Self-Pleasuring at Work?

– I’m gonna talk about
another way to de-stress because massages, nope nope they’re not the only way. There’s other things, yoga, going for a walk, exercise but what’s the best way to
relax when you’re at work. – Hmmm – The internet was abuzz recently with this suggestion from psychologists that you may not have heard, Masturbation. (laughter) Could masturbating at work
become the new smoke break? This article went on to cite a recent Time Out New York survey that found that 39% of
its male readers reported masturbating in the office. – Ewww – While a different Glamour
poll put that figure at 31% of male workers. – Listen, can you two do this segment? The two of you. (laughter) I can wait. – Jen, can I borrow some
of that marijuana oil? (laughter) – This story makes me so angry. It’s so sexist. – [Dr. Ordon] I know what
are women supposed to do? – But think about this. Think how hard it is to for women. – They can do the same thing. – But wait a minute think
how hard it is for women to even nurse in the workplace. How hard we’ve had to fight to be able to nurse in the workplace
and nurse in public, to pump milk. Now people are masturbating
publicly in offices. – Nooooo! Not publicly. But the fact is, people are doing it. That said 31%, which means that about a third of the workforce. One company last year debuted
self-pleasuring booths across New York City, apparently to give men a public
place to relieve stress. I haven’t seen one of these. That sounds absurd to me. – [Areva Martin] Okay – They talked to men and
about a third of them said, “Yep, that’s my smoke break.” You know they’ll go take care of business. And I would imagine that they
tend to do it, in probably oh, I’m never gonna look at
a men’s restroom the same. – Thank you. (laughter) I’m never gonna going into
the private office of a man. (laughter) – [Dr. Travis] Come to think of it, – That’s sort of, a private thing.

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