Q&A with #FatherGeneral: How do you deal with so much work?

My work – I think – is a work in group:
I cannot do my work by myself. My work is in dialogue with my assistants,
with my counselors, so the work is not a paper work only. I have to sign a lot of letters, but each letter
or each document has dialogue before; the counselor or the assistant they receive [the document], we talk about what is the subject of the letter of what we have to face,
after we talk, we make a draft, we can make another draft,
and then it comes to my desk. But without this process of somebody
that receives and makes a first synthesis, and we talk about that, and say we can do it
in this way, we can do it another way… Some, maybe many, of these issues
are not only among two, it’s the council, [the issues] have to come
to the council so it’s a common decision. So my work is a – I can say –
is a common work, is a teamwork. Impossible to imagine the work of
the Superior General without the team.

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