Reinhold Würth and his 70th working anniversary

At the company assembly, you talked about jumping out of bed every morning. What has been the source of your enthusiasm and single-mindedness over all these years? Actually, I don’t know either. My wife always says I sleep like a bear. So I would say a good night’s sleep makes you jump out of bed in the morning, wouldn’t you? Us younger people would like to know whether you have a secret
recipe that helps you look as young as you do. Is there any day cream that you can recommend? Well, I use cream on my face every morning: Eucerin. I probably should get a commission from Eucerin now. Prof. Würth, we were told that your place is always full of chocolate
when you are invited to a meeting. Is that true? And what is your favorite kind of chocolate? That is true, but my doctors say sugar is not right for me,
which is why I really had to cut down on chocolate. I must say I don’t really have a favorite kind of chocolate, as long as it’s chocolate. Chocolate is just like beer. Beer is beer, it’s good when it’s cold and wine is wine. We would like to give you the book Nelson Mandela as a gift,
so you are well prepared for the upcoming fall holidays. Thank you very much. I can tell you this book won’t remain unread for long Simply because Nelson Mandela is one of the people I admire the most.
I would even call him a role model. Being imprisoned on an island outside Cape Town
and then turning from a prisoner into a president and seeking no payback, no revenge, but forgiving what has been done to oneself in great human elegance,
I consider that an almost superhuman feat. So this book is really a great gift for me. Thank you very much for that!

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