Real Estate Roadmap E24: Midyear Recap

hi team and welcome to a very special edition of the real estate roadmap this week I want to highlight a few of our accomplishments to date in 2019 and give you a quick preview of what's to come in the months ahead at the EPI holiday companies we take pride in adding new tools and services that meet your needs and help provide a preeminent spear ian's for our clients one of the initiatives that i'm and hope you are very excited about is our new partnership with kirby oh the presale home renovation company that decreases the days on market and increases proceeds for our sellers it's exactly the type of service that sets you apart and our company apart another major differentiator that we've rolled out recently is moxie percent the most efficient intuitive presentation builder available with moxie present your presentations always have up-to-the-minute MLS data and you can easily include video and other media right into your presentations adding a little sight sound motion and emotion wins more business at the Emmy Holliday companies we are blessed to be surrounded by incredible talent every day our new by monthly video series market shapers profiles the agent employees who make art brands the very best in the business and market shapers is not just a video series it's also available as a podcast now on iTunes and Spotify earlier this year we took spirit the longtime quarterly newsletter of the EBI holiday company's online our EHC spirit news facebook group is the ideal place to keep up with the exciting things happening in each and every day company news office news and important events and our agents and employees lives are all available at the click of a mouse hopefully you've already been a member of the group but if not I encourage you to become one today in May it was our honor to host home services of America CEO Jean Olaf re Geno met with top producers leaders and employees from throughout the company during his visit to North Texas he shared words of wisdom gained during his remarkable career and excitement about all the extraordinary things happening at home services of America and the Evie holiday companies as you can tell we've had a lot going on in 29 however we're just getting started in the second half of this year you can expect your business to be enhanced by the rollout of the new moxie engage our new websites for each of our real estate brands and art an online hub for agent resources and technology on July 24th and 25th Moxie works trainers will be on site live to help you learn the basics of getting started with Moxie engage our powerful new CRM and email marketing tool I encourage you to sign up for one of these informative classes today at EBI you also coming in the second half of 2019 stunning robust new websites for a be calm Dave Perry Miller comm and Williams true calm more than simply another website our new sites will be a complete rethink of what online marketing can and should be built with the latest technologies every color graphic button text type lead form and call to action will be carefully placed to represent the very essence of modern design and customer experience but we know it takes more than pretty pictures to help your clients buy or sell a house that's why we're developing art our online hub for agent resources and technology within art you'll find tools to help you launch your business and efficiently manage your operations generate leads and nurture them through the sales funnel lists homes and maximize their awareness through advertising and marketing and last but certainly not least stay ahead of the curve with continuing education and resources and art will continually evolve think of it as one-stop shop to help in every facet of your business designed with your experience in mind as you can see 2019 has been a great year however I want to reiterate we really are just getting started I've shared our goals with you and I would also challenge everyone to take a measurement of your personal goals year-to-date as well this is the perfect time to see what has been working or what needs tweaking to make sure the second half of 2019 is your best year in real estate start with your goals then drill down to those daily activities that you know will drive business most important find an accountability partner that will hold you accountable to reaching your goals and your full potential together we really can't help one another achieve more thanks for tuning in to this very special edition of the real estate roadmap and thanks for all you do each and every day to make a be holiday Perry Miller and Williams true number one

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