Early morning start this morning. Well it’s not that early it’s like half six the now but it’s still pitch black as you can see. You can probably hardly see me We’re eh.. oh well that’s good. Bit of lighting. Too bright. Too early for that So yes, lambs to the market today. It’s a Monday we’re gonna go and draw some lambs take them in to Lanark and see what we get for them. What a morning again. Ok so here’s the sheep pens that I setup…. well i didn’t set them up last night, it was dark, I just dumped them off. but… saves me a run back for them. One problem about having sheep away from home there is a lot of running about to do Aye, so it is a fresh morning here in Ayrshire Beautiful morning as you can see Crisp. Still haven’t got myself a hat so my ears are… fresh this morning (Talking to dog) walk up. Here Here Sky, That’ll do. Walk up Meg Lie Down We’ve got them split into two batches here Which is handy. We’ll see if Sky will do a turn. Sky, way. Sky, way. Way, she usually only works if Meg is there. She just follows Meg because that’s the kind of dog trainer I am. Not a dog trainer… Just a guy with one useless dog and one pot licker but they are braw to look at and they do the job so… right i’ll just walk these ones up then Sky, no bother nup, she’s coming back she doesn’t know what to do That’ll do. That’ll do Sky. eh aye so.. was saying, braw morning in Ayrshire and eh, these lambs in get them in, go through them. See if there is any fleshy enough to take to the fat ring it is a Monday. We will be selling at Lanark today She’s just gave up on that lot there and came to help me. That’s handy.. then Sky just follows Meg see Sky’s no idea what’s happening there, look, where’s she going? Just trying to get in Meg’s road…. magic She’s a handy kept but… what a setup. Good job I can run So aye, I was saying, we’ll go through the lambs, see what’s ready for the fat ring Draw out… I’d say the trailer hold sixty max. If I could get sixty i’d be very happy. The lamb price is going up all the time Don’t want her to push them too hard Lamb price is going up all the time at the moment but grass is going down all the time so if we can get a wee draw out them now i’d be quite happy aye get a wee draw out them now i’d be quite happy and we could hopefully get a couple quid out them but you never know. It’s a volatile game. Up and down. It’s hard to follow. especially for a small time shepherd like myself who’s, eh, not quite got his finger on the pulse like some of the big guns but, eh, no, we’ll get them in, get a hand on them and see what they are like Meg you just gave up on those ones again? Right so there we go. Pen of lambs. No idea how many I’ve drawn out we’ll count them on the trailer. If we can get them all on the trailer. I don’t even know how many there is. A guess I would say 50 Maybe less…. Maybe more Hard to judge them in the pen there but, eh, aye.. Just drew anything out that was kind of fleshy. Hopefully it meets a good trade we’ll find out later on Let’s get them on the trailer Big pen Small pen Andy just pulling them out by eye as they run up the shedder. Man of experience there. Okay so here’s our line. We’ve got the break down here The 51 lambs. We had 27 texel lambs at 44 kilos made £82.50 then had 5 texel lambs that were pulled out. They were the shapey-er lambs. 42 kilos. £81 Then the 17 texel lambs at 38 kilos. Now this is a bit lighter than I would like to be bringing them. I’d like to get them to 42 kilos but it’s grazing away from home we’re running up to Lanark took the opportunity to fill the trailer. Grass is running out. Various reasons. Blah Blah Blah still quite happy to get £74 for them and we had those two lambs that were split out. One was a mule one was a…… black lamb not even sure where that came from but 42kgs they were and made £75 now just to compare that I sold store mule lambs 10 days ago they went through at £64 So that’s a good £11 more for selling them finished there wouldn’t be much weight wise. Those lambs I was selling at £64 would be between 38-40 kilos so wouldn’t be much in it Just shows you the way the trade’s risen recently So that gives me a total of 51 lambs averaging 41.73 kilos and the sale price works out at 189.87 pence per kilo so we’ll call it 190 because I like to round up and it sounds better so 190 per kilo, that’s cracking, and the average is £79.23 per head which again, I said when I was putting them through. £75 i’d be happy. The way the trade’s going…. i’d hope to average out about £80 so we’re not far off the mark as I said those lambs were light enough. That’s me just drawing them, not weighing them before bringing them up, just drawing them out the field. by hand so aye. A successful day I would say.


  1. That's good money but there's some money being stopped in charges , ya could say the mart took 3 lambs for doing five minutes work.

  2. beautiful lambs, produced cheaply on grass, you do it right! I am from Germany and i am a buyer for a slaughterhouse for lambs and sheep. In Germany the price for premium lambs is the same and we have the same deductions. Sorry for my bad English.

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