Public Speaking Tips: Audience Analysis : Public Speaking: Audience Income & Occupation

The next thing you want to take a look at
when you’re analyzing your audience is occupation and income level. You know, what is everybody
in the group. Where do they work? You may have a huge cross section, you might have
waitresses, and secretaries, and file clerks, and bartenders, and athletic trainers, you
may have a whole big variety. And in that case, you just will have to choose, something
that all of the different types might find interesting. If you find that you all stay
at home moms, oh, o.k., now that can help you pick a topic suitable for the group. Or,
maybe half the class happens to be in the waitressing/bartending industry. Oh, o.k,
that might help you decide on a topic. It’s also important to take a look at income level.
If you are doing a speech for moderate income level people, and when I talk about college
students you know I’m usually talking about, ok, kind of poor, you don’t probably want
to do a speech about how to take an expensive European vacation. They won’t be able to afford
it! The better choice would be how to do Europe on a budget. Ah, now that could be interesting.
They want to travel Europe, you tell them all the secrets about doing Europe on the
cheap. So, that’s why it’s important to take income into consideration.

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