46 Replies to “Russian anchor slams Crimea ‘occupation’

  1. …surprising? Abby speaks out about anyone and everyone, how is it surprising? It would be surprising if networks like cnn and fox news were to have anchors speak out about the us govt meddling in other countries affairs.

  2. Is this her own act , or the act that RT itself holding against their own government? I mean full thing was kept going on the air, right ?

  3. Is this her own act , or the act that RT itself holding against their own government? I mean full thing was kept going on the air, right ?

  4. Phuken coward, afraid to see what is really going on, dumb bitch got scared hahaha. So since you don't know, cause you refuse to go to Crimea, just SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH!!!

  5. What advice does Glenn Greenwold give to Snowden who is hiding out in Russia. One minute Russia were their frends and the good guys! LMFAO Mr Greenwold is an IDIOT. Snowdon who loves freedom and the rights of peoples can stay in Putins Russia, fucking idiots

  6. Putin is putting GMOs in our chemtrails! The CIA is filling the ranks of the Illuminati with mini Ted Turners! Obama is responsible for the Kristallnacht! Geez, when will you sheeple open your eyes to the TRUTH?!

  7. Russia is crap and still in the dark ages and the people from there are horrible and arrogant, I spent 24 hours on a bus in Egypt with them and it put me off Russians for life! all its got goin for it is its size and the majority of that is occupied by wildlife (I'd rather live with the wildlife rather than Russian people!). if Ukraine wants to join the western world and leave the dark ages behind and modernize like the rest of the world then its got sweet fcuk all to do with pre historic Russia!

  8. CNN propaganda machine. Very biased subjective reporting . Anyone who watch this for news i suggest you check your mental health. 

    If Mexico was having an uprising aimed close to US border and there was some 4 million Americans living on the border US would invade in a heartbeat. Yet When Russia protects its land from NATO backed insurgents and protect land whom they have fought for throughout history they are labeled aggressors, yet  USA has been at war for CENTURIES.  THIS HYPOCRISY IS UNREAL.

  9. Russia has no basis for justifying it's 'intervention'.
    First they said they were'nt sending troops.But then they were.Then they said ethnic Russians were being attacked.When that was unfounded they claimed Yanukovych asked them to during the protests.So why wait until after the protests? Then using the same blame game against America and it's allies of using the same tactics of invasion.So much flip flopping!

  10. State sponsored, pedophile (jeff zucker) controlled, CNN would never break protocol like a true journalist…I would love to see A.Martin eat this fucking shilltards still beating hearts.

  11. If everyone is saying that Russia is paying someone to say that, and then the USA is paying someone else to say that, how can you really know what's going on? All these accusations is making me confused.

  12. That's cool I love RT and like Abby but as she said she doesn't have any idea of the profound history of Ukraine and Russia. And I bet if America was in there she would be again reporting the military occupancy. But the kick is that CNN is quickly to report this issue when they never gave a rat's ass on any other of the real topics RT reports on!

  13. Well, at least she found out at a late stage what Putin stands for and for what network she works.
    How is it possible that a journalist that has self respect starts working for a station like Russia Today (or Fox News for that matter) at all???

  14. Yeah, she'll keep her job at pRopaganda Today.  From having her own show at the station, to cleaning its toilets.

  15. she forgot to mention the 5 billion that the west has infused to undermine the ukraines democratically elected  president or the wests constant intrusions throughout the world like in Iraq , Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and I could go on ,,,, she is right ,I suppose,about this current situation but she left out the other "players" involved ,,, maybe she will have another "editorial" moment when the US activates there terrorists groups that are called "freedom fighters" like the ones in Syria that are slaughtering Christians

  16. Ha ha!! Where were all those "reporters" issuing public statements like this when the US invaded Iraq under false pretenses of looking for weapons of mass destruction??? At least Russia hasn't killed anyone yet – someone obviously bought their asses and paid them well too..

  17. LOL – Well yeah you know, the US Government doesn't invade sovereign countries, so Russia shouldn't either LMAO man!

  18. If she worked at CNN and thus protested against U.S. involvement in Libya would be fired or CIA would kill her. Russia is tolerant, let her work.

  19. Too bad many of our "journalists" at cnn et al don't have the guts to speak out against all the mind numbing corporate bullshit they are forced to spew out on a daily basis.

  20. Could you imagine someone on fox news doing this and breaking from the Fox agenda? Instantly fired and potentially worse.. Russian state run news is less propogandized than FOX news.

  21. Slam Israels occupation, or the US regimes support that overthrew the legitimate government in the Ukraine, or Serbia being invaded and broken up, or Iraq being invaded for made up reasons… I could go on. How about this, the US fix its fuckups and then Russia does the same…yeah thats what I thought.

  22. Crimea will never be a part of Russia, it is occupied by Russia. The time will come and there will be a terrible war in Crimea. It will be the way it is supposed to be, after that.

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