Producer REAGIERT auf [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I’m so sick(1도 없어)

Rahim: Good morning dear friends of Youtube’s best show regarding music and anything else. And with the loudest special guest you could imagine: Dana Rolle. Dana: First you said I was being too quiet, now I’m too loud? Rahim: I gotta say, you got used to this really quickly. At first you were…well only the first two videos… Dana: I was a bit afraid of being on camera but now I’m better at it. Rahim: A bit…yeah. I think so. Leave a comment wether you agree. Yesterday we had a different special guest: Jan. I did ask him wether he wanted to react to K-Pop. I always do that. People that visit us as well, when they want to do a video. A lot of them are scared. I don’t know why. Maybe because they’ve never heard anything about it or because they’re scared of the K-Pop community… Dana: I think it’s because they don’t know what to expect… Rahim: Or they don’t know what to say… Dana: because they don’t know anything about it and don’t know what to expect. And maybe they havev stereotypes in mind or are prejudiced, I could imagine. Rahim: Yeah, maybe stereotypes. I just think most of them don’t know anything about it, haven’t heard any of it and think they are gonna be overwhelmed. I always try to get people into it, saying: ” Hey, it’s not what you imagine. At first I also thought it would be totally different.” There’s anything, any genre or style of music and yeah, some of it is a bit trashy… and stuff that isn’t produced well but then there’s some… or actually a lot of music where I’m like: “Woahh!” We should definitely take some notes, here in Germany. Guys, maybe some of you saw my Instagram story…I showed this really quickly… You can still see the box in the background. I finally did it. I have a new chair, that doesn’t squeak anymore. The only thing I did is wait. Now it’s finally here. 4 months did it take to get here. This model came out at the beginning of the year but… Dana: You didn’t get it right away. Rahim: I didn’t. I don’t know why. Dana: We couldn’t find it anywhere. Rahim: Yeah, they produced this somewhere in Timbuktu and then in this special color and with these special armrests… Now finally… This is by Herman Miller, in case anyone is interested. and is named ‘cosm’. I won’t put a link to it in the description box because I don’t have a referral link. and it’s really expensive…but because I have to sit at this desk for several hours on end every day… and because my posture was getting really bad, I needed a new chair. Dana: Your posture looks better right away. Rahim: It’s nuts! You sit in this chair and it makes such a big difference right away. Rahim: You don’t even need to think about it. Dana: Or work for it. Normally your posture slowly gets worse and then… Rahim: Yeah, it’s a whole new feeling. And probably the best thing about it is that it doen’t squeak anymore. And this has a really cool color too. I should just stand up and show you. This is dipped… in this… I don’t even know… Dana: On camera it looks much more red-ish. Rahim: Yeah, but this is like an orange… Dana: Yeah, like a brick color. Rahim: Brick. And as you can see this is all one design, in this mash. This is like a designer chair. But designer items get a bad rep for being unusable or uncomfortable. This thing though is fantastic. This is not a placement. I don’t get anything out of doing this. I’m just really wowed by this chair. There’s only one thing you can change about this chair, which is the height, with this lever. That’s it. This is not like…Herman Miller have other chairs with a thousand different settings. You can change every little thing about them. This one though is supposed to be so good that you don’t have to change anything about it. It adapts to every person. This one is really good. Maybe I should buy another one for the office. Dana: Leave a comment saying, he should buy more for the office. I want one too! Rahim: Guys today… Dana: I sat on this one for a short amount of time. Life was so much better. And then I had to sit on the ‘Markus’ again. Rahim: That one isn’t bad though too. Especially the one made out of fabric, opposed to the one out of leather. I had the old one in leather and you just sweat all the time. I don’t know. That one is pretty expensiv too, like 200€. Dana: What? Rahim: Yeah, it’s like 250€. Dana: What? Rahim: Yeah, so don’t complain. Guys, today we’ll react to a band, or better said group, I haven’t heard of at all. Dana: Sorry. Rahim: Apink. Rahim: Dana suggested this. Dana: Yeah, the comments said so. Rahim: I’ve probably read that too, but somehow… Dana: Yeah, I’ve read this a lot. Rahim: We’ll react to ‘I’m so sick’ by these girls. Let’s see! I’m curious. Has a lot of views, song came out last year.. [music] Rahim: Cool effect on the vocals. I don’t think that they sung it like this…but cool effect. [music] That’s one vocal that was actually sung like this but then pitched higher an octave, like this mouse-voice/chipmunk-voice and pitched lower an octave. So that way you get the higher and the lower limit but not the original voice. I thought it was cool. Dana: What I just did? Rahim: No, what they did. Dana: I did the same. Rahim: No, You made it stupid. Rahim: You didn’t do it well. [music] Rahim: Ok, before the hook starts… Dana: There’s so much happening. Rahim: Yeah, kinda. Dana: The sum of all of it until now. Rahim: It is a lot but we’ve had songs where there was a lot more going on. It is a lot but uhhh… something you probably didn’t hear… I bet… [music] Rahim: There’s a vocal in the background. Did you hear it? Dana: Of course I did. Rahim: No way. She sings ‘ooooh’. But I think it’s layered with an instrument. Dana: Like a flute maybe. Rahim: Yeah, exactly. Dana: And then there’s this [makes noise] [music] Rahim: Cool. Not bad. There are some effects that I really like. Especially this vocal run [sings] is really cool. What would you say about…make-up and fashion? Dana: The make-up is quite subtle, really glittery, shiny… Rahim: Classy… Dana: Well, yeah… Rahim: Typical is what I mean. Dana: Typical K-beauty…very subtle but I like it, especially the glitter accents… I feel like it suits them. I kinda like it. And her…with the red eyeliner…that’s dope. Rahim: Really? Dana: Yeah, I think it’s cool. Still subtle but… imagine I would wear red eyeliner right here. Rahim: Yeah, right. Dana: That is quite extraordinary. Rahim: It doesn’t look as crazy in profile. Dana: Yeah, it really depends on the angle in which you see it. [music] Rahim: This is really cool but this time there was like a marimba underneath the vocal line… Dana: Did you see her nails? They were cool. Rahim: Where? Ah here. Dana: Yeah, they are natural again, I think clear… a bit rosé…but again with little gemstones on them. Really cool. Dana: Really dope. Rahim: Damn. [music] Dana: I heard this last time already. Rahim: I think that’s a vocal too…or a little baby. [music] Rahim: When you hear this snare fill-in you know the next part is coming. In every song that has this… [music] Typical e-guitar when you glide down the strings. when you’ve played a note before. [music] Dana: Dope! How cool is that with the lights? Rahim: But I think this works best in black and white. Dana: This only works in black and white. [music] Rahim: Nice! Dana: Cool! At the end there was this… Rahim: This lower-pitched voice again. Rahim: Nice! Hey, cool. Not bad. Dana: Cool! This makes me really happy. Rahim: Yeah, although…It’s not really a good vibes song…at least according to the lyrics. Dana: No, not really but maybe because you can dance to it or because it makes you feel good… Rahim: Yeah, because the bassline…the way it is played is really outgoing. No, but with this off-beat hi-hat it has like a disco… vibe to it, really straight-forward. And then with this hidden message…not bad. It is like a break-up situation, bye, I don’t wanna see you anymore… Dana: Yeah but it has a positive vibe like: feeling good about it, this is the way it is but I feel better… Rahim: Yeah, but it’s not like happy happy, more like, this is coming to an end, things are gonna be better in future times. Nice! I’m curious to see what this group has to offer in the future. We’ll check out more of their music. This is just the first song we came across. Has a lot of views. I think like 78,000. I hope you learned something. If so please leave a sub and don’t forget to ring the bell for your boy. Go check out Dana as well. Links are down below. She puts out a video every sunday. And go take a look at our Instagram profiles as well. There will be behind the scenes nd maybe how I try out my new chair. Thanks and until next time. Subtitles by Thea, @a.c.laske on Instagram

100 Replies to “Producer REAGIERT auf [MV] Apink(에이핑크) _ I’m so sick(1도 없어)

  1. Wiedermal eine tolle Reaktion!❤️ Ich war total in I‘m so sick verliebt als es rauskam. Vorallem weil das total anders war als deren vorherigen Concepts. Wenn ihr mal deren Alten Concepts hören wollte schaut doch mal bei NoNoNo, mr. Chu, Luv oder Five vorbei!! Apink war damals in 2011 meine erste Kpop Gruppe und ich bin total happy wegen dieser Reaction 🥺🥺

  2. Apink gehört schon zu den älteren Gruppen, sie sind bekannt dafür, dass sie sich selber treu geblieben sind. Sie hatten ausschließlich "girly"und "cute" konzepte, weswegen sie viele hater hatten, aber auch sehr sehr viele fans. ihr habt ws gemerkt, dass sie zu den wenigen gruppen gehören, die keinen rappart haben bzw. überhaupt eine rapperin. alle member sind wirklich gute vocals. sie sind wahre vocal queens und niemand streitet das ab. außerdem sind sie bekannt für ihre variety skills. weil sie zu den witzigsten gruppen überhaupt gehören

  3. OMG könnt ihr auf BewhY – GOTTASADAE reagieren. Er hat vor kurzem ein neues Album raus gebracht und das war dabei. Ich hab beim Intro Gänsehaut bekommen😂. Ich finde auch die Lyrics großartig. Das MV ist auch mal was anderes.
    BewhY ist Rapper und wird in der KHip Hop scene sehr geschätzt.

  4. •B.A.P > One shot,Hands up
    •KNK > Sunset
    •Imfact > NANANA,Only u
    •Ab6ix > BREATHE
    •CIX > Movie star (new group)
    •VAV > give me more
    •Noir > Airplane mode,DOOM DOOM
    •TAEMIN > FAMOUS (Jap.single)
    •Astro > All night , Baby
    •Winner > Everyday
    •ZELO > Questions
    •Ateez > Promise , Piratking

  5. Der Song hatte mich damals richtig weg-gehauen und seit dem ist Apink mein Favorit unter den Kpop Girlgroups,
    auch mit den Songs die sie davor hatten und komplett an mir vorbeigegangen waren.
    Ihr werdet sehen das Apink vor "I´m so sick" musikalisch einen etwas anderen Stil hatte und daher bei vielen Leuten die eher auf Blackpink usw. stehen,
    relativ unbemerkt war, trotzdem Apink zu den Gruppen gehört die schon viele Jahre auf dem Markt sind.

  6. Ihr habt da noch ein paar Lieder von Ateez. Die Debüt Videos „Treasure“ und „Pirate King“ und die Performance Videos zu „Promise“ und „Aurora“ 😁

  7. megaa geile reaction! mega nice, dass dana immer mehr und mehr sachen beschreiben kann und raushört 💕.
    falls ihr noch was von apink hören wollt, dann reacted mal zu eung eung (%%)!!

  8. Yess I'm so sick von Apink 😍 mit Nonono und Eung Eung %% eines meiner Lieblingslieder von Apink! Danke für das Reaction Video

  9. Könntet Ihr auf Little Mix ft. Sharaya J – Strip reagieren?

    Die Message von dem Song und dem Video ist finde ich heutzutage sooo wichtig und hört sich auch noch nice an!!

  10. Mit K-Pop verbinden sicher die meisten Menschen „GangamStyle“. Ich habe mir das auch erst angehört, seit ihr die Reactions macht. Kpop bedient einfach jeden Geschmack von Hiphop bis Dance und ist perfekt in Szene gesetzt.

  11. Hiii ich liebe eure Videos so unnormal♥️♥️♥️

    Achso und könnt ihr bitte auf
    The Devil works hard but bts works Harder
    Von jamjamj Reagieren

    Das wird verdammt lustig😂😂😂♥️

  12. Ich freu mich voll, dass ihr diesen Song abcheckt! Super schöner, harmonischer Song! 😀

    12:15 Jaein, nicht angespielt – es reicht eigentlich schon, wenn du mit dem Pick (quer gehalten in der rechten Hand, nicht der linken – also zumindest bei Rechtshändern) die Saite(n) (in diesem Fall Richtung Neck, weg von den Pick-Ups) runter "kratzt"!

    Jetzt muss ich euch erst recht WJSN (Cosmic Girls) und OH MY GIRL empfehlen. 😀
    EUNG EUNG (%%) von Apink wird euch sicher auch gut gefallen.
    Und wie immer mache ich Werbung für LOONA! Hört euch unbedingt an:
    -> Kim Lip – Eclipse
    -> JinSoul – Singing in the Rain
    -> Choerry – Love Cherry Motion
    -> Odd Eye Circle – Sweet Crazy Love
    -> Odd Eye Circle – Uncover
    Im Idealfall in genau der (chronologischen) Reihenfolge. 🙂 😀

    Danke für das gute Video!

  13. Eunji ist auch bekannt für ihre vocals, wenn ihr die älteren Lieder hört übernimmt sie auch immer die high note parts. Sie singt auch viel Solo neben ihrer Gruppe. 🙂

  14. reagiert bitte auch mal auf:

    9Muses – Love City , Remember
    CLC – Black Dress, Hobgoblin
    Miss A – Hush , Bad Girl Good Girl
    Meng Jia – Drip
    Z.Tao – Ai, Black Withe, T.A.O
    Luhan – On Fire, Football Gang
    Kris Wu – July, Jucie, Tian Di, Deserve
    CL – Dotor Pepper, The Baddest Female
    G-Dragon – Crooked, Untitled,2014 , Crayon
    Stella – Vibrato , Marionette

  15. Ihr solltet euch mal nct127- superhuman anschauen. Ist vom sounddesign bestimmt interessant für dich und meiner Meinung nach der ultimative nct Sound!

  16. The producer of the sing actually combined the voices of all the members for the ohhh vocal run you mentioned haha fun fact

  17. Bitte reagiert auch auf „Eung Eung“ von APink ! 😁💕
    Eung wird wie ein eum ausgesprochen undbedeuted soviel wie Ja oder Mhm

  18. The part "Ouhh Na Na Na" is their voice tho.. 😅 btw pliss react to Eung Eung %%, LUV and Only One.. good job Panda Germany to suggested Apinkue !

  19. They are in desperate need of some Brown Eyed Girls, wouldn't you think? I suggest Brave New World and Sixth Sense please~

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