Secondary Growth of Woody Plants [Animation]

like all plants this sapling has elongated through primary growth at root and chute tips as A woody Dicot it will also increase in girth This is accomplished by Secondary growth involving the vascular cambium Which is meristematic tissue that lies between the xylem and phloem in a young plant? Vascular bundles composed of xylem phloem and vascular cambium are distinct from one another As Growth continues the vascular cambium forms a continuous ring near the perimeter [of] the stem as cambium cells divide Differentiating cells on the interior side becomes secondary xylem and those on the exterior become secondary phloem Birth increases as secondary xylem accumulates the old phloem cells are crushed as the cambium Move outwards Rings are visible in the wood They are the result of the difference between the large Springwood cells and the small summer wood cells Bark replaces epidermis on the exterior of the trunk as Meristem just beneath the epidermis produces cork cells These are filled with waterproof material and help protect the tree The role of Bark is quite important since the active xylem and phloem lie close to the vascular cambium near the surface of the tree

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