Senator Lindsey Graham tells SC businesses trade war will ‘cause some pain’

I think this goes to the dispute with
China, China’s economy’s been hurt because Trump’s pushing back
against the way they cheat. And China’s a big economy
to fix everything. I think he’s committed to getting
them to change their behavior. We’ll take a dip in the stock market,
but the economy is sound in this regard. There are more jobs
than there are workers. When I’d come back to South Carolina
this last couple of days, everybody is doing really well,
they just can’t find workers. So this is where a rational immigration
system in the future helps. So this China dispute is
gonna cause us some pain, but if we don’t pay now,
we’re gonna pay later. And I told the president this
morning when I talked to him, you don’t have any choice. If you don’t get China to change
their behavior on your watch, by the end of this century, they’re gonna dominate the world economy
cuz they cheat us out of marketshare. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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