortunately for Airbus, engine
technology just wasn’t quite there back when A340 was under development so
they still needed four but only a few years later, General Electric, Rolls and
Pratt & Whitney released new engines which allowed Boeing to design a large
airliner powered by only two of them This 777 is the aircraft type
flying me to Sydney this evening and for interest sake is painted in the new
Cathay livery. Tow here’s the old livery and you’ll
notice the darker green and red bits at the front as well as the tail have been
replaced by a simpler and cleaner design. Either looked fine although I think
the new one does seem more modern. Next up is the Qantas lounge which is open to
all business class passengers traveling on any One World airline. As I
said before it’s literally right after security. It’s a much more open design
than the other two lounges that I’ve shown you so it can be noisier although I
personally don’t mind the airport ambience. There’s a bar and plenty of seating
overlooking the terminal and a partial view of the airport apron.
I had this braised beef and brisket egg noodle soup and another coffee and
ended up just relaxing here for a few hours, and had a shower. Access to a clean
shower, especially after 24 hours of flying really has to be one of the
biggest perks of business class especially when you’re flying through a
hot and sticky climate such as Hong Kong in September, and of course there’s
a decent buffet available throughout the day. It was time for another coffee
followed by some attempts at being artistic, as my Instagram followers may
have noticed, and then more relaxing before the flight. By the way I’m also on
Facebook so please search for Paul Stewart Aviation and join the growing aviation
community. I also have many more similar videos on my channel so feel
free to check them out and subscribe. Make sure you click the notification
bell so that YouTube lets you know whenever I upload a new video. It was
finally time to board, and as you have now learned, my aircraft was painted in
the old livery. While some of their 777 have a first-class cabin,
this one doesn’t and business class is divided into two cabins with my seat 21k
being in the second smaller cabin. The seats are all in a 1-2-1 layout
which now is the industry norm and obviously means that every seat has all
access. For those traveling as a couple the
middle seats are fine although just be aware that there’s no privacy divider
other than opening the door on the storage compartment as you can see now.
Unfortunately my camera really struggled in the light although I’ll try and show
you through what is otherwise a really, really good seat. To your side is an
adjustable armrest and below that is a storage spot for your shoes. In front of you
is a TV screen which I’ll comment more on later, and below that is a huge foot
recess. A lot of new business class seats have really narrow foot recesses
although this was massive and it really helped as I usually like to flex my
knees a little when I sleep. There’s another storage spot and above that is a
fold-out table which you can escape from during the meal service if you need to. You’ve got this storage compartment with
a noise cancelling headphones, an amenity kit and water bottle all hidden inside. The inside of the door itself also has a
mirror on it which is useful and I’ve continued my
tour on to the adjustable reading lamp seat adjustment buttons and several
different power ports and just above those, or next to them, is
the remote for the in-flight entertainment if you don’t want to use
the touchscreen. Above you are reading lamps although unfortunately there’s no
individual air vents but at least there’s an impressive view of the wing
and engine. Now I just want to point out again how large the ledges at your feet are.
My bag is fairly large yet it was able to almost disappear underneath it. Here’s
the amenity kit and it was perfectly fine and I’ll be giving this away to a
subscriber with more details of that later in the video. A welcome drink was bought around and
this was called the oriental breeze which was a sour plum tea cranberry
juice and a few other things and tasted great. Now I’ll mention the in-flight
entertainment quickly. The touch responsiveness was okay and the image
quality was perfectly fine. There was a good amount of English content which was
a relief as I had just flown with Finnair and their content was lacking.
Unfortunately there were around five minutes of ads before each movie, and yes I did time it, although you can fast-forward them. Unfortunately you’ll
often end up overshooting and end up having to rewind to the start of the
movie so it’s a bit of a pest. Of course there’s the in-flight map which I really
enjoy looking at and some external cameras including this view of the
forward landing gear which I realized afterwards probably pretty cool during
takeoff and landing. For comparison’s sake check out my video
of Cathay’s First Class through to London and I’ll include a link to that
in the video description below. Well it was now time to depart although sadly my
view wasn’t great, in part because the cabin lights weren’t dimmed.
I thought airlines are meant to dim the cabin lights during takeoff and landing
or maybe Cathay or Hong Kong have different rules anyway comment below if
you know the answer. At least the engine sounded good! After the initial climb I reclined my
seat and watched a few documentaries. There wasn’t a round of drinks and about
60 minutes after takeoff dinner started and I had this braised US. pork cutlet
with preserved mustard greens, kai lan, carrots and steamed jasmine rice
which all tasted fine. The drink was a Cathay signature called ‘cloud 9’ which is
made up of vodka, Cointreau, sprite and some lemon. For
dessert, I had this black forest trifle which also tasted great and then I sat
back and watched some more movies. Now I knew the sunrise was coming up in a few
hours and I was keen to stay awake and get some footage. I checked out the
in-flight Wi-Fi although unfortunately it’s not free, even business passengers
so I went back to watching movies. Somewhere above Indonesia the first
glimpses of light started reflecting off the lower part of the engine cowling and
then the light show began. In the distance now you can see the
Australian coastline which I believe was the Northern Territory and since I had
got the sunrise footage that I wanted, I went to bed. I was woken by the flight
deck asking the crew to prepare the cabin for landing which was a surprise
as I had requested that I be woken for the breakfast service and this
highlighted my only real criticism of what was actually a very good business
class product – service. While both my primary flight attendant and customer
service manager did come and introduce themselves, it was rushed and seemed
forced. My primary flight attendant didn’t make eye contact and when she came
around later to get my meal orders she pushed the iPad in front of my face as I
leant across to pick up my menu. I had already decided what I wanted to order
but I just needed to look at the menu to remind myself or the name of the food.
The lack of a round of drinks was odd although I suppose I can understand if
they just want to get the meal service done quickly as possible since it was a
midnight departure but then that wasn’t particularly fast either and later on
when I wanted to watch the moon’s glow out of the window as well as the
Southeast Asian islands all lit up with lights, she came through and pushed the
slide down. A simple request to lower the blind might have been more reasonable I
thought, and then to top it off not waking me for breakfast even though I’d
specifically requested to be woken was pretty disappointing. In fact I even
brought chocolates for the crew but I was so disappointed with the service
that I kept them for myself and I’m literally eating some of them as ahead
of this video. So that’s another down mark for Cathay, you’re making me fat. So
that’s the negatives over and frankly not getting a breakfast is quite a
significant one, but I’ll move on with the positives. I
really think that the seat itself is fantastic. It’s really spacious and while
it doesn’t have the doors of a few other Business Suites, it’s still fairly
private. There’s quite a few storage spots and the legroom is really, really
massive. while most airlines have moved away from the older 2-2-2 layout,
the one advantage of the older style was heaps of legroom and lots of the newer
seats have narrow foot recesses so when you’re trying to sleep you’re locked in
tight. You can’t see it in my footage that well because it’s pretty dark but there
really was a lot of leg room and I was able to have a really good, but
short, sleep. The in-flight entertainment was perfectly fine as was the food and
drinks, minus there being no breakfast. The menus, which I’ll show in full at the
end of the video, had been changed to this new weird newspaper style which was
unique… The airport experience itself was great with fantastic lounges so really
it’s just a pity that the service wasn’t as good as everything else.
And finally my amenity kit giveaway. It’s open to anyone so just make sure you
comment below including the text (Cathay Amenity kit) in brackets make sure you
like the video and make sure that you’re subscribed. After one month I’ll select a
winner and mail out the kit. Now make sure you keep a close eyes on my social
media accounts for details of the winners as a few previous giveaways have
gone unclaimed. If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and check out
my channel for more similar videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my
Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next
video where hopefully I’ll get breakfast!!

100 Replies to “POOR SERVICE in Cathay Pacific Business Class – Boeing 777-300ER – Hong Kong to Sydney (CX101)

  1. (Cathay Amenity Kit)
    I'll be equally disappointed if I told the crew to wake me up for breakfast and they missed it. Granted their hard product is still one of the best but I think service is what really counts especially when you're flying in a premium cabin.

  2. (Cathay Amenity Kit)

    Amazing Video! I can’t wait for your fin air review

    I have flew this product from Hong Kong to Singapore and it is pretty good, the lounges were the best part.
    Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when Paul says “foot recess”

  3. Thanks for watching everyone! If you enjoyed the video, please click the 'thumbs up' button and make sure you're subscribed (and click the notification bell) 🙂 More videos coming soon including Finnair and possibly even a helicopter flight in New Zealand!

  4. Haven’t flown Cathay in a while! But your review convinced me to fly it again! Apart from the crew being rude your review convinced me, I loved this review, It’s Honest and put in YOUR own words, liked! And the ending where you had McDonald’s 😂 The food looked delicious, love your reviews, excited for the next one! 👍😄

  5. was flying back from Brisbane to Hk in late September, Cathay Business, on their new A350…. been flying Cathay for 25 years and this trip was by far the worse service I have received on any airline… no welcome aboard, crew looked annoyed and uneasy, very rude when placing my dinner order, manager rushed the greeting… anyway etc … etc… …. food was good tho… as usual.

  6. Service does go a long way to ensuring a good flight, whatever class you are. Used to like them but sad to hear the level of service has gone down. (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  7. More than thirty years back when Cathay Pacific prided themselves being part of the Swire group,it was great service they offered,it's a downhill trajectory now.The ground conditions in Hong Kong isn't helping either,so much money spent on the new airport,was all the effort worth it.Hong Kong is really a surprising place

  8. Hello.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. The footage of all of the lounges were amazing.
    I thought the cinematography was good, the audio was good and the products knowledge was good. I was shocked at the poor service however, I would have taken that personally.
    Thank you for filming such a comprehensive video. All the best Shaun of NYC

  9. What a shame Paul, we had terrific service in Premium Economy when flying to Hong Kong then onwards to Zurich..

  10. (Cathay Amenity Kit)

    Hey Paul! Your videos are really really interesting! I've been really captivated by them! Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  11. So, the worst thing to happen was a missed breakfast ?? Love the GE90 spool up ☺️. You forgot to mention the ample Private overhead lockers in business class 😏. CX101 arrives in time for lunch….. We flew Cathay Syd-HK-LGW recently, can’t speak highly enough about the service and cabin crew. I had been up the night before working and don’t remember anything after departing Sydney until I awoke after we crossed the northern Aus coastline. As soon as cabin crew saw I was awake, they heated and served me lunch, 3 hours late 😁. My wife became unwell over Russia, HK-LGW leg, she was well looked after by 4 cabin crew until I awoke, her idea to not disturb me. I guess you may have just been a bit unlucky…..

  12. What a marvellous video showing improvements about cathay! Glad to hear about that before my next trip!(Cathay Amenity Kit)

  13. Aw bummer about the breakfast Paul! I agree that is a pretty big let down! The seat and amenities kit look decent though, would be great to score the Cathay Amenities kit for my wifey! Cheers!!

  14. Flew Cathay to Europe last year. I didn't stop in Hong Kong for 3 days. The biggest regret of my life so far.

    Probably the only time I'll fly Cathay as well, a shame. Next time it'll be Singapore to Europe.

  15. It is hard to believethat Cathay 's soft product & service have deteriorated as Cathay was legendary for their service miles ahead of Qantas and probably only second to that of Singapore Air . I will fly Cathay anytime especially for their brave stance

  16. (Cathay Amenity Kit)
    Paul, I liked the video and the sunrise footage. If you can do this, try a time lapse footage and the sun-rising on the engine cowl. That might be cool! Also do you know why you hear 2 "settings" of the engines run up? 8:44 & 8:53.

  17. I am not surprised by your comments re Service in Business Class in Cathay. Even the lounge had lowered their whiskey choice from Green Label Johnny Walker to Black Label. Meal service used to come plate by plate, now it’s all in one big plate, not that much different from ecomomy

  18. Just recently had a terrible flight on CX's regional business class product. Average meal service, extremely outdated and unresponsive entertainment system, filthy passenger putting his bare legs high up against the walls and cabin crew not doing anything about it. Worst of all, there was a queue of Economy paasengers who came into the J cabin to use the J Class toilet, and the crew who were around ignored it and were busy playing games on their phones instead. Would avoid CX now, absolutely not worth the premium you pay.

  19. Another great video mate
    Pity CX have lost the plot with the service
    (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  20. Let’s face it, you pay for the service, including food and drink when taking business class. So not to be woken for breakfast is piss poor. Like others, I had high expectations of a brilliant CP business class product. But not anymore.

  21. As always, Paul, I enjoy your presentations 👍🏻. Hmmm. Something tells me that I wouldn’t be able to order that type of “coffee” at Starbucks would I? 🧐. My poison is “grape juice” 🥂. Sad to hear about the inflight service. Me, being me, if the F/A came by and reached over to close my window shade, the minute he/she were out of sight, I would have put it right back up!

  22. I'm disappointed. I know Cathay to have one of the best services in the sky. It's such a shame that you had to go through that.
    I'm glad you had a great flight though.

    (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  23. So, apart from not being woken for breakfast, don’t you think your criticism of poor cabin service is just a tad overblown?

  24. it's such a shame, I think the decline in service is so inconsistent. I flew last week CX Business from Melbourne to Hong Kong and back down to Singapore courtesy of a Qantas A380 canceled flight to Singapore. The service was excellent, they were attentive and interested in my odd trip! Food was excellent and I couldn't fault them on either segment 777 then A350. I think the inconsistency is what is so annoying and to me that is what you get with cost cutting exercises. They are all just people and everyone reacts differently when pressures not directly related to your job are applied.

  25. I remember the first time i flew with Cathay just over 13 years ago. It was the best experience. Unfortunately, just last year, i flew again in business class… and it was so disappointing. The plan was quite dirty and old. The food was just so ordinary. The service was also lacking. I now say i will choose different fly route next time.

  26. id love to fly business again. (Cathay Amenity Kit) i flew Qantas Business Bangkok to Sydney. cost 12,900 THB upgrade about $500. the funny thing was i tried to upgrade Syd-BHK They told me NO. you have to do it with your travel agent. Coming home, The thai checkin desk people were more than happy to do it. They felt so bad my friend and i had to pay in THB, and that there was no Qantas lounge. We really didnt care, we were just happy to fly Business :D. so to the staff from Syd-BHK wtf? what was the problem they were kinda rude about it too ><

  27. another top video Paul. If i had as many special coffees as you, i wouldn't sleep for 24 hours. (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  28. flight attendants are probably pissed off by personal views of HK protest but due to sanction and preventing themself from getting fired they can't voice out hence in turn bringing their personal life into their work life.

  29. Hahhaha the maccas meal lol. Great video Paul! Shame that the service was poor. From what I’ve heard it’s true that the new business class service means everything is rushed but that doesn’t mean they can have bad attitude..

  30. On the new 1000 Series, they expect you to know what you want to order as soon as you sit down, its disappointing how far they have fallen, yet prices still high. i will stick with them, and hope they get back to the former glory.

  31. Great video. Business Class in the Cathay 777-300 seems way more comfortable than that cramped horrendous 3-4-3 economy configuration.

  32. From my own experience I feel raising and lowering the blinds in aircrafts during takeoff and landing (expecially CX and HX) is non issue when you're flying American based airlines like United and American. Asia based airlines seem to make a big deal out of it. That is at least through my own experience.

  33. I wouldnt say it's because of the protests or the CEO resignation, flown a few J long-haul and short-haul this year. The decline of service have been for a long while, especially in J, I have experienced big let-down on the new business class service, especially the meal service is just plain awful, whether the service from the crew or the quality of the food.

  34. the lounge catering, product and service are still outstanding..but the onboard product especially catering and service attitude recently are mediocre to poor..
    hopefully they will improve back to their previous great reputation..it will be sad to see this once great airline lose it!

  35. I don't think I could fly in that class without overhead air vents 😛
    ANother enjoyable vid, and thanks for the tips on the HK lounges – pity about the servcie glitches. I really enjoyed the sunrise views and would love a vid just of those somewhere along the line.

  36. Cathay Amenity Kit – Thank you so much for the amazing video! It was truly stunning watching the combination of the music and the sunrise flow so well together. It's a shame that the service was so poor for a business class product that looked really good.

  37. 21K has a special foot recess because there isn't someone in front of you, it's a tip that you should probably mention next time – any time you book a CX Biz seat on reverse herringbone with nobody in front of you, generally the foot recesses are significantly larger!

  38. Doctor, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience this time, which is quite rare; but hey, I have to say I still love your video and I absolutely love the sunrise of this flight!!

    Thank you so much for another great video, enjoyable as always!!

  39. I've flown Cathay Pacific (and sometimes Dragon) for years now, and they've always dimmed the lights. When I've flown business between Hong Kong and London, Singapore, and Beijing, they've shown great service 9/10 times… it's disappointing that they've dropped the ball on your occasion, but I do love the fact that you bring chocolates for them! Classy move indeed.

  40. Check our what’s happening in HK and you’ll know why the service was bad. How could flight attendants be that happy like before now??!!

  41. I can really say that I flew Cathay Pacific from JNB HKG – HKG SYD and the service was awesome, I know most airlines dim lights during take off and landings, I think its Cival Aviation Rules. I chose CX as I flew once before with @Quantas and if ever there is a airline crew with a chip on their shoulder its QUANTAS. I would rather do the 26hr journey with Cathay than the 14h30 with Quantas. My experience was terrible on both flights going to and coming from SYD.

  42. HK is going thru a turmoil at the moment…..so I am not surprised that the cabin crew are not in the mood to provide good service………they are really upset with what is going on in their city………..give them a break

  43. I work in the Airlines, and frankly I don’t think you’re missing out much by not having the breakfast. But I understand how you’re feeling. The complete package. Cheers

  44. Pls forgive them, since 36+ Cathay Pacific employees fired because they expressed their opinion via Facebook about the recent mouths HK protest which not the HK government favoured. So, the morale is kind of low right now.

  45. What a shame..Cathay Pacific is known for its great service and quality 🙁
    Good luck next time 😉
    (Cathay Amenity Kit)
    -From your subscriber.

  46. Cathay Pacific BC: POOOOORRRRR SERVICE!!!! how come? I would not choose this airline anymore (but yet a nice video Paul)

  47. Cathay recorded operating loss in recent years. Hasn’t made any profits and had to cut back on several fronts. Not good! The other reason is some FAs have been fired of what they posted in their social media in their off time. Cathay’s top management just imposed a very strict rule for all FAs and Pilots on what not to say. Cathay’s management also encourages FAs to sell out their fellow FAs on different social opinions. So you can imagine FAs have to work in such hostile work environment . Things will not turn around for Cathay in the near future. Stick to Qantas if you go to Australia.

  48. same here i've encountered a bad attitude/rude crew during my flight from seoul to Hongkong via Cathay Pacific ( business class)

    she shoutted raise your window blinds!!!

  49. It's a shame they didn't wake you up for the service especially considering the price for the business product, and also a real mystery as why the lights were not dim during the evening departure.

    (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  50. After 544 comments Paul I doubt you will read mine but I'd like to say again that Fujifilm camera is a bit of a mixed blessing. It is so poor in low light conditions with hunting for focus and also band flickering with the frame rate as well with the lights. Is it any better lower than 4k? I'd rather have full HD given that. Shame as the Fuji gets go write ups for video, but it seems to fall apart in low light.

    I assume you have AF illuminator turned on? I think we may have gone through this before though ! 🙂

    This might be of use


    Note that with an ILC camera the lens might make a difference. You need a wide angle for in the cabin and perhaps a small zoom for in the airport. Tough job to cope with all.

    Ask Sony to sponsor some investigations with a A6xxx series and various lens 😉

    All the best

  51. Hi Paul, love your trip reports. I flew Cathay recently in business and premium economy and I thought both were great considering the cost very happy with both cabins we paid for

  52. All cabin lights are supposed to be dimmed during night take off. It’s so in an emergency your eyes are already accustomed to the darkness. You don’t want light inside then an emergency with no lights or finding yourself trying to escape in darkness then outside in darkness. I find it odd that they wouldn’t have switched them off or dimmed them.

  53. Yes I kinda agree with you, although I don't flew with CX a lot, but their quality of service dropped quite a lot I could say. They serve meals in a rush too, CX can do better but they just choose not to. That's my honest review about this airline. Even Malaysia Airlines are do much better than them.
    (Cathay Amenity Kit)

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