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Europe is falling apart. Since 2008 we have been struggling under the
burden of austerity. Too many people don’t have jobs. If they do, they are often part-time ‘mini
jobs’, with no security and low pay. Public services are being cut, or privatised,
or both. People look to the European Union for a solution,
but instead they see a problem. They think they can take back control, by
retreating into their own nations, regions, and cities. But there is another way. We can change Europe, together. We can make the EU a beacon of hope once again. We can solve the eurozone crisis. We can put idle cash back to work, investing in
a green transition. We can create jobs, where people live, so
they don’t need to move far from home to survive. We can tame the power of the banks, so they
don’t rule our lives. We can stop people being evicted from their
homes. We can democratise Europe, to put control
in the hands of ordinary citizens. We can restore hope, and build a better future,
for ourselves and for our children. There is an alternative. We can start right here, right now. Welcome to DiEM25’s European New Deal. Join us! Join us! Join us!

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  1. All people need income! In time that is coming, some will get it from having a job, some from being rich and some in other ways . So stop pounding about jobs as if they are universally tied to income.

  2. Poor bastards. If they only knew who actually owns Europe.
    The Americans and the Jews are flooding Europe with ISIS creating chaos and fear. George Soros is flooding Europe with Marxism and immigrants. The church is continuing raping children, the governments are stealing money from the poor and give it to the rich. Merkel is taking control of Europe. etc, etc…..
    you need a revolution.

  3. I have read through & enjoyed the 101 pages of DIEM's EUROPEAN NEW DEAL. Please excuse this long contribution to your already wonderful work, as implementation is the key to realizing your insights. 1st END is helpful as it relates to present-day economic programs already in place in the European Union. Europe helps provide other regions of the world with a working model of relatively successful & innovative intervention given today's infrastructure. DIEM's suggested programs flow as careful relatively small adjustments to Europe's existing programs so as to enable us to imagine possibilities within popular grasp. I live in Canada, which is under the control of the same world oligarchs who own controlling share in the US Federal-Reserve, Bank-of-England & Bank-of-International-Settlements, who govern the USA as well as Europe in many ways. DIEM's program can be considered as an end-game or overall goal but let's look at the means beyond 'elections' (most often oligarch 'selections') we now have within our grasp to progressively implement this program, test & tailor its assumptions & empower Europe in the process.
    It is a long time since 'indigenous' Celtic Europe was conquered & unfortunately the population has bought into 'exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') Assyria, Greece & Rome's colonial demonization of its once long abundant & peaceful Celtic heritage. Its as if the improbable lies of colonial population institutional indoctrination control methods have no expiry date, but as well colonialism's 'worldview' imprisons its holders from connecting with their own internal gifts & ancient wisdom. Humanity's Indigenous ancestors worldwide & First Nations here engaged inter-disciplinary practices so as to make positive contributions at every level of cultural living starting with their own capacities in a Circle-of-Life.

    Humanity is presently institutionally alienated from knowing about our 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') ancestry because colonial hierarchy is threatened by such abundant broad-based decentralized healthy cultures. As children we’re still taught culturally alienating world-views about 'witches' ('wise-women'), 'druids' (Gaelic 'wisdom of the tree') etc. so as to cut ourselves off from understanding over 100,000 years of abundant & peaceful human heritage on earth.
    In order to test & animate DIEM's suggestions it is important that; we think & act in 'fractals' ('building-blocks' or 'multipliers' where the 'part-contains-the-whole'). Everything we wish to achieve with & for our populations at the European Union level must at well be considered fractally at: personal, family, extended-family, multihome-dwelling-complexes, neighbourhood, borough, city, region, province/state, nation, confederate, continental, hemispheric & world levels. How do each of these levels & other domestic, industrial & commerce business fractals, enact any & all parts of DIEM's program? It is important to describe enactment & tools at each level as well as engage at those levels in which we have authority. Fractals enable us to implement at any level but more particularly integrate & empower personal & other cultural levels of implementation, where we actually have self-determination still intact. However we have to understand how colonization was designed to 'divide-&-conquer'. Part of this process has been the disintegration of 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') integrated forms of economic accounting & organization. Companies & co-operatives are two dysfunctional fragments of a once integrated participatory multistakeholder economy. 'Co-operatives' (originally 'co' = 'together' + 'operatives' = 'stakeholders') don't distinguish diverse stakeholders, account for their specialized contributions nor empower each stakeholder group. 'Companies' (originally 'com' = together' + 'pan' = 'bread') without accounting, grouping & empowerment of each stakeholder group quickly become hierarchal autocracies without collective intelligence.
    I am a student of humanity's 100s of 1000s of years of worldwide indigenous 'economic' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home' + 'namein' = 'care-&-nurture') heritage before the fairly recent 7000 year violent genocidal destructive 'exogenous' (L 'other-generated') colonial period. Within indigenous organization, fractal implementation of policy provides for personal freedom of choice, 'caucusing' (Iroquois 'grouping-of-like-interests') specialists & developing critical-mass, economies-of-scale at every level. Worldwide all indigenous communities organized collective domestic, commercial & industrial work around Production-Society/Guilds P-S/G. Youth at adolescence engaged in Vision-Quest, a period of internal & external exploration to find their 'gift' for community & then often a Master-mentored-apprenticeship. One-on-one experiential laboratory learning empowers both master & apprentice in experience & innovation. On every continent & island, all P-S/G contributions were accounted for through the string-shell accounting tools, which as well formed integrated memory systems of: 'capital' (ownership), 'currency', 'condolence' (social-security), 'collegial' apprenticeship education credit, math-based communication & uniform professional costume.
    India achieved 'Swaraj' (Hindi 'self-rule') in 1947 through 'Swadeshi' (H. 'indigenous' = 'self-sufficiency') following this ancient indigenous model of fractal economic livelihood empowerment. Encouraged by such as Mohandas Gandhi, to employ traditional methods for the production of food, shelter, clothing, warmth & health, Indians gained livelihood & the pride of local collaborative team-work. India as well easily out-performed the British oligarch-run hierarchal import economy, with its lengthy raw-material supply & goods delivery shipping. Given leverage in market flows, 100s of British, Canadian, US, Australian & New-Zealand companies went bankrupt when India achieved even 5% of replacement for the import economy.
    Worldwide in the indigenous period, we find an economic pattern of 'communities' (L 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift-or-service') formed around ~100 person female-male intergenerational Multihome-Dwelling-Complex (Longhouse/apartment, Pueblo/townhouse & Kanata/village) modular architecture & urban planning. Multihomes with internal accounting form the primary 'economy' for food, shelter, clothing, warmth & health services & goods production. With privacy, but as well proximity for interactive economic collaboration & accounting for all contributions enables generations & diverse talents to work together. 70% of humanity today live in ~100 person average multihome complexes, but subject to hierarchal colonial programming, we don't know how to form internal economies of collaboration. Multihomes are the missing 'fractal' in which we are empowered to enact significant critical-mass, economies-of-scale, which empower each person & impact all levels.

  4. The Jewish/Masonic controlled lie of the so called dark ages. WE ARE NOW IN THE DARK AGE!
    Most Westerners know nothing of their own civilization and the builders of it. “those who control the past control the future” – they have controlled media and our education systems for 100 years.
    I recommend a book that was a real inspiration for me called “How to be Free” by Tom Hodginkson who describes the middle ages and how people were free back then and everything wrong with modern life. He also has a site called “The Idler”. Idle, reflect, create and live simply. Then you are free.
    Medieval Guilds (ruined by Jewish Capitalism/Communism)
    How to be free

    Usury was a sin in the CC who protected their people from the Jews
    Catholic guilds flourished during the Middle Ages, but by the Nineteenth Century they had all but disappeared under pressure from Revolutionary Governments seeking to destroy all signs of tradition and fidelity to the Church. Guilds in their earliest form had developed out of man’s natural spirit of association. Guided explicitly by Church teachings, guilds encouraged a corporate enactment of charity and political prudence. Practically, they provided a forum for novices and masters to meet and practice their crafts.
    Inspired by the original models, Thomas More College has established a series of guilds that enable students to gain practical skills and experience in areas such as woodworking, sacred art, homesteading and music. The College’s guilds take their spirit from those earlier voluntary communities of men and women who advanced their trades and arts while responding to the needs of their local communities.

    The Christian Church Kept Us Free and Strong. Vices and Masters (coming from a pagan)

    Protestant work ethic is just a ploy to comply to corporate slavery

    Anti Catholic propaganda since the PROTESTant Jew Revolution

    Tom, the Idler on Distributism – GK Chesterton

    Most Westerners know nothing of their own civilization (from craftsmen to modern bureaucrats)

    Hillaire Belloc:
    Post Protestant Reformation/Revolution (caused by Jews):
    “Whatever be the reason, that society did rapidly grow old. Its every institution grew formal or debased. The Guilds from true coöperative partnerships for the proper distribution of the means of production, and for the prevention of a proletariat with its vile cancer of capitalism, tended to become privileged bodies. Even the heart of Christian Europe, the village, showed faint signs that it might become an oligarchy of privileged farmers with some land and less men at their orders. The Monastic orders were tainted in patches up and down Europe, with worldliness, with an abandonment of their strict rule, and occasionally with vice. Civil government grew befogged with tradition and with complex rules. All manner of theatrical and false trappings began to deform society, notably the exaggeration of heraldry and a riot of symbolism of which very soon no one could make head or tail.”

    All institutions (says Machiavelli) must return to their origins, or they fail. There appeared throughout Europe in the last century of united Europe, breaking out here and there, sporadic attempts to revivify the common life, especially upon its spiritual side, by a return to the primitive communal enthusiasms in which religion necessarily has its historical origins.

    Tower of Babel is today’s Multiculti – HISTORY REPEATS!
    Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis, in a flashback, plays upon themes of lack of communication between the designers of the tower and the workers who are constructing it. The short scene states how the words used to glorify the tower's construction by its designers took on totally different, oppressive meanings to the workers. This led to its destruction as they rose up against the designers because of the insufferable working conditions.

    It was in the first twenty years of the sixteenth century that the coalescing of the various forces of spiritual discontent and revolt began to be apparent. Before 1530 the general storm was to burst and the Reformation proper to be started on its way.
    But as a preliminary to that matter, the reader should first understand how another and quite disconnected social development had prepared the way for the triumph of the reformers. This development was the advent of Absolute Government in civil affairs.

    The stronger the old Latin sense of human equality was, the more the populace felt this, the more they instinctively conceived of the Reformation as something that would rob them of some ill-understood but profound spiritual guarantee against slavery, exploitation and oppression.

    The stronger the old
    There began a sort of popular grumbling against the Reformers, who were now already schismatic: their rich patrons fell under the same suspicion. By the time the movement had reached a head and by the time the central power of the Church had been openly defied by the German princes, this protest took, as in France and England and the valley of the Rhone (the ancient seats of culture), a noise like the undertone of the sea before bad weather. In the outer Germanies it was not a defence of Christendom at all, but a brutish cry for more food. But everywhere the populace stirred.

  5. GO Diem25! Never forget what Schauble told Varoufakis in private—-that if Greece had truly refused to sign more "loans," the EU would have had to come to new terms rather than lose everything. PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER—and unless you want more of same (or worse!), THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT….

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