100 Replies to “Protesters burn LeBron James’ jersey over Hong Kong comments

  1. OK, why those people burn Lebron's jersey? just because Lebron didn't say anything against
    China? because Lebron didn't say he is support Hong Kong protester? well, I thought this is the freedom speech all about, Lebron got his freedom to say whatever he wants to say, you burn Lebron's jersey, coz he didn't say he support you, this is just like the Chinese government how they treat Morey, coz Morey said he support Hong Kong protesters, and Chinese banned NBA, and now these who called Chinese government's action was anti-freedom speech, and you guys are doing exactly the same thing, which is anti Lebron's freedom speech by burning his jersey, LMAO

  2. Racist white cops executing young black males on a daily basis and we are worrying about Chinese people in Hong Kong? More like worrying that your agenda is not going to plan?

  3. Apologies to Lebron from Hong Kong, we are in HK the main problems are the politicians use the student union power to negotiate with government, but that's out of their control finally… Such kind of politicians are destroying everyone's relationships & friendships

  4. I don't know why they burned his jerseys.. they are just going to have to make more when they go back to work

  5. LeBron dares to criticize Trump but has no balls to criticize China. He kowtows to China. He should now kowtow to Trump.

  6. You may be a King on the court but you are uninformed to what China does. No, In reality you do know and that shows your a total money Worshiper. You care nothing about human rights. You just destroyed all the good works you have done at home and showed what your really about. Nike and the NBA are going to lose big because your love of money over humanity.

  7. You have to be out of your mind to see Lebron as some sort of spokesman. Stop saying "WE", it's you guys who put these people on a pedestal, not "WE", "YOU".

  8. Lebron has been very Muhammad Ali his whole career, and I love him for that.
    Sadly, this week he was more like Michael Jordan, a puppet legend only looking for the money.
    A big hiccup, but still just a hiccup in his career.

  9. why they sound like we the Chinese people want those protestors? we want them to go away

    most of us, don't like those young and naive rioters. there are 8 million people in hongkong,
    they don't speak for most of us.

  10. i thought Lebron were just exercising his freedom of speech lol . Or maybe he doesn't have that freedom in a "free country"

  11. EXACTLY- he should be praised for his basketball skills……………….
    ONLY-but he forced HIS views on HIS fans w/ travon and eric………….He should have shut up!!!
    TRAVON, ERIC-you were all SJW………..
    those were free men at least- sad and unfortunate however both of those people were free to do as they please………..

    The people in HONG KONG wish they did

  12. Daryl Morey: I support Hong kong protesters.
    Americans: We have speech of freedom. It's OK to say that.
    Lebron James: Your comment is a little bit inappropriate Mr. Morey, we should comment something after deeply understanding.
    Americans: Shut up you idiot.

  13. Karl E: Lebron, Shut up and Dribble
    Lebron: We will definitely not Shut up and Dribble

    CHINA: Lebron, Shut up and Dribble!

  14. Poor job Fox News…..
    How about showing LeBron’s ACTUAL quote. You made a 5min video talking about what he said WITHOUT ACTUALLY SHOWING what he said.
    Poor job, you get a thumbs down

  15. HE REALLY NEEDS TO SHUT UP & DRIBBLE! Lebron=Hypocrite who dislikes anyone who isnt black & automatically attacks anyone who isnt black. If Daryl Morrey was black he wouldn't of thrown him under the bus!

  16. It’s okay until you go against the mentality on what’s happening in Hong kong😂😂😂😂
    Ty for clearing up how agreeing with the majority’s opinion>your own

  17. No good deed goes unpunished. LeBron was trying to protect his peers, the players and now he's being crucified. Shut up and dribble is right. Collect your checks and stfu

  18. heads up on Lebron's great promise school. he took care of the startup costs, the city has to mostly fund it day to day. It's also not endowed so at anytime lebron can walk away. to fund this school the city is just diverting costs from other schools, so yeah it's great for Lebron's school but terrible for other schools in the city. also he's not funding the scholarships to the university of Akron, the university of Akron is guaranteeing them but they have no money in place to pay for it. Lebron's great school is nothing but a boat anchor on the city that is going to blow up in everybody's face in 7 or 8 years when they start having to pay out scholarships that there is no money for. Lebron has a huge ego and that's all this school is.

  19. Hong Kong is too far away. You should be more concerned about democracy and freedom in Britain. The British police have arrested more than 1000 democratic demonstrators.

  20. I have no heroes, I don't want to be like a particular person, I don't put people on a pedestal and think they are a god. This was said well that no one would care what he said if he wasn't born with his talents, given the opportunities to hone them. He is no god and just as fallible as anyone else. Lebron and his comments communicate so much hypocrisy and how he is so willing to bow to China. LeYuan James, thank you for showing so many people how the Chinese government is corrupting companies.

  21. Discriminative analysis and report by hypocritic idiots? Why don't they shut up, it is Lebron James freedom of speech and expression. Why dont you respect it as you had cried for Daryl Morey's!!

  22. People buying jerseys doesn't make him their "hero" ! Burning jerseys of someone who belittles their suffering isn't "caring" what he says!

  23. HK people and the western people have very deep double standard to the Hong Kong Gov and CCP.

    The reason is all about money and advantage.

  24. I like and fans of Lebron James but now he shows his real attitude, an uneducated attitude you're nothing and deserve to be a backlash

  25. Good Boy james. You knows the rule to please China. China is no doubt the strongest country in the planet. Her Military is second to none. Please China is never wrong.

  26. LeBron is looking out for #1! He should volunteer in China to help burry some of the 12 people a day the Chinese government executes. Maybe then he’d see how wonderful communism can be..

  27. Morey:China is bad.
    Most American: Support freedom of speech!
    LeBurn: China is good.
    Most American: No, you can't say that.

  28. Pretty soon, I'm talking the end of 2020, people will be burning Liberals.Globally..For payback on the last 3-4 yrs of aggravation…

  29. I agree with LeBron James. HKs always think there way is right and if
    anyone has a different opinion there say its not democracy or freedom,
    these people are literally inventing new meaning in the English
    dictionary! Pro-Democracy = Cult = Terrorist = ISIS.

  30. I agree with LeBron James. HKs always think there way is right and if
    anyone has a different opinion there say its not democracy or freedom,
    these people are literally inventing new meaning in the English
    dictionary! Pro-Democracy = Cult = Terrorist = ISIS.

  31. risking their lives for basic liberty? can’t think of any other country would allow such violent riot to go on for so long, these so called protesters had all the liberty they need and they used that liberty for violent chaos


  33. LeBron is an NBA puppet and China's money makes the NBA their puppet. So what do y'all think. LeBron is the talking mouth of the NBA and that's it.

  34. He cant help himself. He lives in a bubble and is only concerned with his bottom line. NBA stay out of China. Black lives matter but screw the people of Hong Kong. He is nothing but a hypocrite.

  35. Le Bron, go to China and stay there. See for yourself how the Communist Party screws up the people.
    When Mao was marching through China in the 30's and 40's, the slogan of his Communist cabal was "Serve the People". No. not slogan, call it propaganda. And there is a corollary doctrine they practiced to the hilt: "Power comes from the barrel of the gun."

    The present day Communist cabal still practice this doctrine and it guides them when when crush dissent in their country, in Hongkong and elsewhere. They use it to steal territories from weaker and poor countries.

    Do you want to be labeled a COLLABORATOR James?

    Its not too late to make things right , James.

  36. BLACK players (people) don't be used by the white politic to achieve their political goal. LEBRAVE is a real HERO, especially for his black people.


  38. Twist the situation, James son was hold in HK airport and that's why James personally knowing well enough about the situation. He saying just to explain basketball game is take people away from political issues and stop using personal opinion to influence people make the whole situation even more worse, that's why he is saying to stop drag basketball game into political.

    Look at HK riots, just because someone have different voice towards them straight away they start have hatlre towards him. Like when we upset with Molly saying, anti-china group straight away saying we didn't provide human rights on this matters, we are over reacting in this and ban for no reason. What a double standard!

  39. Don’t be fooled, LeBron is not really interested in defending human right in or out of the country . Domestically, black racism is disguised as an advocate for human right. Very often , these people would complain lack of freedom or injustice in the very place where it has the most of those quality. The real LeBron is shown here . You people are giving too much credit to this “ educated” person for crying out loud.

  40. He makes more money through Beijing than he does Hong Kong. The protests are disrupting China as a whole, especially when it concerns their consumerism. So much so that it is creating and leading to a recession. A recession is not good for not just the NBA but many western companies that rely on Chinese sales. The Chinese love basketball, and Lebron has a large hand in that. He’s worried about his money and respectfully his safety when he travels there to make more money. He should shut up, stay in his lane, and know his role.

  41. Well well well looks like LaFraud's true colors are showing smh what a hypocritical uneducated moron. That is unbiased comimg from me because before this I was at least somewhat a LeBron fan despite all of his cry baby "can't point the finger at me ever" antics.

  42. This idiot on the bottom right thinks LeBron is so righteous and thinks LeBron is an angel just because he's never gotten a parking ticket LMFAO there are plenty of people who have never got in trouble that are crappy people. I'm not saying LeBron is a piece of crap but he just thinks his doo-doo don't stink and he can never do anything wrong. He needs to go educate himself and just because he's LeBron James doesn't mean he's God's gift to the world, because he's not. we shouldn't value his opinion especially on matters like this because he is biased 90% of the time and he is being a sell-out on this matter because if it were to happen here in the US he would be on the other end of his own words.He needs to just worry about the Lakers.

  43. Here's what I wonder.
    There's two ways to get an official LeBron jersey: buy it or steal it.
    Assuming the protestors were former fans and bought the jerseys, or just now bought them only to burn them, that's more money for LeBron.
    If they stole the jerseys, that changes the perspective a bit, because then they're criminals… but not buying the jerseys is really the only way they could hurt LeBron with any of this. I'm sure he doesn't like to see his merch burned on the news, but so long as you paid for it first, he'll get over it. Well, I would, anyway.

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