Selling On Amazon For Businesses – Why You Need To Be Selling On Amazon ASAP

Hey guys, let me let me share with you a quick secret. I’m I’m here in Broad Beach and and This thing with my business partner Upstairs and I’m looking around there’s a lot of retail here right there shops everywhere the shop Francis restaurants. It’s beautiful here now I’ve been told this thing on the corner here they’ve been basically trying to work on this thing for like Months and months and construction stopped and then it’s a retail store was there it shut down this so look behind you right here Right. It’s a retail store It’s empty right. There’s no, it’s expensive for retail it’s actually really expensive to actually run a business of retail business and All these businesses need to really be on Amazon if you have a retail business right now And you’re not on Amazon you in the next two years three years. You’re gonna be feeling the pinch and A lot of businesses are slow adaptors. It’s gonna take them forever to actually get something started. So I Just want to show you this this restaurant here, right? when they first saw me I love beer, right so when they first launches This James Squire restaurant. I was like I was getting excited over And then I heard that they went out of there went out of business. They have to stop further production But this is just one of millions of businesses around the world Even around Australia hundreds of thousands of businesses around Australia that actually is going to go broke because they can’t adapt All right, the rents rents too expensive a lot of businesses these days just kind of fold the rents rents going up Amazon now collects 25% off the world So click 25% the world’s like all the money going through the entire internet 25% of it actually does go through Amazon, all right, so they’ve really got the market nailed if you are in a retail business Rob, you’ve got a shop front or a store front and You’re not selling on Amazon guys. Seriously, you’re gonna be feeling the pinch You might not be in business in five years from now. This is why you need to be on Amazon It’s another platform now doesn’t have to be Does it really have to be your you know, do you have to have a massive Amazon store? And that’d be the only way you sell it No, you could sell on ebay. You can sell on Amazon. You can sell it on your shop front You can have a website for it you can be on Facebook and Instagram you can accept Instagram payments right now But Amazon is just another platform for you to sell your goods So you’re missing out if you’re not on Amazon right now You’re missing out right so you can actually put all your products in Amazon and on top of that you can find new products new Emerging products that are in your niche right now To add to Amazon as well But you don’t want to be these businesses where? You know you the traditional way of starting a business is expensive if you do not want to be one of these businesses where you’re running out of money and you’ve got to pay rent and with Amazon, you know, you don’t you don’t need your have to pay rental wages or electricity or power or No you don’t want to be one of these businesses stuck with a million two million dollar bill and Not being able to run their business. So get on Amazon guys. Give us a call. Give us a call at the office Join my free program my free training program online and I’ll talk to you also have an awesome day

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