Protest 8 Years of War and Occupation

The Iraq war is 8 years old. Despite President Obama’s claim that combat
operations have ‘ended’, more than 50,000 troops remain, backed by tens of thousands
of mercenary private contractors. 4,436 American soldiers are dead. Some estimate that over a million Iraqis have
died, with millions more maimed and displaced. While we lay off teachers, slash social services,
and suffer skyrocketing unemployment at home, this war has cost more than $200 billion this
year alone. The occupation of Afghanistan drags on, and
has expanded into Pakistan, where hundreds of drone bombs fall, remote-controlled from
afar like a deadly video game. The US Government continues to back repressive
regimes and right-wing movements across the Middle East, Latin America and beyond, all
while claiming to support democracy and freedom. Whistle blowers and antiwar activists are
targeted by the FBI, while Muslims and immigrants are scapegoated. This year we’ve seen amazing changes come
from peaceful protests. In Egypt they toppled a dictator. In Wisconsin we’ve seen a political
awakening in hundreds of thousands of ordinary workers. Can we come together as a nation
to finally end the wars and occupation? On March 19th at noon, join us at Michigan
Avenue & Congress Parkway for a rally and march to mark eight years of war and occupation,
and to wish for peace.

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