29 Replies to “Satellite Photos Show Work On North Korean Site Linked To Long-Range Missiles | NBC Nightly News

  1. If your going to due it this waiting is killing me. If Trump is in office when they due attack it will all be on him.

  2. Yup. Call a psychopathic dictator names on Twitter and surely he'll bow down to you. 3 meetings on the taxpayers' dime have accomplished absolutely NOTHING! Perhaps if we had a diplomatic President, who would offer sanction relief in exchange for ceasing the human rights abuses in NK, we could get somewhere.

  3. NK: * walks over to stick *
    US: * watches TV *
    NK: * picks up stick *
    US: * watches TV *
    NK: * raises stick above head *
    US: * suddenly notices stick and knocks stick out of NK's hand *
    NK: * surpised look, starts crying *
    US: * _goes back to watching TV
    NK: * looks around for a bigger stick *

  4. *We should have destroyed any capability to obtain materials from fissile-ores as well as any facilities for long-range missile launching…and now it has become a 'stand-off' scenario viz.
    the U.S. and Un*
    ( *Most of the people in America are unaware that the Koreans despise the Japanese and would do anything they can to 'intimidate' them…including a demonstration of power by
    launching an ICBM at Hokkaido or Honshu…the real question is Japan's response in kind* )
    Even a 'dummy' may well provoke Japan into a massive response because they are so vulnerable to strikes against major cities that have millions of residents…they may not hesitate to use their own 'active' weapons against N. Korea

    Then what?

  5. Kim Dim Sum is pleased to find himself on international news again. Its these moments of vainglory he lives for, being needy little lardball. And you can tell him I said so.

  6. Don’t look at trump 😂. Everyon wants him out . So let this county blow up now 😒. It’s I. The money , it will hit nyc

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