S. Koreans see shorter average working hours after new law

it’s been about a year since South Korea
adopted a new law limiting the workweek to 52 hours meaning only 12 hours of
overtime a week it affects the country’s bigger companies for now our Cheshire
young looks at how things have changed under the new system the ladies data
released by South Korea’s labor ministry shows that most workers in solar work
fewer hours since the introduction of the new working hour law from March to
May this year workers in the common area of censures hollar work on average of 39
minutes less over the 12-week period than they did the previous year during
the same period employees in the financial hub of yahoo and just a side
of seoul in pan go home to many high tech companies worked on average of nine
minutes less in total compared to the previous year but workers in Kazan
digital complex where many small firms are based actually work slightly longer
hours than the previous year the Labor Ministry says that’s because a new law
and he applies to big firms that employ at least 300 employees and firms in
Kazan digital complex are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises the Labor
Ministry obtained the data by measuring mobile phone signals of commuters in
certain locations that the four areas mentioned the ministry also found that
many businesses push back their opening hours and more workers left the
workplace earlier than before workers in their forties benefited most from the
new law working 15 minutes less followed by doubts in 30s 20s and 50s the report
also found that workers spent more on fitness and leisure activities such as
bowling tennis and swimming Chesham arirang news

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