14 Replies to “‘Rise Of Skywalker’ And ‘Cats’ Disappoint At Box Office | TODAY

  1. They should advertise the "Cats" movie as a challenge. The tagline could be "Are you tough enough to sit through this disgusting monstrosity for 2 solid hours without puking or leaving the theater?"

  2. Star Wars was a stitched together mess and it shows….Cats on the other hand was a Fever dream on drugs on broadway…..let alone in the movies….what did they think was gonna happen….Also this coming from a cats fan who saw has always saw the touring show when it comes through my state

  3. Cats deserve to fail, tho if ya haven’t seen Star Wars ya should because it’s actually really fun, much better than last jedi

  4. BOXOFFICE BY SUBTRACTION – Now Rise of Skywalker if it maxed things out or made another deal with the Devil = 3 billion worldwide. However subtract 1 billion for Luke stinking it up the Last Jedi and doing very little in Rise – no grand comeback heroics = 2 Billion. Subtract 500 million for Emperor being inexplicably back and ruining the Original Trilogy/prophecy of the one(Anakin/Darth vader) = 1.5 Billion. Subtract 500 million if everyone hated Reylo, but I have found its half half so subtract only 250 million = 1.25 Billion. Subtract 100 million with no big role for Princess jedi Leia because of Carrie fishers Death R.I.P. = 1.15 Billion. Finally subtract 100 million for the other plot & character holes(Finn, Po put aside or Asian Rose, Lando thrown away), fan & critic antagonism(Fandom Menace, ok critic reviews, B+ CinemaScore) & past failures(Solo, Galaxy's edge) = 1.05 billion(Final Tangible prediction). Now it can go below a billion if you believe in God, Karma or the Force which either will have mercy(Final Tangible = 1.05 Billion) or totally disfavor Disney Star Wars as a whole, so subtract another 100 million for the Final Tangible minus the INTANGIBLE Rise of Skywalker worldwide box office = 950 million.

  5. How does a movie that makes over 175 million in 3 days get called a flop? 200 million is just crazy. That means 20million people paid 10 bucks to see it and not that many people go to the movies anymore

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